Apply for Media Rank

MunchyMC Media Requirements (UPDATED Aug 2019)

  1. You must have at least 1500 subs or a growing channel that we will evaluate using socialblade.
  • If we suspect you of subscriber/view botting the application will be instantly denied.
  1. You must demonstrate past dedication to being a YouTuber/Twitch Streamer:
  • You must have been creating content for Munchy or other servers for at least one month
  • You must have at least 1 high quality video and/or stream on Munchy that can be viewed publicly
  • You must have several past videos on your channel in which you demonstrate points 3 and 4 below.
  1. Your videos/streams of MunchyMC must:
  • Be good quality recording (aka no hand held phone camera recordings).
  • Have an average view count of at least 250 on some of the latest videos posted
  • Be at least 5 min long (20 min in the case of streaming)
  • Contribute in a positive way to the server
  • Must have MunchyMC’s server IP in the description of the video.
  1. It is highly recommended that your videos:
  • Include you interacting with the community (in chat or on stream)
  • Include narrations either during game or post-game as voice-overs.
  • Do not include any toxicity that would negatively affect players.
  • Have no clips of you cheating on MunchyMC or other servers.
  1. Failure to follow our standards or content about MunchyMC each month will have your media rank revoked.

To apply for Media, create a new post (not a reply to this message) below in the following format:

Channel link:

Number of subs:

Average number of views per vid:

How long you have been creating content for Munchy or other servers:

Servers for which you have created content:

What do you feel would make you a good candidate for Media on MunchyMC?