MunchyMC Allowed and Disallowed Modifications

No Cheating.

You may not use any mods or clients that would give you an unfair advantage over another player.

The following mods are NOT allowed:

  • Hacks (Force Field, Autosoup, Fly, Aimbot, Fastheal, Blink, etc.)
  • Client Cheats (Minimap, Xray, Step, Inventory Tweaks, Waypoints, etc.)
  • Texture packs (Xray Texturepacks can still get you banned!)

The following mods are allowed:
If your mod is not on this list DO NOT USE IT!

  • OptiFine
  • Armor Status
  • Direction/Coords/Potion effect status
  • Full bright/Modified brightness
  • Better Sprint


Use your brain! Moderators have the right to ban you for things not listed, don’t try and get around the rules you WILL be banned.

Read here for our server rules.