Survival Reset!

Survival Reset!

Hey guys! After many months, the long anticipated wait is over! Survival will finally be receiving it’s long needed reset. Survival will be resetting on the morning of… drum roll please, November 2nd :tada:!!!

Before we get into the changes, I’d like to give some credit where credit is due. This project wouldn’t be possible without all the work the @Survival-Mod team have put in, they’ve been instrumental in getting this done. @Callahan has also put a lot of work into coding this reset and he deserves some praise too. Finally, I’d like to personally thank @IntrepidBookworm. She has been working tirelessly on making sure this project has taken priority and without her I wouldn’t be writing up this post right now and you guys wouldn’t have a reset in two weeks.

Now that I’ve covered all that, lets get to the details of the reset!

Map Changes
  • This map will be a vanilla 1.14.4 map with a 10k x 10k border. As the map progresses, the border will be expanded.

  • We had a completely new spawn built for this map, you can see a teaser here.

  • The current map will be turned into an Archive map, which players will be able to view. Notable builds will have warps set at them for fast travel.

Crates & Cosmetics
  • We will be adding purchasable crates to Survival! These crates will include collectable cosmetics, gadgets, pets, and more!

  • If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be adding daily vote crates!

  • Special cosmetics will be added for Super, Elite, Legend, +, and ++ ranks.

General Changes

  • Quite a few things have received quality of life changes or updates. This includes claiming, the mall, some commands, and warp totems. This isn’t everything, but you’ll have to see the rest for yourself :wink:!

This isn’t all the new content, but @Callahan will ban me if I add anything else to this post. We will also be doing a couple updates after the release of :panda_face: Survival 2.0 :panda_face: to add in some new content, so keep your :eyes: peeled on the forums for announcements! I hope you guys are excited as I am for the reset, see you all on Saturday the 2nd!

As a side note for anyone who is curious, I’d like to give a bit of clarity concerning why the reset was delayed. Unfortunately, @Callahan and I both ran behind schedule due to both a lack of communication and with IRL issues stopping us from being as active as we wanted to be.

Update: Survival downtime will start 8 PM EST on Friday, November 1st. You will not be able to play during this time.


I’m so excited! HYPE!

second hahahahaha but hypeee

WOO! :tada:

Here we go! I am very excited!! :sunglasses:


Imma be buying some of those crates lmao

hype train!!!

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It’s about time!
Thanks @IntrepidBookworm, we couldn’t do it without you :smiley:

Can’t wait! This is gonna be great!

HYPE! But also more paid promotion… HYPE!

Edit: I would like to comment that @IntrepidBookworm has been going around Survival looking for bugs and all around helping.


Massive thanks to @Antfrost @Callahan @IntrepidBookworm and everyone else who was involved in this reset for being the goats and making this reset possible!

The extra wait definitely seems to be worth it after reading this post!!




YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for sooo long! I hope to see you guys on November 2nd !!

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Woop cant wait!!!

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ok now this is epic :sunglasses:

FINALLY :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: been waiting for dis

Pets… I approve

WOOOOOOO! I’m beyond excited :scream:
Big love to @Antfrost for all the hard work he’s put in to this! Man’s a legend.
Also, to all the survival team, TEAMWORK GO TEAM!!