Frequently Asked Questions

Rules and Punishments
What are the server rules?

The full server rules can be read here. The main 3 are:
  1. No cheating
  2. No harming the server or players
  3. Be considerate of others
Violating these rules might result in a mute or a ban.

Where do I appeal my ban?

You can appeal your ban here. Remember honesty is the best way to earn an unban. If you think your ban is a mistake please be thourough in explaining why you think so.

Where do I appeal my mute?

Create a support ticket here.

Support and Purchase Issues
I need help. Where can I make a Support Ticket?
How do I donate to the Server?
What ranks are available?
Staff Related Questions
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How do I Apply for Forum Mod?
Where are the Forums?
What are the requirements for Media Rank?
Is there a Discord or Teamspeak?
How do I join the discord?
Where do I get Teamspeak?
Who is BadBoyHalo?
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