MunchyMC Newsletter - September 2019


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 22 - September 2019

Welcome back to another edition of the MunchyMC Newsletter! We’ve got a lot of interesting sections this month and some precursors for some new and exciting updates, so be sure to stay tuned in until the end! Without further ado, let’s begin.

- Dishrespect



icy - IcyAsia has become a Helper!
fang - 1WhiteFang1 has become a Helper!


ferizi - Ferizi has become a Senior Builder!
drun - DrunKitty has become a Builder!
shyu - Shyushiz has become a Builder!
muh - MuhBuilds has become a Builder!

Idea Panel

aries - AriesGrill has joined the Idea Team!

Written by Gawky.


Kit Updates!

This month has been quiet for Kit. Season II of clans completed on the 6th of September, with Solar being crowned victorious! We're currently between seasons right now, so relax and take some time off of grinding! Enjoy the automated and manual events kit has to offer, as well as some new things coming in the near future :^)
Written by Examiner.

Prison Updates!

With the prison reset just around the corner (:speak_no_evil:), I thought it was the perfect time for a leaderboard update to recognise the hours of grinding that players have put into map 6!

:crown: Top Ranks :crown:

#1 - Shoblette - (XVI)(A4)
#2 - 2086 - (XV)(A4)
#3 - NuggetNed - (XV)(B3)
#4 - Remix1256 - (XIV)(A3)
#5 - VanillaVerse - (XIV)(A1)
#6 - joha4732 - (XII)(A3)
#7 - RedBloomingRose - (XII)(A3)
#8 - ImTooFatToRun - (XII)(A1)
#9 - OlympicStar42 - (XII)(New)
#10 - NoobMangler96 - (XI)(A3)

:money_with_wings: Top Balance :money_with_wings:

#1 - thebinks1 - ~$4,176,000,000
#2 - Shoblette - ~$2,383,000,000
#3 - O_zzy - ~$974,000,000
#4 - 2086 - ~$887,000,000
#5 - Remix1256 - ~$716,000,000
#6 - aestheticallysad - ~$712,000,000
#7 - joha4732 - ~$698,000,000
#8 - VanillaVerse - ~$646,000,000
#9 - Micatchu - ~$522,000,000
#10 - ShinyPotOCurry - ~$483,000,000

:pick: Top Mined Blocks :pick:

#1 - Shoblette - ~5,163,000
#2 - Remix1256 - ~3,220,000
#3 - ORYX__ - ~3,199,000
#4 - obeyx3 - ~3,189,000
#5 - NuggetNed - ~3,114,000
#6 - mistressdiana - ~3,017,000
#7 - Luga456 - ~2,588,000
#8 - xKamilion - ~2,069,000
#9 - ingbjomar - ~1,990,000
#10 - ICantComboWombo - ~1,928,000

Congratulations to all of the leaderboard players! Happy grinding, prisoners!

Written by RedBloomingRose.

Survival Updates!

:panda_face: Survival 2.0 :panda_face:

Unfortunately, due to some unforseen circumstances the date for the reset has had to be pushed back a little. Its nothing major, and we’re working as fast as possible to get it finished as soon as we can. The official date should be announced soon so stay hyped! :upside_down_face:

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these exciting sneak peeks:

~*~ Brand New Spawn ~*~

~*~ Introducing Pets! ~*~

Modelled by two incredibly handsome members of the survival staff team, get super excited for the addition of personal pets! A wide variety of adorable fuzz-balls and scary-bois will be available for adoption in the new Survival Update for all your emotional support needs.




:european_castle: Build Competition :european_castle:

Thanks to everyone who joined in, built for, helped out with, supported, memed and organised the awesome build comp we had this month! I reckon you’ll all agree it was a lot of fun, and great to see people showing off their skills and just generally having a good time with it.

To celebrate her win, the EPIC build queen of the survival server, @Zoeythefirst, answered some questions on her incredible mega-build:

How long have you been playing the survival server?
I started on Munchy in November of 2018 after coming back from Minecraft 1.2

What inspired your build?
I have been inspired by Lord of the Rings as I do enjoy the world that Tolkien has created

What is your favourite thing about your build?
My favorite parts of my build? That is difficult. I love my chest room but Mt Walton is probably my favorite part of my build as it has a throne under the mountain, and makes me feel like a queen

Entrance to under Mt Walton

Throne Room

Chest Room

What was the most difficult part of your build?
The most difficult part of my build would be probably be my interior of my castle. Filling the whole thing up took a bunch of time and I never did interior before doing this build.

Do you have any epic build plans for next map?
I do have epic plans for next map. I plan on making a huge kingdom but those ideas shall remain a surprise :wink:

Explain why you like Cookies and Cream Icecream.
The reasoning behind cookies and cream icecream as my favorite flavor is that over the years I have less of a sweet tooth and cookies and cream is the perfect blend of icecream, plus it has cookies, c’mon now, cookies!

Do you own a cat?
Yes I own a cat, his name is Popeye. He is a domestic black cat and he is 14 years of derp

Click for cat


Shhh, Bonus Interview (don't tell)

Unfortunately, due to tragic circumstances, there was one build created for the competition that never made it into the submissions list. To make up for this tear-jerking loss to the arts world, the talented creators of this masterpiece - @262ms and @ZAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY - have agreed to do a small bonus interview. We are honoured. Enjoy:

How long have you been playing the survival server?
262ms : Uhm… Not even a month…
Zayyy: Not even a month

What inspired your build?
262ms: One quiet night on the MunchyMc community Zayyy and I got bored and we decided to go play on Survival, we somehow got loads of wood and decided to make a tower, everyone liked the Crafting Table tower so we decided to make more amazing towers that went to height limit.
Zayyy: Nothing really inspired our build. Me and 262ms wanted to be unique and start our own trend in our types of houses that we have started building

What is your favourite thing about your build?
262ms: My favourite thing about the build is the view from the very top, you can look down on everyone and laugh because their builds are so small…
Zayyy: The favourite thing about my build was definitely the outcome of it, we spent so much time on it and it was worth it for the outcome

What was the most difficult part of your build?
262ms: The whole build was very difficult although getting materials / begging people for wood and stone… was the most ‘difficult’ part. (Thanks to the lovely Staff/Members who lended us the materials :)
Zayyy: The most difficult part was getting the materials through very nice people donating large amounts of wood and stone to help us out, and also just building it took quite a lot of time and wasn’t the easiest with all the phantoms around [Flying sky demons]

Do you have any epic build plans for next map?
262ms: Of course! we are going to make a tower city, for Example: Enchantment Table Tower, Anvil Tower etc.
Zayyy: Yes I have some super epic ideas for next map! can’t reveal what they are though :wink:

How do you feel about the tragic loss to the server that you being unable to take part in the build competition was?
262ms: Zayyy and i are extremely devastated that we were 1 day late to enter the competition, everyone was telling us we would get Top Place no doubt. The real a reason to why we didn’t enter the competition is that we wanted to give everyone a chance, we knew we had it in the bag… But we genuinely felt bad for the others that wouldn’t have a chance at getting top place. Sooooo we decided not to enter… (watch out for the next competition) :wink:
Zayyy: 262ms and I were distraught about us not being in the building competition, we really thought we had a great chance with our builds!

Do you own a cat?
262ms: No, and never will… cats are honestly terrifying. Dogs > Cats (no offence)
Zayyy: Yes I own two cats they are named Roxie and Ollie!

Written by IntrepidBookworm.

Nikolas and leCyber Interview

Recently promoted, Nikolas and leCyber are the two new baby admins of Munchy! They are both imperative figures in the community and they both run very important teams. Nikolas is the head of the event team, and Cyber is the discord manager and head of the bug team. This month we were able to interview the both of them about their promotions! Click on each question to view their answers.


How and when did you find Munchy?

Nikolas: I joined after McPVP shut down!

leCyber: 2016 after watching Bad’s videos probably.

What made you decide to apply as a staff member?

Nikolas: I started playing again after a long bout of inactivity and there honestly really weren’t that many active staff in the time zone I was in :nerd:

leCyber: At the time I applied and was accepted, there was a major shortage of staff, but I had pretty much been applying since Day 1 in hopes of achieving “this dream” I had to become a staff member when I was younger. :joy:

Tell us about the teams you run for Munchy.

Nikolas: I manage the event team

leCyber: I manage the Bug Team and the Community Discord for now.

What are some of the daily tasks that you complete as an admin on Munchy compared to your tasks as a senior moderator?

Nikolas: Asides from running the event team, I mainly just take care of a couple more things that I wasn’t able to before

leCyber: Not much else, other than dealing with more important issues, and less ban appeals. :upside_down:

What is one of your most fond memories on Munchy?

Nikolas: Ares release!!!

leCyber: I’ve had FAR too many to count.

MunchyMC- 2017 $200 Quarter Quell Highlights/Funny Moments! - YouTube

Which Munchy gamemode is your favorite and why?

Nikolas: KitPVP. I’ve played on kitpvp servers for years and I’ve never gotten bored of it!

leCyber: KitPvP, because it was the most competitive/popular PvP gamemode that Munchy had when I first joined, and most of my memories began there.

Which server reset are you most excited about - prison or survival?

Nikolas: Prison ;)

leCyber: Prison if I had to choose. :upside_down:

Do you own a cat?

Nikolas: 6 dogs

leCyber: Nope.

Written by RedBloomingRose.

And that is all for this month!

Ahh- the calm before the storm. Even though this month was particularly quiet in terms of updates or news, there is surely much more coming your way in the very near future! Congratulations to all the new promotions and be sure to get hype for the Prison and Survival updates coming soon! Thank you all for reading, and we here on the Newsletter Team wish you all an amazing October (which means a spooky themed newsletter 😄)!
- Dishrespect


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Epic Newsletter! Here is the list of my favorite parts!

  • My sister @AriesGrill returning the Idea Team!

  • Survival 2.0, it’s sad to see it got pushed back but hopefully, the little extra waiting is worth it!

  • Nik and Cyber’s Interview, It’s nice that we got to know more about my new 2 favorite admins.

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted within September! I’m looking forward to your work!


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Looking forward to the reset of Survival and Prison as well! Get hyped everyone!


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Great Newsletter! I look forward to the survival reset!

I would like to thank all the amazing members of the staff team who have been working very hard to make sure the survival update is extremely enjoyable and fun for the players.

I would also like to thank the members of the Newsletter team who have been dedicated to writing Newsletters every month for MunchyMC, your dedication is deeply appreciated!



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