Season 3 Winners!


Hello everyone! As I’m sure a lot of you know the Season 3 competition ended about a week ago and we’ve finished looking at the logs and determining the winners! The Season 3 competition was a competition we do at the start of each season where we award prizes to the players who can get the highest stats in certain categories over the next 30 days. Here are the winners!

In the Top Season 3 Kills Category the winners are:

1st Place: benng19 - 6835 kills
2nd Place: DeForst - 6208 kills
3rd Place: Oizn - 5087 kills
4th Place: Kalex31 - 4755 kills
5th Place: KawaiiGrill - 4739 kills

6835 Kills! That’s insane thats an average of 227 kills per day! Very impressive!

In Top Season 3 KDR the winners are:

1st Place: Sowl - 300
2nd Place: Caspxr - 191 *
3rd Place: JakeTheLoser - 153
4th Place: xshrek - 120.5 *
5th Place: Fryga

300 KDR!!! That’s like getting 300 kills and 1 death. Or 600 kills and 2 deaths. Unfortunately we had to disqualify the original 1st place person as it turned out to be an alt of one of the other people on the list.

In Top Casual Killstreak for Season 3 the Winners are:

1st Place: WorthyOrigin - 506
2nd Place: DeForst - 404
3rd Place: benng19 - 348
4th Place: RodsAreOp - 335
5th Place Hardah - 325 *

506 kills without dying is insane! that would take forever to accomplish.

And last but not least our MVP of this map who had the highest overall average place in all 3 categories is:



Congrats to benng19 You had a total of 15 points, being in 1st in casual seasonal kills 11th in casual KDR and 3rd in casual killstreak stats. The next closest person to you was Deforst

If you were one of the winners or the MVP please make a support ticket and provide your Minecraft IGN as well as your email for where you would like to receive the prize. Unless you’d like to gift it to someone else then give us their paypal email instead. Thank you!

Thank you, everyone, for participating in Season 3 the next season will be starting up in 2-4 weeks! Get ready for it!


SOWL absolute madlad


Oof @iiSowl, that’s an L. But super impressive


Congratulations everyone!


kevin gang was robbed :pensive:

Good job to everyone else, though! :smile:


hey gg man. #1 kdr wait so what do I win? lol


sowl is 1 kdr doe? im confused


Sorry for getting my alt #1 as well but gg everyone else.
kevin gang


CONGRATS!!:slight_smile: @sowl tho


he was boosted/cheated so he got disqualified or something


thats what ppl were telling me on kit anyways


Not true. They are spreading false information to be honset hes gonna be awarded his prize.


I got both my accounts (maleboy2004 and Sowl) onto the leaderboards without cheating or boosting. My alt maleboy2004 was disqualified as you can’t have 2 accounts on the leaderboards.


Congratz @iiSowl, you better have learned your lesson of not using alts. :stuck_out_tongue:


fat L for me :frowning: #6 kdr


oof time to make a new trailer :stuck_out_tongue:


ur insane can i get ur signature?



How do i reclaim the prize? And what did i won?


make a support ticket regarding this to claim your prize.