WoolWars October 2020 Update + Clans Tournament Announcement!

New Maps | Vast Kit Changes | Glider Kit Changes | Camel Kit Changes | Projectile Changes | Clan Tournament

Hello Munchies!

Today I am happy to announce that there will be a WoolWars update, due to release tomorrow! This update has a lot of exciting changes aimed to balance out some of the more overpowered kits, and make other kits more viable! Not only that, but there will be a huge content drop of 8 new maps, and a brand new tournament for your chance to win some ranks!

This post will outline all of the changes to expect as well as a look at all the new maps and a run down of the clan tournament!

New Maps

Mythical Tree

Built by @SkippoAPS, @MiaAPS, @1upHero, @crywolfybean and @uwuLleila.


Built by @Greedly


Built by @CopyChat and @Cakenpie

Beach Day

Built by @Draklon

Sweet Tooth

Built by @Baqquette


Built by @glug4glug

Silent Castle

Built by @SilentKnight16


Built by @AFrenchBaguette

Vast Kit Changes

The Vast kit was found to be way too dominant in mobility, making other kits (such as Bouncy) redundant due to its climbing potential and scaffolding.


  • Vast can no longer use its ability for vertical movement. Punching whilst looking up or down will no longer do anything, and thus its ability will only build horizontally in the direction the player is facing.
  • Vast will no longer spawn with Vast’s Wool as the item was redundant. Punching with any wool will trigger the ability.
  • Bridging above the height limit is no longer possible. This was a bug and has now been fixed.


Glider Kit Changes

Glider is a very strong kit, allowing for easy manoeuvrability around the map, and providing more time to decide where to land from a jump. However, as good as Glider is for fighting engagements, it is also too good at disengaging from fights. Often Glider players will get to live when they shouldn't have because it is easy to run away. The changes made are aimed to address this issue.


  • Fall damage reduction will now be 50%. Previously, a bug meant Glider would take either no fall damage or fatal fall damage. Now, Glider will take a consistent 50% vanilla fall damage whilst gliding, meaning a full health player can survive a 44 block glide.
  • When a glider takes damage, the ability will be disabled for 7 seconds.


Camel Kit Changes

Camel is a great kit at allowing players another chance if they end up on the sandstone. It is a great kit for early and late game, however it has emerged that the kit encourages a playstyle that remains close to the sandstone as the sandstone no longer provides enough of a threat.


  • When Camel steps on sandstone, their maximum health will be reduced by 2 hearts. Then every 2 seconds that they remain on sandstone, their maximum health will again decrease by 2 hearts until they have no health left and die.
  • Camel no longer has a speed 1 buff when on sandstone as it was largely redundant anyway.


Projectile Changes

Currently it is felt that projectiles dominate the play space in the WoolWars arena. Whilst they have their place in WoolWars, having a good balance between projectile and melee combat is important to maintain. At the moment it is very easy to obtain a large sum of projectiles which can become oppressive.

Spawn Rate Changes

  • 1 arrow: 15% chance.
  • 2 arrows: 10% chance.
  • 3 arrows: 4% chance (down from 4 arrows at 10% chance).
  • 5 arrows: 2% chance (down from 8 arrows at 5% chance).
  • Fishing rod: 13% chance (down from 15%).
  • Fire charge: 2% chance (up from 1%).
  • 16 arrows: Removed from loot table.
  • Punch bow: Removed from loot table.

These rate changes will be monitored to make sure the intended effect occurs as expected.

WoolWars Clans Tournament - Season 1

I am excited to announce the first-ever WoolWars clans tournament, run by @Serioux and @McDonalds!
As you may already know, we recently hosted an individual Woolwars Tournament. We would now like to offer every clan out there to prove what they’re worth and show us who truly is the best clan out there!

How it works:

The Tournament will be a brackets style, single-elimination 3v3 tournaments. Each round will consist of a maximum of 5 games, first to 3 moves onto the next round.
All participants must join the discord server in order to register themselves and their clans(only clan leaders can register clans)

Join Here: discord.gg/4eUZkMQ

You must register your clan by October 15th.

(Note: Each clan must have a minimum of 3 players to participate)


All information on registering, tournament rules, and scheduling matches is found in the discord server.

There is no current limit on how many clans may join the tournament, but if it is limited, it will be on a first come first serve basis.

All Clans are invited to join, the tournament is not limited to WoolWars clans.


Prizes will be awarded to the winning clan!
Rewards will consist of 1 Month LEGEND rank for the clan leader, along with 2 x 1 month ELITE rank for the clan leader to give to their clan members

Prizes are giftable.

Good luck to everyone planning on participating!




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Congrats to everyone with maps put in! You deserve it <3



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The spawn rate changes and nerfs make me very happy, especially the arrows one. Bows needed nerfed badly!!!
The new maps are amazing!
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Good nerfs and I like some of the maps!
I love the tournament idea I wish Mcdonalds and Serioux good luck with hosting it! (oh btw Appa is gonna win nw)