Apply for Media Rank


MunchyMC Media Requirements

  1. You must have at least 500 subs.

  2. You must demonstrate past dedication to being a YouTuber/Twitch Streamer:

  • You must have been creating content for Munchy or other servers for at least one month
  • You must have several past videos on your channel in which you demonstrate points 3 and 4 below.
  1. Your videos/streams of MunchyMC must:
  • be good quality recording
  • have an average view count of at least 150
  • be at least 5 min long (20 min in the case of streaming)
  • contribute in a positive way to the server
  1. It is highly recommended that your videos:
  • Include you interacting with the community (in chat or on stream)
  • Include narrations either during game or post-game as voice-overs.
  • Do not include any toxicity that would negatively affect players.

To apply for Media, create a new post (not a reply to this message) below in the following format:

Channel link:

Number of subs:

Average number of views per vid:

How long you have been creating content for Munchy or other servers:

Servers for which you have created content:

What do you feel would make you a good candidate for Media on MunchyMC?

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