MunchyMC Newsletter - September 2020


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 32 - September 2020

Hello! Welcome to the VERY ON TIME 32nd edition of the MunchyMC Newsletter! We’ve had an exciting month this month with lots of announcements and the closing of the staff season with lots of new staff! Let’s hop into it :slightly_smiling_face:

- BFI01


Senior Moderator

Sapnap - Sapnap has been promoted to KitPvP Senior Moderator!
Nievaa - Nievaa has been promoted to Survival Senior Moderator!


AlluTheVallu - AlluTheVallu has been promoted to Wool Wars Moderator!

Junior Moderator

Atterax - Atterax has been promoted to Wool Wars and KitPvP Junior Moderator!
TwinkieWinkie - TwinkieWinkie has been promoted to Survival Games Junior Moderator!
AceCaptainRex - AceCaptainRex has been promoted to Wool Wars Junior Moderator!
Alkemystix - Alkemystix has been promoted to Wool Wars Junior Moderator!
SierAlex - SierAlex has been promoted to KitPvP Junior Moderator!
saladbutter - saladbutter has been promoted to Prison Junior Moderator!


B0RIS04 - B0RIS04 has been promoted to Wool Wars Helper!
TbhJosephine - TbhJosephine has been promoted to KitPvP Helper!
G0FLA - G0FLA has been promoted to KitPvP Helper!
Jqkke - Jqkke has been promoted to KitPvP Helper!

Written by BFI01.


Forum Update!

Our forums have been largely unchanged for a long time now, making this September’s changes very special, even though they are very minor ones. As you have all probably noticed, the forum categories were slightly reorganized and a new tag system was introduced.
If you would like to learn more about it, take a look at Vurm’s forum guide or a list of all forum tags!

In other news, the dark mode of the forums has received a little update and should now look a little more modern. Let us know how you feel! Keep your eyes open for other changes :cake:

Written by cheater_.

KitPvP Highlights!

The very often mentioned KitPvP 3.0 update has gone through some heavy development within the last month and will continue to do so for a bit longer. We very much look forward to a more optimized, cleaner, and refreshing new KitPvP for all of our players to enjoy.

In the meantime, I can confidently announce that this update will bring upon at least 1 new casual map, guaranteed :)

Written by Mikeal.

Prison Highlights!

The theme for map 8 has finally been revealed, and it is…

@TheRedVelvetCake has released a few snippets and sneak peaks of features included in next map in some forum posts, such as some new huge gang features and a new prestige perk system! Information on these map 8 features can be found here and here.

Keep an eye out on the forums, because there will be a new map 8 announcement on the forums very soon!

:zap: The final leaderboard positions for map 7 of prison are in! Congratulations to the following players, who will receive prizes for their efforts this map! :zap:

:crown: Top Ranked :crown:

#1 - Shoblette - (21)(C1) - $100 store credit and a legendary named after them in map 8
#2 - whippingcream - (XIX)(D1) - $50 store credit
#3 - RPPR - (XVIII)(A4) - $25 store credit

:gem: Most Ultras Found :gem:

#1 - RPPR - 3,609 - $50 store credit and an ultra named after them in map 8
#2 - Libtard - 2,907 - $25 store credit
#3 - whippingcream - 2,453 - $15 store credit

:art: Most Cell Design Placings :art:

#1 - DaanB - 5 placings - $25 store credit and a huge secret cell made for them in map 8

Written by dxlicaterose.

Survival Highlights!

Build Competition!

Congratulations to our fantastic winners of the 5 Block Challenge Build Competition! The creativity of these builds within such a tight limit was truly amazing!
These amazing entries can be seen here. You can also view all the builds in person on the survival server!

:european_castle:First place went to Alkemystix with his build The House of Cerberus

Click to view their build



:dragon_face:Second place went to mato000we with their build Wasteland

Click to view their build


:octopus:Third place went to Ayella, rainbowscribble and toccataski with their build Jerry the Sea Monster

Click to view their build


Well done guys!

General Server Updates:

  • Server updated to 1.16.3
  • New Books added to Crates!
  • Exciting new RGB custom colour chat messages introduced, with more to come soon!
  • /marry view command added
  • Gadgets were fixed!
  • Cooldown added to Butterfly Net gadget

Survival has some very exciting projects happening behind the scenes -including some spoopy new Fall Crates to be released later this month, so keep your eyes peeled!

Written by Ibby.

Wool Wars Highlights!

This month has been very exciting - a new update was announced!
You can read more about that, and the clans tournament we are hosting here:

Written by BFI01.

Survival Games Highlights!

Survival Games is going through some major changes at the moment, with some significant new updates coming within the next month, and we’re looking to refine the gamemode and bring it to true perfection very soon!

Written by Mikeal.

Build Team

- Build Competition:

For this month, the BuildTeam will be hosting a brand new Build Competition related to KitPvP Event maps! In this one, you will have the opportunity to create a map for a KitPvP Event, and also the opportunity to win monthly ranks and KitPvP particles! If you are interested on the competition you can check it out clicking here!

- New Maps:

The Build Team has been working on relasing new maps with incredible ideas and stunning builds.
Although we can’t spoil the maps, I’ll be posting small sneek peaks showing future maps for the server! Can you guess the gamemode? :O

The applications are still open, so if you are interested in the Builder rank, and you are a decent builder, then you can apply for the rank clicking here!

Written by SierAlex.

And that is all for this month!


Thanks for reading and have a fantastic October! :ghost:

- BFI01





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