MunchyMC Community Discord | Reintroducing the HRC

Hey Munchies!

Today we have some exciting news for you all. MunchyMC now has its own public Discord Community Server that all of you will be able to join. To do so, simply follow the instructions below.

How to join the Discord server

1. Install Discord

You can download Discord from the official Discord website. Then simply sign up for an account and you’re done.

2. Join the MunchyMC Discord server

Joining the server is pretty easy. All you need to do is click here, or go to!

3. Register your account

Once you have joined our server, you will not be able to actually do anything just yet. If you want your account to be activated, please message @Antfrost your Discord tag here on the forums (in a PM). Your discord tag can be found right below your name and includes a “#” as well as a four-digit number. I will try to activate it as soon as possible. Please note that it may, however, take up to a few days for your account to be registered, depending on the situation. If you need immediate help, you can create a support ticket, or privately message staff in-game, on discord or on TS. (We also have a help and support TeamSpeak channel at

Will Munchy abandon their TeamSpeak server?

No, we will not. TeamSpeak is still our preferred software when it comes to voice communication. In fact, we have even disabled all voice channels on our Discord to prevent people from spreading between the two platforms. The only reason why we wanted a Discord server is that it provides us with great new opportunities due to its chat system.

What is the “HRC”?

HRC is an abbreviation for Hacker Report Chat. Some of our older players might remember our HRC back on Slack. We ended up discontinuing it since Slack wasn’t really customizable when it came to permissions. Furthermore, messages were easily overlooked and switching between different Slack teams was quite time-consuming.
With Discord’s many features, all of our problems were addressed and - thanks to @awesamdude who helped setting up the permissions and @Callahan who coded an amazing bot for us - we are able to run the Discord Server smoothly and can keep it open to anyone - no application needed.
Both Prison and Munchy, have their own channel dedicated to reporting hackers in real time. If a moderator is online, he/she will receive a message and be able to help you sooner than ever before. While we did have a /report system on Munchy, the Discord channel offers us many new tools. For example, you will be notified whether or not the person was banned and we are able to log all of the reports much easier.
You can, of course, still use /report and the website to submit your reports. Discord will probably be the best way to do that, though.

What else does the Discord Server have to offer?

You may not be particularly interested in reporting hackers (or other rule breakers). But this does not mean that the MunchyMC Discord is not also appealing to you. We have a variety of different channels, including channels dedicated to solving website or payment issues, a channel in which you can appeal your autobans and channels to have community discussions and casual conversations with players and staff.

Who should join the Discord?

Generally, I would suggest anyone to at least try it out. After all, you can meet amazing new people and have some nice conversations, even in private.
For anyone interested in staff, being part of the Community Discord will surely be helpful. Firstly, you can get to know the staff much easier than you could before and we will be able to determine whether or not you are mature. Secondly, your activity regarding reports will be much more transparent. Overall, good applicants will be noticed much sooner.
If you are a YouTuber on MunchyMC, you can use the #media channel to share your content with the entire community to reach an even bigger audience. Just make sure not to violate any of our rules.


The rules on our Discord Servers are essentially the same as they are on our Minecraft servers and TeamSpeak server.

Server Rules:

  1. Respect others: Do not spam, do not harrass others and do not swear.
  2. Do not share malicious content. This includes advertisement of other servers, 18+ content, viruses, keyloggers, scam, inappropriate pictures, private information, “screamers” etc.
  3. Do not use other’s identities: Do not sign up as someone else and do not use alts (regardless of whether or not you are banned). If you change your ign, request a name change. Do not pretend to be staff.
  4. Do not use offensive/inappropriate avatars.

Channel Rules
a) Do not use #register for anything but registering.
b) Do not report players that are a member of the Discord Server. Message a Staff member privately instead.
c) Do not report bugs in the report channels, unless they are game breaking and require instantaneous action.
d) Keep casual talk out of all channels but #casual. Other than that, stick to the topic and purpose of the channel.
e) Don’t report players that have already been reported.
f) Only share MunchyMC related videos and pictures in the #media channel.