[Guide] KitPvP Introduction

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This guide will cover the following:

  • What is KitPvP?
  • How do I play it?
  • Warps
  • Events
  • FAQ

What is KitPvP?

KitPvP is basically a form of Free For All. You start out by choosing one of 32 unique kits which will give you different abilities, sets of armor, swords, and potion effects. What you will notice is that you have tons of soup in your inventory. Soup on this server is used to replenish your health in an instant. Every soup can refill 3,5 hearts which is a key factor when playing on this server. Alternatively, you can choose instant health potions if you don't feel comfortable with soup. (I'll cover later on how to switch them out)
When you feel ready just jump out of the safe zone/spawn area and get straight into the PvP action!

How do I play it?

I'll give you a brief explanation of your items in your hotbar first:

chest Kit Selector:
Lets you choose from your owned kits and equips those automatically (alternativly you can do /kit (kitname)). When you are new to the server you will only have a handful (PvP & Archer). More can be bought in the store with tokens.

enderchest Shop:
This is the place where you can spend your hard earned tokens. You can buy either a new kit for 3500 Tokens each or a new particles for 5000 tokens which gives you a unique particle effect when killing your foes.

netherstar Play your last kit:
A shortcut item which just equips your last played kit. (Will only be in your hotbar when you picked a kit beforehand)

clock2 Options:
This tool gives you the ability to customize some options including:

  • Scoreboard Settings: Lets you switch between “Lifetime” and “Seasonal” scoreboard
  • Host an Event: Lets you host some minor events (KotH, Free Kit Mode, No Teaming, etc)
  • Switch between Potions or Soup
  • Particles: Lets you choose one of your bought particles

compass2%23 Warp List:
Gives you the ability to warp between the major areas of the server. This includes:

  • 1v1 Arena
  • Casual:
  • Competetive
  • Event
  • Hall of Fame

There aren’t exactly goals when it comes to playing KitPvP. This is up to yourself. You could either try to get a high leaderboards spot or just mess around with your friends and have a good time.
Be also sure to keep an eye on chat. That’s the spot where events get announced which you just join by clicking on the text in chat.


Diamantaxt 1v1Arena:
This is the main place where you engage in competitive 1 versus 1 fights. You can either play ranked or just do some custom/quick unranked fights against your friends. You can also create parties with the “Party Manager” which enables you to host team fights in any form or constellation. If you don’t like the way your items are sorted in your inventory use the “Kit Editor” which lets you change the presets in your favor.

k-Diamantschwert Casual:
This is the main central place of the server where most of the people hang out. Here you can do whatever you want. Try out your newly purchased kit or maybe practice quick-dropping, you name it.

Eisenschwert Competitive:
A small sub-world where you have to rely on your barebone PvP skills because there aren’t any kits or special effects at your disposal. It’s mainly used by hardcore players who want to measure themselves on an even level.

Feuerwerksrakete Event:
Is the main warp where most of the events get hosted. You can’t explore it by yourself and rather rely on an EVENT member to tp your right into the event location.

k-Leuchtfeuer Hall of Fame:
That’s the location where the leaderboard is located on the server. You can watch up either “Seasonal” or “Lifetime” stats regarding: Casual Kills, KDR, highest Killstreak and much more.


One of the major differences to any other Kit server are the Events that Munchy offers. Munchy has a separate Event team which is responsible to keep the player base entertained by hosting custom events.
They can host a variety of different events and will try to listen to the players online when picking them.
Most of the events are last man standing. Events can alternatively offer prices to the winner including things like Tokens or Premium Ranks.

Events that are hosted on Munchy include:

  • Sumo: A game mode where the goal is to knock off your opponent of a platform
  • Water Drop: Jump down and try to hit only the water. (or you will die of fall damage)
  • 1v1 Brackets: Brackets where the goal is to the defeat every opponent you face
  • HG: McPvP’s old flagship mode. Gather your materials and use the custom kits to your advantage.
  • and many more!

Make sure to keep an eye on the Chat because that’s the place where events get announced.
Also, make sure to join BadBoyHalo’s stream because he usually hosts tons of events when he streams.


Q: How do I earn tokens?
A: You can earn tokens on KitPvP by killing players and winning events.

Q: What are Clans?
A: Here is a small overview.

Q: TeamSpeak IP?
A: ts.munchymc.com

Q: Does Munchy have a Discord aswell?
A: Yes, here is a forum thread with all the important information.

Q: What is/How do I get a trophy next to my name?
A: You can earn a trophy for winning an automated event, the most recent winner gets it next to their name.

Q: I recorded a hacker, where and how should I report him?
A: Either send the footage to a JMod or higher or create a Hacker Report in this section of the forums.

Q: What does this rank color stand for?
A: Do /who in game. It will list all online players and give you a list of all ranks of the server.

Q: I got banned. What should I do now?
A: If you feel like the ban wasn’t justified create a support ticket here. If it was justified you can either buy an unban in the store or get a free unban on purgatory.