Suggestion for Survival related to Maparts

On survival mode, I have noticed that some players are doing /rtp, and somehow if they discover a mapart made by someone they simply just copies it on an empty map, then makes copies of it and resell it. They doesn’t even care that a person took their time and effort to make those, and they are reselling it without permission of the Artist.

Its not like they are told not to do it.
When we try to do that, they simply asks “Why?”
Ofc we are gonna tell them that it took time and effort to make it , but the real fun is in their reply…
They are like “DuDe We DoInG /rtp aLsO TaKeS EfFoRt So We CaN sEll It YoU cAnT tEll me WhAt ToO do”
and we are simply like

In short we can do nothing regarding that
I know many of you will say just claim ban the player who tries to resell your mapart
but the thing is once you got a map of a place and you didn’t locked it
everytime someone visit that area the map will update itself
also the next mapart is also gonna be at same place cuz not all players got so many claims.
Which means they got access to the arts made in future too which they can copy using Cartography Table and sell those again.

So I think using Empty maps on someone else’s claim should be disabled(like flint and steel, placing blocks, placing water buckets etc) unless you are added in claim by the owner
that would simply solve the problem.

Please be sure to reply so that i might know me what you think about this.

Thank you soo much for taking your time to read this. :)


Ooh that’s actually a good idea, like it would say “Hey! You are not allowed to use that here!” like other things in claims.


that would be pog B)

I really disagree with this, some players find it very fun to make maps of the area and stuff, such as someones map of the entire world last season, and my map last season too.


I like this idea
i just thought of something though regarding what rat said

Maybe in /claim edit you could make it toggleable whether or not people can make maps of your claim?


That’s a good idea I agree with Rat but also being someone who had mapart copied and resold, I would love it if players wouldn’t do that.


I’m not really sure but if you buy a map art you can basically copy it with a cartography table so yes… Overall it would be pretty challenging to stop people reselling map arts.


Yeah that’s true

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To be fair, it would be better if we could disable certain privileges for people, i.e. using maps or using compasses (lodestones). It would make more sense to have a mechanism like that, rather than exclusively having something for maps only, and not anything else.


Thank you for bringing up this issue, Alpha. I know exactly how it feels to get your map art resold.

Some of the suggestions I would like to bring up would be firstly, if a player is known to rtp around to steal mapart you can simply ban them from your claim as a precautionary measure.

Secondly, after finishing your map art and making all the copies needed, you can place a big red X hovering above the map art. I did so with red wool that can be easily sheared away. This “ruins” the map art enough to prevent other people from reselling your map art as well. This second idea is from @Mysan731, credits to her.


Regarding that, this is what my mapart now looks like LOL



I agree with it, small sacrifice at making world maps but it’s def more beneficial


I agree that its annoying to have others steal your hard work and just sell it off for easy money. I dont know how you can prevent this really and am sure its not a really big concern for munchy to add that right now. I usually destory my mapart the same DAY I finish it so no one can make a copy. You just have to be quick to make sure no one can find it and copy it, I know some people can’t be on every hour and I have had issues in the past with someone camping my old mapart platform to steal a copy to resell…so it would be super nice to finally have a proper way to protect your maparts.


it’s a nice way to prevent it but it’s not a long term solution to the problem

but with /rtp a thing this is almost impossible haha

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Still waiting for someone with authority to reply :3


I’ll just leave it there I guess, I just mean that it’s kind of impossible to stop someone recreate it, perhaps claim bans could help people not making map arts from another person but still. Just buy and copy.

at least this can be fixed or prevented
cuz maps sold are usually locked

Doesn’t a locked map simply mean that it cannot be changed again, not that it can’t be copied?

I made an “illegal copy” of a mapart I bought recently. It was locked and there was no problem replicating it in a cartography table. (I did it because I was adding final touches to a pet skeleton’s house and wanted a mapart there. I was using /back to get in and out of there and that would no longer be possible once I logged off. I did pay the creator for it later, LOL.)

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yeah but if somene capmed your platform they got access to all your future maparts too
(if they didn’t locked map)

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