Please note that everything on this list will get you banned or muted immediately, regardless of your intention. You might, however, get banned or muted for any offenses that are not listed on here if they exceed a certain extent.

MunchyMC Rules

1. No Cheating

No Cheating, Hacking, Abusing Glitches, or doing anything that would be considered giving you, or others, an unfair advantage over other players in any way, shape, or form, or encourages others to do so. Clarification on our bannable offenses can be found below.

2. No harming the server or Players

No doing anything that puts the integrity of the server or player-base in jeopardy, or encourages other players to do so directly, or indirectly.

3. Be Considerate of Others

Keep other players and staff in mind when typing or interacting with others on the server.

Bannable Offenses

1. Cheating

You may not cheat, hack, abuse glitches or do anything else that would give you an unfair advantage over other players.

2. Spam-Botting

You may not flood the chat with an extreme amount of spam using lots of different accounts.

3. Faking Reports

You may not use a software or modification to create faked evidence of someone breaking any of our rules. This does not include false reports.

4. Attacks

You may not attack or threaten the MunchyMC network or its Staff in any way (ddos/dox/swatting etc.).

5. Scamming

You may not use the MunchyMC Chat, TeamSpeak or Forums to scam a player, compromise their account or steal their personal information.

6. Offensive Skin or Username

Players with inappropriate names or skins will be temp-banned from the server until their name/skin is changed.

Mutable Offenses

1. Advertising servers or competing services

2. Spamming the chat

3. Excessive swearing or overly offensive language

4. Putting other players personal information in the chat