MunchyMC Newsletter - November 2022


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 58 - November 2022

Bonjour munchers of the Minecraft and welcome back to the 58th Edition of the MunchyMC Newsletter!
November flew by fast huh? Oh well, lets get right into the newsletter!

Staff Team


Junior Moderator

- MyBee has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!
- Mysaan has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!
- HELIXED has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!
- Sript has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!


- Devonymous has been promoted to Survival Helper!
- Tarteris has been promoted to Survival Helper!

Written by Atterax.



Unfortunately not much happened on KitPvP this month, so this section will consist of a poll and the Question of the Month!

What are your opinions on KitPvP updating to 1.19?
  • I strongly want KitPvP to update to 1.19
  • I’d prefer KitPvP to update to 1.19, but I wouldn’t mind if it stayed on 1.8
  • I’d prefer KitPvP to stay on 1.8, but I wouldn’t mind if it updated to 1.19
  • I strongly want KitPvP to stay on 1.8
  • I just want to know the results

0 voters

Written by DutchMTC.


Spooky Crates

The halloween festivities aren’t over yet, because this month Spooky Crates were added! You can purchase spooky crates from the MunchyMC Store for your chance to obtain exclusive spooky special rares that are only obtainable from crates, including items such as a Trick or Treat Basket, Zombie Flesh and Spirit Box!
(Psssssssst… We also have a big Black Friday sale running for a limited time only, so now is the perfect time to stock up on crates!)

Findable MunchyMC Rares

Looters rejoice! MunchyMC special rares are now findable in chests outside!

Fishing Level 100

Fishing rewards now go up to a whopping level 100 for all of you fishing addicts (@PapaCoach I’m looking at you…)

Cell Holding Period

We know how annoying it is to lose cells that contain all of your hard-earned items. We’ve implemented a new 7-day cell holding period after your rent expires so that no one else can rent your cell immediately after expiration. Your precious items are now a little safer!

As per usual, we have lots of item buffs, nerfs and new fabled / ultra legendary upgrades. You can view the full changelog by typing /cl while online on prison.

Map 9 Leaderboards

Don’t forget that we have over $1000 IN PRIZES being rewarded to those who are ranked the highest across the following categories at the end of the map!

:crown: Highest Rank :crown:

#1 - Tarteris - (XVI)(New)
#2 - PR0MISE - (XV)(B1)
#3 - Grailed - (XIV)(B1)

:global: Most Ultras Found :global:

#1 - xLuuk_ - 1,834
#2 - PR0MISE - 1,608
#3 - SPECIAL_RARE - 1,272

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Top Fisher :fishing_pole_and_fish:

#1 - PapaCoach - 93L

:axe: Top Logger :axe:

#1 - Piky - 234,213

:pick: Top Miner :pick:

#1 - Shoblette - 13,866,171

:farmer: Top Farmer :farmer:

#1 - Tuxmux - 713,951

Written by dxlicaterose.


Good evening folks and welcome to this VERY special edition of the Survival section in the MunchyMC Newsletter, I’m sure you all have already heard the very spectacular news about the NEW SEASON coming DEC 10TH! If not, let’s quickly jump into it and learn about the wonderful Season 4!


This month brought around the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE SEASON FOUR OF SURVIVAL! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Coming December 10th is the all new, all new, Season 4! It’s packed with all new adventures, and content for you all. Let’s jump right in and learn some quick facts about the new season.

There are currently three teasers released for the new season, which you can find here, here and here!

The theme for the new season is Norse Mythology!

Let’s quickly run over the release timeline for the days coming up to the reset.

Wednesday, 7th December
Map Save
This is when the Season 3 Map will be saved for the Museum world! This means that whatever your base, builds, etc, look like on this day is exactly how they will look when the world is saved! Make sure everything is spick and span, and open your doors to allow easy access to your stuff when the S3 Museum comes out!

Thursday, 8th December
Anarchy Day
This is when all hell breaks loose in Survival, also known as the Anarchy Day! PvP will be enabled for everyone today day and staff can abuse all they want! During this day, claims will be disabled, firespread will be enabled in the main world, and so on!
Because the map has been saved already, none of the changes made to the map on this day will be saved into the Museum world, so feel free to go ham!
Do not hack, or do anything to deliberately harm or lag the server. Basic Munchy rules still apply.

Friday, 9th December
Server Offline
This is the day Survival goes offline to make all the necessary updates for the reset! Feel free to hang out in hub with friends as you slowly lose your mind because what is life without Survival?!. That’s a joke. Kinda. Excitement for Saturday though!!

Saturday, 10th December


Survival Season 4 will be officially released this day, around ~Midday EST~, when everything is all ready for you all! WOOOOO!!

(The above was definitely not copied and pasted from the official release post which you can find here, definitely not)

The new season is full to the brim of all new wonderful things, which (some of) can be found in the official Survival Season 4 Release post! This post goes into great details of some of the new features/changes/tweaks to the new season.

The end of Season 3 will bring a lot of things, new opportunities, new communities, new content. I promise to everyone who hasn’t experienced a reset yet that being there is one of the best feelings, especially when you play with your friends. It’s a chaotic, wonderful mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And, once again a massive massive thank you to everyone who helped work on the new season of Survival, I think we speak for the entire community when we say we know how hard everyone works for things to go right, and we all appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating new seasons! (Specifically those cool DEV people and the cool ADMIN people and the cool @Alkemystix people and the staff cool people and the every cool people)

Hope you all have fun with the new season folks, here’s to Season 4!

Exclusive Newsletter Teaser

II. “Best of Season 3” Competition

With the end of Season 3, of course there had to be a competition to celebrate all the wonderful things you have done/created over the past year and six months. Hosted by the lovely @Alkemystix, let’s quickly have a look at the categories and their prizes!!

~ Best Mapart of Season 3 ~
~ Best Event of Season 3 ~
~ Best Shop of Season 3 ~
~ Best Screenshot of Season ~
~ Best Redstone Machine of Season 3 ~

Each category has a prize system of 1st Place - 60 Keys, 2nd Place - 30 Keys, and 3rd Place - 20 Keys.

This competition closed on the 30th of November, so we greatly look forward to the winners being announced! Good luck to everyone who entered and participated!!

III. Best Base Competition (Judged by BadBoyHalo!)

Another way to show off your work done this season is to have your based judged by the one and only @BadBoyHalo! The criteria to have your base judged can be found here, and entries close on the 2nd of December @ 11pm GMT!

The prizes won in this event will be given out at the start of Season 4 on December 10th. Let’s take a quick looksy!

:1st_place_medal: First Place: :1st_place_medal:
Exclusive Dragon Pet!
1 Month VIP++
Glow Effect (Of Choice)
25 Crate Keys

:2nd_place_medal: Second Place: :2nd_place_medal:
1 Month VIP+
Glow Effect (Of Choice)
20 Crate Keys

:3rd_place_medal: Third Place: :3rd_place_medal:
Glow Effect (Of Choice)
15 Crate Keys

Those are incredible prizes! Good luck to everyone who entered and a massive congratulations to the winners when they’re announced! This is once again a reminder that this competition’s submission date is 2nd of December @ 11PM GMT, so get your entries in ASAP!!

IV. Winter Skin Competition!

The last in-game event hosted this season shall be the Winter Skin Competition hosted by @danior! The Winter Skin Competition shall be held on the 4th of December @ 7PM GMT! The category for this competition is of course Winter! So make sure you dress up in your wintery-est of skins, or make brand new ones for the occasion! You can find more on the rules/specifications in the post here!

Let’s find out what the prizes are!

First Place! :1st_place_medal:
10x Winter Crate Key
1x EXCLUSIVE Ice Skeleton King Trophy

Second Place! :2nd_place_medal:
6x Winter Crate Key
1x EXCLUSIVE Arctic Fox Trophy

Third Place! :3rd_place_medal:
2x Winter Crate Key
1x EXCLUSIVE Frozen Zombie Trophy

Good luck to everyone who participates in the Skin Competition! Make sure to show up as its the last in-game event of the season! Don’t fear however, there will be many more in Season 4!

Now we once again reach the end of the Survival Section of the Newsletter! Of course this was a very very exciting edition, due to the wonderful upcoming reset on December 10th! Thank you to everyone who has played, enjoyed and had fun on Survival over Season 3, and to all our friends who have came and gone, thank you all. We really appreciate everyone who played over the past year and a half, and here’s to another full season of Survival! I’ll see you all when Season 4’s out, so have fun! :orange_heart: :sunny:

Written by infernalfae.

Community Art Highlights! :paintbrush:

Hey, all! This past month we’ve gathered another awesome batch of lovely works of art by our very talented community members, enjoy!

Click here






Illustration of VioletRay

Illustration of Simfonija

Illustration of Alkemystix


Illustration of CrimusCrafty

Illustration of SizzleBurger

Illustration of infernalfae


Illustration of Duck643






Illustration of Simphol__


Illustration of SpiderMilkBox & EvillRat

Illustration of Mysaan & TillyNugget

Illustration of 1Brock

Illustration of RobinLaggedOut










Hope you enjoyed these pieces as much as I did, keep an eye on the artwork channel in the community discord and the next newsletters for more! :)

Written by Atterax.

And that is all for this month!

Thank you all for reading this month’s newsletter and we hope to see you again next month in the most wonderful time of the year :christmas_tree:

Survival season 4. :raised_hands:


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