Season 2 has begun! OVER $250 IN PRIZES!


Kitpvp Update - [11/3/2018]

Season 2 Tournament

Season 2 on Kitpvp has officially BEGUN!. it will continue until Saturday, December 1st and end at midnight.

Players will be scored based on their seasonal stats which can be checked on the website or in the hall of fame on the kitpvp server.

There will be 3 prize categories;

  • Best Seasonal Kill Streak $50 Prize
  • Highest Number of Seasonal Kills $50 Prize
  • Best Seasonal K/D Ratio $50 Prize (Must have at least 300 kills for it to count. If 2 people have the same KD then whoever has the most kills will win)
  • 2nd place in each category will receive $25 in buycraft store credit each.
  • 3rd place in each category will recieve $10 in buycraft store credit each.

(If you want to see the winners from season 1 click here)

Tournament Rules:

  • All MunchyMC Rules apply
  • NO using the Portal Kit to get kills with fall damage
  • A single kit (excluding the pvp kit) may only count for up to 25% of your kills. [For example all your kills can’t be with the Fish Kit]
  • NO Kill Boosting

Kill boosting includes but is not limited to:

  • Killing the same person over and over again.
  • Letting someone kill you or killing someone who’s letting you kill them.
  • Killing alt accounts or friends accounts repeatedly.
  • Working with a friend or Teammate to help you get kills repeatedly. (Non-intentional Teaming is allowed)
  • Doing ANY of the above or anything else that may be considered boosting will result in your stats being reset and you being eliminated from the competition.

Adjusting the Numbers!

We have adjusted the way that the top 10 ranks are displayed next to usernames.
Seasonal stats are now displayed with bold numbers next to names.
Lifetime stats are displayed with non-bold numbers next to names.

You can check what each color means by using the /leaderboard command

New map and changes!

You can do /cl on the server to see new changes we’ve added to the server. Some of these are some performance adjustments that should lower lag as well as we’ve made it so you can save your kill streak even if you log off.

As long as you are in spawn when you log off. If you log in within 15 minutes you will still have your killstreak.

NEW MAP! Thank you to the build team (especially the istaf crew) for producing an awesome new map for us! It’s amazing and you should watch the video for it here:

New Legend Rank!!

Don’t forget to check out the New Legend rank in the store! It lets you host events like HG, Sumo, War and more!


GG Good luck everyone

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Good Luck everyone, may the odds be in your favor!



All jokes aside this season sounds really cool and the new map looks FIRE.


ReeEeEeeeEEEEeeeE!!! Good luck to all! Season 2 hype!


Cool, don’t intend on trying cause I suck rn eee.


Im just a Potato wishing everyone luck


aHHHHH g00d luck to everyone! :wink:




This ended bub :smile_cat:

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