Media help


I would like to ask can we make giveaways on prison or kit? Also what are the requirements for media rank?


I’m not sure if you mean having someone (ie. BBH) holding a giveaway, you being given a rank to give away, or you purchasing a rank to give away. Could you elaborate a bit please?

Requirements for media can be found here.


I mean like ultra rare or cash in prison/kit


Okay, but who is the one doing the giveaway?

Also, KitPvP has cash prizes given out every season. More info on those can be found here. Keep in mind these are prizes associated with last season’s cash prizes. So these could be subject to change and modification.


I mean I host the giveaway and I own the item that I will give


As long as you’re willing to purchase the item that will be given away, I can’t imagine it would be a problem.


Thank you for your help!

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