MunchyMC Newsletter - May 2021


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 40 - May 2021

Hey Munchies!

Welcome to this month’s iteration of our newsletter. With the survival reset and the conclusion of a staff recruitment season, May has been incredibly eventful and exciting for many of us. We hope that you guys feel the same way. Let’s recap together!

Staff Team



Rishs - Rishs has been promoted to KitPvP, WoolWars and Survival Games Moderator!
Local - Local has been promoted to KitPvP and Survival Games Moderator!
sixbullets - sixbullets has been promoted to WoolWars Moderator!
Alkemystix - Alkemystix has been promoted to WoolWars Moderator!
kamidrgn - kamidrgn has been promoted to Survival Moderator!
SmoonC - SmoonC has been promoted to Survival Moderator!

Junior Moderator

ZeePog - ZeePog has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!
HELIXED - HELIXED has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!
Ripshot - Ripshot has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!
infernalfae - infernalfae has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!
HiraethRose - HiraethRose has been promoted to KitPvP and Survival Games Junior Moderator!
Sript - Sript has been promoted to KitPvP Junior Moderator!
Mddey - Mddey has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!
danior1 - danior1 has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!


sixbullets - sixbullets has been promoted to Survival Helper!
EvillRat - EvillRat has been promoted to Survival Helper!
kaitttt - kaitttt has been promoted to Survival Helper!
NateEh - NateEh has been promoted to KitPvP Helper!
Oryeo - Oryeo has been promoted to KitPvP Helper!
sadneo - sadneo has been promoted to KitPvP Helper!
IcePopcorn - IcePopcorn has been promoted to WoolWars Helper!
JUST511 - JUST511 has been promoted to WoolWars Helper!
ZombieBot1 - ZombieBot1 has been promoted to WoolWars Helper!
aphrodisiacal - aphrodisiacal has been promoted to Survival Helper!
JamieDactyl - JamieDactyl has been promoted to WoolWars Helper!

Written by BFI01.

Staff Member of the Month

I would like to remind all of you to submit suggestions as to who should be the next month’s nominee by sending me a dm. I will take all messages into consideration when choosing the next Staff Member of the Month! Take this as an opportunity to point out the people you think are underappreciated or did something remarkable recently. Thank you!

Now, let’s go into this month’s nomination!


Our wonderful survival manager @Ibby has been working hard on the 3rd iteration of the survival server for many, many months now. Alongside the many other contributors, she has pushed herself to the absolute limit to make survival as good as possible and she has succeeded. The new map is incredibly successful and more people than ever have been playing and enjoying it.

A list of all the past Staff Members of the Month can be found here.

Written by cheater_.


KitPvP Highlights!

KitPvP has had little to talk about this month outside of the promotions to the team, however progress on the next update is currently going well, and we hope to release within the next couple months. We thank you all for your patience!

Written by Mikeal.

Prison Highlights!

prison map 8 banner

This month we have new crates; OVERGROWTH CRATES. :herb: In these crates you have the chance of obtaining an abundance of new and exclusive special rares, such as the Four Leaf Clover Trousers, Pest Grabber, Melon Muncher and much, much more!
Furthermore, afterlife crates have been added to the chests in the outside world for your looting pleasure!

Lastly, prison now has an exciting new warp for those who like to pvp. :eyes: Check out /warp lava!

You can view the complete list of updates, fixes and item balancing simply by typing /changelog in game!

prison leaderboards

:crown: Top Ranked :crown:

#1 - PotatoInMyBum - (XX)(B2)
#2 - Chance1337 - (XIX)(C2)
#4 - N0X - (XVII)(B1)
#5 - HakuFN - (XVI)(A2)
#6 - Micatchu - (XVI)(B2)
#7 - xCorgo - (XV)(B1)
#8 - RubyFeynix - (XV)(B1)
#9 - Craz33 - (XV)(C1)
#10 - biz10 - (XV)(New)

:survival: Top Mined Blocks :survival:

#1 - Palm_Tree - ~ 43,255,000
#2 - Shoblette - ~ 39,485,000
#3 - RubyFeynix - ~ 31,119,000
#4 - DanSwag_ - ~ 19,783,000
#5 - Chance1337 - ~ 18,441,000
#6 - akxmii - ~ 16,865,000
#7 - THANOS_GRIN - ~ 13,141,000
#8 - ___Floki___ - ~ 11,632,000
#9 - Mony10 - ~ 11,244,000
#10 - rozies - ~ 9,889,000

:dagger: Most Chests Looted :dagger:

#1 - HqLo - ~ 1,506,000
#2 - FELIXINPARIS - ~ 1,350,000
#3 - liambgames - ~ 1,170,000
#4 - widow123456 - ~ 1,086,000
#5 - N0X - ~ 1,000,000
#6 - Scrubee - ~ 912,000
#7 - finessedkid - ~ 747,000
#8 - errxr - ~ 720,000
#9 - bhi - ~ 593,000
#10- thycosmos - ~ 558,000

Written by dxlicaterose.

Survival Highlights!

AAAAAH ! This was a very exciting month, and we have a lot to cover so get comfortable, because it’s going to take a while!


After months and months of preparation, Survival Season 3 is finally here! It was a huge teamwork, with the contribution of a ton of people (developers, builders, staff members, and even you guys when giving ideas!), but we are so proud with how it turned out and so happy seeing you guys enjoying it! So, without further ado, let’s talk about it!

Side note: There is a lot to cover and to prevent this newsletter to be too big, I will only superficially cover what is new. If you wish to learn more, here is a guide to survival 3.0 !

A. New spawn!
What is a new season without a new map and a new spawn? This season, everything is Greek themed and so is the spawn!

B. New mall!
You guys asked for a mall that you can access from the spawn, and we did it! Follow the bridge down the spawn island, and you’ll get to the mall in no time!

Can we take a second to appreciate how pretty the spawn and the mall are?

C. New crate(s)!
New map, new crate!

We took your votes in this poll to keep only the 10 most liked gadgets, particles and pets to make a new crate, with custom names too! A community guide was already created here if you want more information.

But wait, what’s on that screenshot? Is that… A “mini crate”? Well, gamers, with the revamped crate we bring you the mini crates! Inside of them you can get tokens, claim blocks, and also decorative heads!
How to get them? Well, you can get mini crate key by voting, or by completing quests which we will be talking about right now!

D. Quests!
Yes, quests in survival!!
You can now on a weekly or daily basis complete quests for mini crate keys, and depending on the amount of quests you are doing you will be able to be in the /questtop !
There is 6 types of quests
All of them have 3 different tiers from Iron to Emerald that you can unlock when completing a certain percentage of the previous tier quests.
Inside of each tier, you have the quests. You can get a closer look at them by hovering them with your mouse!

All quests reset daily except Iron quests, and yes we are aware some of them were not working at the beginning of the season but our dev team has been working hard to fix as much as they could. On top of that, some adjustments were continuously made by our smods oCrypt and RossRao all over this month, all of that to make sure the experience you are getting is the more balanced possible. They also updated the Crafting Category and given a few new Diamond and Emerald tier quests, so unlock those tiers as fast as possible to check them out!

E. Clan claims!
Yes, you heard me right, clan claims!
You can now transform some of your own claim blocks into clan claim blocks, and claim a clan claim with it! This will allows you to have tons of interesting features such as claim fly, holo, exclusive particles and more!
There is a ton to cover so if you want to learn more, please make sure to read that very cool guide here:

E. Event Center!
It’s not out yet has we still have some stuff to work on, but don’t worry, we are working hard on it! Keep your eyes peeled :eyes:

II. Competitions

[RESULTS] Best Base Build Competition - Judged by BBH!

Last season we were impatiently waiting BadBoyHalo judgement about the Base Build Competition, and the results are out!
It was a tough choice, all of your bases were amazing so thank you everyone for participating!

Here are all our winners :
:1st_place_medal: First place: @DragonsMaker

The base


:2nd_place_medal: Second place: @infernalfae

The base


:3rd_place_medal: Third place: @igotchu & @aetherim

The base


Runners up: @Sonikyuwunya123

The base



The base


Thank you again everyone!

You participated but didn’t didn’t win? No worries, because of all the amazing entries, we didn’t felt it was right to not reward everyone a consolation prize - a crate key! If you haven’t already, make sure to dm Ibby in game so you can get your reward!

To see everyone’s entries, click on this link !

IV. Survival quote of the month

The survival quote of the month reward goes tooooo… @McDonalds :trophy: !

Thank you @Ibby for that screenshot!

Yes, it’s completely out of context but out of context quotes make best quotes !

If you want to make your own contribution to this section with funny quotes you see on the global survival chat, make sure to send your quotes @Aiadeva#0666 on discord! I will give credit for the screenshot :D

That’s it for this month everyone!
Again, survival season 3 is only a big success because of the coordinated efforts of a lot of people, some mentioned in this post but there was so many people involved it was hard for us to ping everyone. This also includes all of our wonderful community, without your ideas and encouragements this survival 3.0 might have not been the big success it was. We can’t thank all of you enough for your hype, encouragements, ideas, and everything in between, we all love you so much and we can’t wait to see you all in game :heart:

Written by Aiadeva.

Wool Wars Highlights!

Welcome back fellas.
It is your most handsome, smart, and majestic host once again, the Maccas himself. Let’s get some subs rolling boys.

2v2 Brackets Tournament

This month, we’ve had a brand new tournament hosted by the lovely @beanep and the handsome @ZeePog.
While the tournament had already started, we have gotten an incredible amount of 26 participants joining, who would eventually be destroyed by myself and @AltyF4 in upcoming rounds.
We are, as of right now, going through round 2, and you’re able to receive all of the updates you may find useful regarding the event in our Discord Server!

New Map Monday

While the event no longer exists, New Map Monday will always live in our hearts for bringing lovely maps to WoolWars for me to test my Bhop cheats on.

Let’s get into the maps we’ve received throughout the month of May!

A Better Place

Sheesh what a title… Just that made me go on the coolest server for Java 1.8-1.16 and try it out.

Anyways… Thanks to the hard work of the magnificent @C1OUS3R and the majestic @LightStarXD , the new map A Better Place is now available on WoolWars! Take a look!

The Cave

The building master, @C1OUS3R , is back at it again with an amazing new map! Oh, and that reminds me, did you know you could also submit maps for for Java 1.8-1.16 right now!

Built by C1OUS3R, The Cave is out now!

Super Mario

Mario: "Ayo Luigi’
Luigi: “Ayo Mario wassup bruh less go”
Mario: “Did you know that you can now submit maps for for Java 1.8-1.16 right now homie?”
Luigi: “Yo thas cool bro but did I ask?”
Mario proceeds to shoot Luigi
– End Scene –

Anyways… Super Mario, built by the handsome @lukeloaf and the silly @Ripshot, is now out to play!

Ending Notes

Thank you for reading the WoolWars Section!
I would like to congratulate all of our amazing new WoolWars staff who are already regretting their life choices. Welcome to the team and good luck, you’ll need it.

Written by McDonalds.

And that is all for this month!

Thank you guys for reading. Tune in again next month when we recap the 1.17 update.


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