Season 3 Begins Now! [$300+ in Prizes!]



On the 19th of January 2019 Season 3 will begin on MunchyMC’s Kitpvp server! is excited to host our next season of KitPvP. Season 3 will officially start at 12:00 AM (central US Time) which is 5am GMT (for you European people). Season 3 should last for around 30 days (the same as season 2)

Players will be scored based on their seasonal stats which can be checked on the website, in the hall of fame on the server or by doing /seasonalstats (IGN of player)


There will be 3 prize categories:

  • Best Kill Streak
  • Highest Number of Kills
  • Best K/D Ratio (requires 300+ kills)

1st Place in each category will receive:

  • $50 Cash Prize

2nd Place in each category will receive:

  • $25 Cash Prize

3rd Place in each category will receive:

  • $15 Cash Prize

4th place in each category will receive:

  • $10 Buycraft Store Credit

5th place in each category will receive:

  • $5 Buycraft Store Credit


All MunchyMC Rules apply
If you are banned during season 3 your stats will not count and therefore you cannot win the prizes.
NO Kill Boosting
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Killing the same person over and over again.
  • Letting someone kill you or killing someone who’s letting you kill them
  • Killing alt accounts or friends accounts repeatedly.
  • Abusing the test server in any way
  • Working with a friend or Team-mate to help you get kills repeatedly. (Non-intentional Teaming is allowed)
  • Doing ANY of the above or anything else that may be considered boosting will result in your stats being reset and you being eliminated from the competition.

New Kit!

We have also released a new kit Echo let us know what you think of it!
There is currently a 55% sale on Munchy’s store so get a bargain while you can! Click here


In edition to the above prizes we will also be giving out an MVP prize of $25 to whoever has the best ‘score’ in all 3 of our prize categories added up.

So for example if your in 1st place in two categories and 5th in another that would give you a score of 7 but if you were in 2nd place in 3 categories you would have a score of 6. The lowest score you can have is if you are in first place in all 3 categories which would give you a score of 3. Whichever player has the lowest(best) “point score” at the end of season 3 will earn the $25 bonus in addition to any other prizes they had.

Good luck to everyone in season 3!

Credits to @xKamilion for creating the official fake trailer featured on this post!

MunchyMC Newsletter - January 2019 (feat. Dan the Swag Savage)

Lets go kevin gang

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Good luck everyone!


Good luck!!



Goodluck Everyone!!


Prison ?


:triumph: Time to get that 50 dollars :triumph:


Question about the mvp prize.
What happens if you get first in 2 categories and not ranked in the third. What would your score be? Or would you even qualify?


I thought it meant $300 for one prize. I guess not. Nevermind not playing again


A new kit?!?! YAY!!!

kevin gang


New Kit is weak sauce. Compared to vacuum its more resistance for a weak ability. Unless there is some sort of hidden ability that I am missing, the only ability it has allows you to teleport where you were previous (approx 5 seconds ago I guess?). I don’t see how it is useful, especially considering it has leather cap and pants.

I would like to bring up groundhog, because these two kits are quite similar. Groundhog’s ability at least gives you a small amount of resistance for a short period of time, and this ability is considered unusable most of the time, hints why groundhog see’s next to no play (well actually there are more reasons, but I think I have said this many many times). This timepiece, from what I understand, allows you to teleport from an area you previously were, with no added benefits. You know whats funny? Dash can cover way more ground than echo can, and echos ability has a longer cooldown! Talk about a sucker punch to this kit’s ego.

If the only kit I can compare it evenly to is groundhog, it is definitely under the power curve. If I am missing any ability or hidden attributes of this kit please let me know, and I will change my ideas accordingly.


Announce winners for season 2?


benng #1 casual theannn #1 kdr and caspar1337 or whatever #1 ks i think


i just wanted him to announce it for the clout