MunchyMC Newsletter - June 2019


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 19 - June 2019

Welcome to June’s edition of the MunchyMC Newsletter! As you read on, you may notice something different about each section— that’s right! It’s the Newsletter Team’s first edition! Make sure to stay tuned to learn about the team, and without further ado, let’s begin!

- Dishrespect


Congratulations to our newest admin, BFI01!

BFI has done much service for the MunchyMC community: running the Idea Panel, writing our newsletters, branding his own new team, and much more. To say that BFI is a valuable asset to Munchy is a severe understatement.

Thank you for all of your hard work, BFI!

Other promotions:


0349c437-d045-4ffc-92f0-104b7afd2132 - KawaiiGrill is now a Senior Moderator!
- Examiner is now a Moderator!

Event Team

ca338f419ced42aaba9fc99f87e71858 - finessedkid joined the Event Team!

Newsletter Team

- Examiner is now a Senior Editor!
- Dishrespect is now a Senior Editor!
- RedBloomingRose has joined the Newsletter Team!
- Gawkyy has joined the Newsletter Team!


- Gawkyy has become a Helper!
- Sadneo has become a Helper!
- Plantasia has become a Helper!


- igotchu has become the Build Manager!
- Blocker__ has become a Senior Builder!
-Soarie has become a Senior Builder!
image - Ranger_Gilan has become a Senior Builder!
z - Zweg has become a Builder!

Idea Team

b77a06b1a3f741598cf11ce0653d7fee - xShrek has joined the Idea Panel!
26a5a8c0fc014325a0d4823a9db120b1 -Spistro_ has joined the Idea Panel!

Written by Dishrespect.


Kit Updates!

Ares is here and is staying, so look out for him, and try not to grab his attention.
Full announcement on Ares can be viewed here.

And while we’re speaking of Ares, he has just completed his first ban wave. Make sure to thank Callahan for developing our new anti-cheat, and remember: Ares is always watching.

In other news, the 1v1 arena has had some minor improvements, along with a new map!

Also, Season 4 will be out on Friday! An announcement post from BadBoyHalo should come in the following day, so keep an eye out for that and get hyped for the new season.

Written by Examiner and Dishrespect.

Prison Updates!


The Dionysus and Morpheus sets were added to prison, so you can now act like the gods of wine and sleep!

There were 6 new ultra legendaries that were added. Start collecting your ultras!

There has also been an update to the tutorial NPC and the /ticket system, and gang looting was fixed.

You can view the full list of updates, fixes and item adjustments here.

Written by RedBloomingRose.

Meet the Newsletter Team!

For those who don’t know, the newsletter team, established by BFI01 will now assist our new friendly admin in writing these monthly newsletters! Anything from promotions to new events, to any sort of news that we find fit!

Let’s briefly go over our members!

Dishrespect & Examiner-
These two make up the senior editors for the newsletter. Before all newsletter publications, these two will make sure that everything is ready to be published, and that everything is to the level of writing we expect. Both Examiner and Dish will make sure that nothing is forgotten, whether that is promotions, news, announcements, etc.!

Already a Prison Mod on Munchy, she’s now joined our team! Rose will help the senior editors with any updates specifically made to prison! Any new releases, updates and events going on in prison will be documented by Rose!

Currently an Event Member on Munchy, he has also joined the newsletter team! Gawkyy will be taking notes of any important events to go on in KitPvP, as well as document any new events taking place in the event world!

Written by Examiner.

Media Spotlight!

Ever wondered what your favorite Munchy players look like? 82602 has taken on the role of creating MunchyMC IRL V8!

Faster is back at it again with yet another BadBoyHalo edit… this time about cheesy fries!

NuggetNed has made a video showcasing the top 5 best secret cells on prison! Check out his rankings and share your thoughts.

Thanks to Vesride, we were able to get a recording of the players reactions in chat during the 1st Ares banwave!

Written by RedBloomingRose.

Season 3 Recap

A full report on the Season 3 can be found here.

Here’s quick breakdown of the winners of season 3 (Top 3 spots):

Most Kills: benng19 - 6835 kills
2nd Place: DeForst - 6208 kills
3rd Place: Oizn - 5087 kills

Highest KDR: Sowl - 300
2nd Place: Caspxr - 191
3rd Place: JakeTheLoser - 153

Best Killstreak: WorthyOrigin - 506
2nd Place: DeForst - 404
3rd Place: benng19 - 348

MVP: benng19

As a reminder, Season 4 will be starting on Friday! Be ready to climb the leaderboards to obtain your prize this coming season!

Written by Examiner.

BBH Interview

We used all of your most desired questions in an interview for BadBoyHalo, and these were his answers! Click on each question to find out his answer.


Other than Minecraft, what do you do in your freetime?

Anime :smile: I’m a big fan of anime and Manga. One punch man, Death Note, things in that regard. Aside from that I also have a dog I like taking on walks and car rides with. I also like building and fixing computers

Why do you call us muffins?

Hmmm… I really like muffins I guess >_> I mean who doesn’t

How did you get the name BadBoyHalo?

I used to go by the name BadBoy when I played Halo, when I started playing minecraft BadBoy was taken :frowning: so I added Halo to it :)

Why did you make a Minecraft server?

Because I wanted to make a place for people to play and have fun and host games that I like so I can keep playing them :3 I like making new gamemodes.

Do/did you play any sports?

I used to wrestle but I don’t do any sports currently. Does Kitpvp count as a sport?

Post more images of your adorable doggo?

Yes ok :3

When did you start playing Minecraft and why?

My brother recommended it to me so I wanted to give it a try. I wasn’t a big fan of survival but I really liked the multiplayer aspect of it.

What did you do before YouTube?

I worked in a school teaching students and doing stuff like that, but I wasn’t a ‘teacher’

Favourite event on KitPvP?

Super Sumoooooooooo. An event of my own creation >:D. That or red rover.

What restaurant / fast food place makes the best burgers in your opinion?

Hmmm, that’s tough, Culvers makes really good burgers. But I also like Smash Burgers.

If you could be an animal, what would you choose?

Some type of bird so you could fly would be pretty cool. Though a big bird that couldn’t be eaten by anything else >_>

Favourite Munchy meme?

I don’t know xD. The ping spoofing one is the most annoying :stuck_out_tongue: idk what my favorite is

Written by BFI01/Gawkyy.

And that is all for this month!

This concludes another great month at Munchy. This month has been quite eventful, I must say. Furthermore, it has laid a foundation for many more things to come in the future, so be sure to stay tuned! Thank you all for reading, and we hope you have a great start to your July.
- Dishrespect

Examiner got promoted! :scream:


Awesome work :D Love it

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Guess I’m going to have to win the prize for top KDR again.

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Great work to everyone who worked on this edition of the newsletter!


Once again amazing :smiley:

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Slightly late, but amazing Newsletter hopefully me along with the team will continue to keep them going great! Congrats to everyone who received a promotion this month!


congrats to everyone who got promoted!

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Ares banwave, this does put a smile on my face


Great to end the month on a good note! Thank you, newsletter team, for creating this masterpiece!


Little late on responding to this, but a HUGE congrats the the newsletter team on completing their first newsletter! Lets keep it up guys, and make @BFI01 proud :smiley:

@Gawkyy @RedBloomingRose @Dishrespect


Another amazing newsletter! Congrats to everyone on promotions and joining the team!


I love the way the newsletter turned out. A big congratulations to everyone who was involved, and maybe we’ll see some new names next month!

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted!

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I love the new anticheat!
Congrats to all the people who joined the staff team and got premoted!

Thanks for making this newsletter, its great!

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Yay for the interview :D

Congrats to everyone who got promoted. Examiner #1 Mod! :sunglasses: