My Littler Rant

TLDR; Before I get into it: no shot I’m offering any solutions to the things I rant about I don’t even play survival anymore.

Before anyone in the comments of this post says something along the lines of “there is no win” yes there is while there’s technically no endpoint we all know that either being on top of baltop or having the most spawners donated to drag (hehe) is the “win”.

What I am writing this post about today is the terrible p2w state of the survival server. ++ is dummy op, and the entire store is marketed as a way to scam children out of their parents money. First off without ++ you have a massive disadvantage over other players that do have the rank, and upon talking to clan members they agreed with me that ++ is too op. Another thing they brought up which I found interesting and very true is how + is basically just a method to make ++ more expensive. The rank is legit a scam, with the only actually gamebreaking features being /backpack and /back (/carpet is terrible). Another thing which we all new was coming was crates on munchy (op). Being someone who (regretfully) has spent a lot of money on ranks and keys, I legit didn’t grind for anything on the season 2 world, though still had paid enough to get me onto baltop at the time (sorry conk). Additionally I think (actual idea here ik ik) that irl deals should be disallowed bc it allows the seller to DIRECTLY convert irl money to ingame money. Also side note but munchy breaks the EULA so much, and if Minecraft as a company ever decides to finally crack down on that legit you are all screwed.

Now I am aware that I am definitely biased to the side of surv being pay to win, and anyone who comments defending the server is obviously biased to the side of surv not being pay to win, so here are a few notes from a third party. The Horizon is a man who specializes in finding p2w servers (and often times duping and stuff on them :slight_smile: ) and he created a google doc with all the information of how to identify a p2w server The Horizon Community Standard Sheet - Google Docs

1: Baltop online - when I checked at 9:30 pm (which is admittedly a little late), only 1 baltop was actually there at their pc - not gunna totally check it off but interesting
2: Baltop having ranks: legit every baltop player has ++ so a MAJOR checkmark there
3: Selling straight up cash: Imma check this one off too because irl deals and keys basically equate to gold
4: Selling extra claim blocks - yep
5: Spawners - no but imma substitute keys in for this one because the list says nothing abt crate keys
6: Commands like /fly: YEP surv has all the commands (if you pay the 50 dollars for ++ of course and the 75 for legend)

So wrapping up because this is kinda long now legit every single box of p2w was checked off. I really don’t care that much about it seeing I don’t play the gamemode anymore just kinda bored because hypixel is down so I decided to put my thoughts onto paper.




I agree with everything said in this post, however there are some parts that are not accurate and not correct.

First of all, using the link connected to this topic, this server would be labeled as heavily semi-P2W, which in all defenses I agree too with that concept myself.
Spawners necessarily are only able to be obtained in-game using in-game currency. The only way you could remotely obtain spawners via. a P2W method would be a IRL trade, then using that on Crowbars 100g each, and depending on what you sell, the richer you become.
Technically, crate keys are mainly bought in-game, using gold, via. the /auction command.
The only reason the major people with high baltops are that they afk and have enormous gold farms, or are very influential people in the community: i.e. people who stream/people who are staff
If you pay for ranks (i.e. Legend and ++) you can use color codes in chat. This makes people whom have no ranks and are gray/nons, feel less influential, as they can’t advertise as broadly as people with color codes in chat.
Yes, advertising servers is not allowed, but advertising anything Munchy related is, so that means shops, streams, forum posts etc. Combined with color codes, that can make several people influential on the server overnight.
“+” is a legitimate scam to make you want to pay for ++ unless you don’t have money and buy + lifetime. It’s essentially a scam to make people buy it to see what + can do. If they removed +, more people would be nons, and it breaks the chain. ++ can essentially do everything + can but not vice versa. Legend and Elite are also influential as you can essentially gain keep inventory just by owning those ranks.
Unbans are also essentially P2W as on average, however not everybody who gets banned on other servers on the network, plays Survival. Most of the people whom get banned are people on KitPvP or Prison. Not discluding WoolWars, but when was the last time you saw a WoolWars hacker?
I’m not a staff member, but necessarily the EULA can take action on Munchy and blacklist it. Alot of servers as of recent have been getting blacklisted and unable to be joined, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to happen eventually.
However specifically we are talking about Survival here and not any other server.
Here is a snippet of the Google Doc you previously mentioned:

Q. Would it still be p2w if you can grind for the items legit alongside buying them?
A. I would probably say so. That is because it is much faster than just manual grinding, making it easier to progress.

Now, I’ve already talked about the Google Doc, but I want to bring this to light. Munchy’s method of P2W and Crates are one of the same. Since Season 3 just started, I am going to reference items from this season, and last to make a better comparison. These items were compiled from here and here.

  • Tyche’s Pickaxe Diamond_Pickaxe (1) - Unbreakable Pickaxe!
  • Smith Pickaxe - Autosmelts Ores, Unbreakable!

Super unfair. Not necessarily in any other aspect, but a Unbreakable pickaxe is quite unfair. I believe you cannot put other enchantments on these pickaxes, but seriously. It’s unbreakable.
Also, it is incredibly unfair that you can have a tool that autosmelts ores.

  • Icarus’ Wings ElytraNew (1) - Unbreakable Elytra!
  • Limitless Elytra - Unbreakable Elytra!

Instead of waiting to find or buy a elytra using gold, you can get lucky and try to spend the crates on a Unbreakable elytra! Self-explanatory.

  • Labrys Axe Gold_axe - Instantly Cuts Down Trees In One Chop!

These types of axes offer an unfair advantage, and allow people who manage shops to collect resources quicker to earn more gold.

  • Artemis’ Net Cobweb_JE2_BE2 - Picks Up Mobs For You To Place Anywhere! (Cannot Pick Up Ghasts, Ender Dragons, Withers, Or Villagers.)
  • Butterfly Net - Picks Up Mobs For You To Place Anywhere! (Cannot Pick Up Ghasts, Ender Dragons, Withers, Or Villagers.)

For my knowledge this is the most expensive crate item. It is essentially unfair. There is no way around using this if you want to transport mobs. The only way around this is to wait for mobs to spawn, and its at such a decreased standpoint, it is incredibly hard to get natural mobs.

And heavens know all the other weapons/tools I forgot, all the particles (which are fine might I add) and the items that give you effects.

I sound hypocritical, yes. But this type of method of using a server is just unruly. It truly disgusts me how much people spend on crate keys in-game and I wish there was a better way around this.

Now I am not one to speak for the entire community of survival but, these types of P2W-ness is scarely going closer and closer to P2W and not at the same time. With the adding of Mini Heads and Mini Crates, making the access of Claim blocks easier to obtain, it certainly is something to look at.
I really hope Munchy doesn’t become a server full of P2W.

Despite that, this was a fun thing to dive back into. I hope some of this issues become diagnosed and get improved.
Anyways, adios!



No, just survival games :sob:

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I agree with what your saying! While slight technicalities cause different opinions yea we pretty much have the same ideas. It would be a shame to see surv be blacklisted because I know there are some people who genuinely grind the game a lot. When making the post I talk to Drew for a little bit and he said he personally doesn’t care that much but him and one other dude I forget grind it legit and should in my opinion be #1 baltop or whatever #1 flex symbol is.


dw sg still sits in all our hearts


Actually you can now get crate keys without spending a penny, all you have to do is complete the emerald tier quests. I do agree sometimes it can be unfair to non-ranked players for such perks with ++ and +. Also irl deals arent very common due to the fact players have to grind the gold and than find a person who is willing to even do a irl deal :l

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Good essay, 10/10


hmmm i didnt know that, thanks for the info. if i may ask how hard is it to get crate keys from this method, how often can you get them and how long does it take to unlock emerald quests?


It is quite hard for some players. But a lot of the quests are very easy in the iron level, there is also lots of resources that can help players easily pass quests. There are already players at emerald tier. Though it can be quite grindy at times but thats the point of survival right? To grind.

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thanks for the info! and yes grinding should be the point of survival :slight_smile:


That’s incorrect you get “mini crate keys” which are not as good as the normal ones. Also you have to spend time doing that and not just taking 5 seconds just to put in some card info. And what about /fly /ec /back etc you can’t get those?


I agree with almost everything you said, thank you for pointing this out.

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I believe she’s talking about getting crate keys from the Emerald quests, which was added in Season 3.

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Are these emerald-quest crate keys relatively a similar value to purchasable crate keys, or are they moreso somewhat less valuable similar to the mini crate keys? If there’s is no sufficient method entirely ingame regardless of irl deals to gain access to a store-bought perk or item, (in this case, a crate key) then it is entirely pay to win and making it seem like it’s grindable is just a way to “appeal” to community satisfaction without compromising as it limits their potential profit.

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Also I’m sure there’s a lot of money poured in for P2W players who instantly claim baltop, and since staff ranging from helpers to admins dont get paid, it makes me wonder where these hundreds of dollars are actually going

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Mmm as said above, you can also get crate keys from the emerald tier quests.


I’m not one to explain the topic, however I can confirm there are only 2 types of crate keys, so it is a legitimate crate key you earn from that tier of quests. Essentially it is a easier method and more grinding & less p2w method to obtain crate keys than buying it from the store.
If you would like more detail to how these quests work, visit this forum post.


Just wanna add a couple additional bits of info/perspective to this, to do what you will with.

1 - irl dealing is allowed because of the other way it works: players can grind in game currency and still get the purchasable perks without spending anything irl.

2 - regular crate keys can be got from the Emerald quests, which are identical to the keys you can buy form the store. We also regularly run comps for key and rank prizes, and this season you can purchase fly within clan claims using in game currency.

3 - the people who are making the most on baltop atm are doing it through grinding mcmmo skills, which has very little to do with the purchased rank abilities

4 - people lend and sell gadgets very frequently, so it’s entirely possible to get your hands on the gadgets without buying crates

5 - the majority of the things you can win from crates are cosmetic in nature, gadgets are only 1/4 of the ‘major’ prizes you win (pets, particles and disguises being the other 3)

6 - the server needs to be profitable in order to survive. That is just plain and simple fact, which I’m sure you all understand.

7 - I personally dislike excessive p2w and am still putting a lot of time and effort into balancing the perks we have. I have little personal incentive to make the server make lots of money, but I do have a lot of incentive to make it fun and fair for all players regardless of their budget.

I understand a few of you might be unhappy with some features or balances in the server atm, but calling the entire thing a “scam” and “terribly p2w” is overkill and unjust and very unhelpful.
If you have issues, suggestions, opinions, criticisms, etc, it is significantly more helpful to me if people could outline them in a constructive way and have a think yourself about ways your problem could be improved.
I also want to note that I personally have been playing Munchy survival for over two years, have worked my way up the staff team to server manager, have been on baltop multiple times, have never done an irl deal and have never spent a penny on the store. Do with that info what you will xD


As a non, its fine :+1:

@Alkemystix this aged poorly


Not gonna comment much on this post but don’t these keys just give you cosmetic blocks and like a tiny amount of claims?

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