MunchyMC Newsletter - June 2022


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 53 - June 2022

Hey there folks & welcome to the 53rd iteration of the MunchyMC Newsletter! We hope you all had a happy and safe pride month! Quite a bit has happened this month, so lets quickly hop into it!

Staff Team


Senior Moderator

- HELIXED has been promoted to WoolWars Senior Moderator!
- infernalfae has been promoted to Survival Senior Moderator!


- ZeePog has been promoted to WoolWars Moderator!
- Mddey has been promoted to WoolWars Moderator!
- LunaInSpace has been promoted to WoolWars, Survival, & Survival Games Moderator!
- Plazmal has been promoted to WoolWars Moderator!
- VioletRay has been promoted to Survival Moderator!

Junior Moderator

- DutchMTC has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!
- ChipperHen has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!
- Parasitz has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!
- Rayvxn has been promoted to WoolWars Junior Moderator!


- DutchMTC has been promoted to WoolWars Helper!
- Lukasuukas has been promoted to WoolWars Helper!

Bug & Idea Team

- MindMyGames has joined the Bug & Idea Team!

Event Server

- mondo_goh has joined the Media+ team!

Written by Atterax.


Global Highlights 1

Event Team Applications

As of June 30th, Event Team applications have once again opened for the first time in nearly a year. This time around, players are able to apply for Event on either KitPvP or WoolWars! Event Team applications will remain open until management has recruited enough event members, this post will give you more info. Best of luck to all who apply!

Bug & Idea Team Applications

As of June 4th, Bug & Idea Team applications are now open! Applications will remain open until July 4th, have a look at this post for more information. Best of luck to the applicants!

Applicant count: 33
As of 6/30/22

JMod Trials Passed

@Joedaboss, @Pleppie, @JamieDactyl, @joekoe, and @TbhJosephine have all successfully completed their trials and are now full Junior Moderators, congrats!! :partying_face:

Also I made the staff list look cool look at it guys

Written by Atterax.

KitPvP Highlights 4

The Crown Event

The Crown Event has kicked off! Participate now to earn up to $500 in prizes! CLICK HERE!

These are the top 10 standings as of June 30th:
1. r1gged 594444 points
2. ballbearer2010 500289 points
3. IceBreaker420 ‎‎386366 points
4. h1bxscus 388331 points
5. FXR3 282671 points
6. AJB_YT 189136 points
7. SittingOnDToilet 87092 points
8. qifz ‎‏‏‎80106 points
9. twmillie ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‎‏‏‎68854 points
10. Befit 64730 points

Written by DutchMTC.

Prison Highlights 1

Map 9 Release

It’s official! Map 9 will be releasing on Saturday, July 16th 2022 at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST!

The theme for map 9 is :crown: Fairytale :crown: … so leave your favourite fairytale characters in the comments below. :eyes:

You can read the official announcement post detailing all the new features and information regarding map 9 here.

Prison Staff Q&A

With the release of map 9 being right around the corner, this month I had the absolute pleasure of asking all of the prison staff some questions!

"What was your favourite rare item from map 8?"

“Captain Marvel Hair, farming was a big part of the beginning of the map for me.”

“Venom Tongue. I love movement items, and the movement that venom tongue allowed was so unique which made it my favorite item.”

“miners pick, ul groot head was cool too ig”

“Definitely Lucky toe! An amazing rare for any fisherman and I just love the idea of a rare that gives multiple fishing drops at once!”

“Venom Tongue - It was always a favorite of mine since the start of the map”

“Soul Stone”

“My favourite rare item from Map 8 is probably the Captain Marvel belt because of the convenience it provides of being able to fly anywhere.”

“Fabled fingies or Groot bark. Fingies because theyre super nice and practical and groot bark cuz its multi purpose”

“this has to be the time stone, i really like the way it works spawning a small green particle every few seconds which u can teleport back to on a cooldown, i first didnt think items like this would happen but it was made in a smart way”

"What was your favourite feature introduced in map 8?"

“Wood mining was probably my favorite new feature”

“The new gang system was one of my favorites from this reset. Leveling up your gang early game was so much fun.”


“Epic rares! A great option for early game between semi rare and ultra rare item! Also an amazing way to introduce items with abilities for new players!”

“I don’t have a specific feature to talk about although the one thing I enjoyed the most was when any updates related to farming came out. It was something that brought my friends together and times like that I truly miss.”

“probably wood mining”

“My favourite feature introduced in Map 8 is probably the looting zones outside, with varying mobs and loot rates in each zone, so if you don’t have good items, you can loot in the lower zones, and then when you’re prepared, you can move on to the higher zones.”

“Unsure since I only started playing in map 8 sadly D:”

“wood mining, the idea of making a big forest instead of a cube of the same wooden planks is something ive thought of for a while, but didnt think would happen, then when i saw map 8 i noticed they made a big forest with different tree types, the higher the price of the wood the less often they spawn this was a really cool add and something we also needed”

"What are you most excited about for map 9?"

“Just the new builds outside and inside map in general, as well as the ‘turf war’ event”

“I am excited about the new outside world events. The new turf war event seems like it will be super fun and competitive, and the looting lotto also seems like a lot of fun.”

“i am most excited to hold the ood”

“Ehh what’s not to be excited about?? EVERYTHING!”

“I’m most excited about how updating to a newer version will work, more specifically the combat and how we will go about it. I hope it lives up to the players’ expectations.”

“looting lotto”

“I am most excited for the outside, with the new mob crates, events and the boosted chests, making looting much more interesting.”

“Everything. Especially the fact that it’s no longer 1.8, so theres probs gonna be a lot of cool items”

“next map i am really excited for looting like i am every map however now with the x100 odds chests i think this could make looting a lot more interesting (also with the other new looting events they look so cool :O)”

"Who is your favourite fairytale character, good or evil?"


“I really like Donkey and Lord Farquaad from Shrek.”

“the kool aid jar (probably beauty and the beast)”

“Might as well be honest and say that I do not really read or watch fairytales anymore… But if it counts then Pikachu is pretty damn cool :man_shrugging:

“Little Red Riding Hood - Something I enjoyed reading growing up”

“shrek obviously”

“My favourite fairytale character is the Pied Piper, and I think he’s evil”

“Im a furry so probably the wolf from Red riding hood :weary:

“i dont really have a fav fairytale character but i guess shrek or robin hood”

8R Leaderboards

The leaderboards for map 8R have been finalised! The players on top of the following leaderboards will have items named after them in map 9.

:crown: Top Ranked :crown:

#1 - Wu_Knows - (24)(New)
#2 - Napkin0fVembz - (XX)(New)
#3 - liambgames - (XVIII)(A2)
#4 - Chance1337 - (XVIII)(B3)
#5 - PilarSage260320 - (XVII)(D3)

:global: Most Ultras Looted :global:

#1 - TSUTT_ - 2,245
#2 - liambgames - 1,668
#3 - Joedaboss - 1,242
#4 - DrSnoty - 913
#5 - Leeaff - 749

Written by dxlicaterose.

Survival Highlights 3

Hey there folks and welcome to the Survival edition of this month’s newsletter! We don’t have much from this month, but I hear there’s something exciting being announced for next month soon! Or it may have already been announced by the time this is posted. Dunno yet!

(It has been posted. Newsletter was late. See the announcement here:)

I. Pride Month Skin Competition!

This month the Pride Month Skin Competition was hosted on Survival! This event was (maybe) one of the first ever Pride themed events ever hosted on Munchy, which I am very proud and pleased to be able to say.

This competition was judged by the wonderful @DutchMTC, the amazing @CharlieWK, the outstanding @LunaInSpace and yours truly, @infernalfae! Thank you to the judges for being there and judging this comp, y’all are the best <3

And, of course, MAHOOSIVE thank you to the absolute building god that is @Alkemystix, for always building the events, and for putting up with my annoying self each day!!!

Anyways, lets move onto the winners and their prizes!

:1st_place_medal: Starry_Dreams
They won:
5x Crate Key
1x EXCLUSIVE Pride Flag Trophy

:2nd_place_medal: VioletRay
They won:
3x Crate Key
1x EXCLUSIVE Pride Flag Trophy

:3rd_place_medal: pesusalla
They won:
1x Crate Key
1x EXCLUSIVE Pride Flag Trophy

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who showed up to the event! All of your skins were absolutely amazing<3

II. Mapart Hall Of Fame!

This month we only have a smaaalll hall of fame, but let’s get into it! I’m sure the survival community will be very excited to see


Alas, we have come to the end of this short but sweet survival section of the newsletter! Just wanted to leave a quick bit of a message as it is the end of Pride month! To all the LGBT+ people who play Munchy, just know that you are accepted and valid even after this month ends, you’re all very amazing, continue being you!!!

Anyways, that’s all folks, baibai! :orange_heart:

Written by infernalfae.

WoolWars Highlights 1

Teleporter was nerfed

Written by ZombieBot1

Okay fiiiiiiine I’ll talk about the rest of the month :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Waiting for New Map Monday

New map Monday continues! Just like in the past, Beef releases one new Woolwars map every Monday of the week! What’s that? You don’t like Mondays? You’re in luck, because so far we’ve also had maps get released on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well!

@Helixed is so short

The Woolwars shorts competition results have finally been released! Be sure to thank BFI01 and BADBOYHALO (:pleading_face:) for their amazing judging. Congrats to all the winners!
Guys, Helix is really short

I moved up 31 leaderboard positions because of this

After much consideration and lots of community input, it was decided that the winstreak leaderboard should no longer influence players’ global stats. Don’t worry though, the category is still on the leaderboard website, and you can still view your best winstreak with /stats.


Events on Woolwars have just received a MASSIVE (just like your mom) UPDATE! Event hosts and staff members can now host several dedicated event types, including war, juggernaut, lucky blocks, evolution, turf war, hardcore, and OP chests. This update also launched a new stats season, as well as a teleporter nerf.

But, Zombie, I want to host events too!

If you want to host an event yourself, you can buy an event pass from the shop for 1000 gems!

Woolwars Kiss Cam: Episode 9

The Woolwars newsletter wouldn’t be complete without watching two people make out in a video game. There have been several amazing kiss cam submissions from this month, but one stands out above the rest.

Stare hard at this lovely image of @thefaceyouhate and thefaceyoulove smooching up a storm in the Woolwars lobby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hot_face: :weary:. Can you feel the passion? The affection? The desire? I can’t even look at this image without getting shivers down my spine.

Want to submit your own kiss cam for the newsletter? Dm me at Zombie#4847

That’s all for Woolwars this month! Have fun!

Written by ZombieHot1.

Community Art Highlights! :paintbrush:

Hey, everyone!

Our community has had another large gallery of artwork for us in our discord server this month, and we’ve had perhaps the largest variety of artists so far. Let’s take a look:

Click here


Illustration of TillyNugget

Illustration of nataffy

Illustration of infernalfae

Illustration of Sharkpaws

Illustration of Aiadeva

Illustration of LunaInSpace

Illustration of MaxTheNerdd

Illustration of TillyNugget & Mysaan

Illustration of Tarteris

Illustration of SizzleBurger


Illustrations of Aiadeva

Illustration of beanep

Illustration of Sharkpaws

Illustration of ImCrafty_

Illustration of Parasitz

Illustration of Oracol


Illustration of Tarteris



Illustration of Scop211


Illustration of Starry_Dreams

Illustration of Mysaan

Illustration of Starry_Dreams

Illustration of BadBoyHalo

(Made by Repuffin & Starry_Dreams) Kiwi Clan

Illustration of Starry_Dreams

Illustration of VioletRay

Illustration of Twinkiewinkie


Illustration of Twinkiewinkie

Illustration of DutchMTC

Illustration of DonutJack

Illustration of Repuffin

Illustration of EvillRat

Illustration of Omarmu

Illustration of Lemyun

Illustration of BadBoyHaloFan


Illustration of BadBoyHalo, cheater_, BFI01, RossRao, & Ibby_


Illustration of UranicPine

Illustration of UranicPine

Illustration of UranicPine

Illustration of JakeIsNugget & Boston_Creamy




Illustration of LunaInSpace, PigeonGoesMoo, skepiwi, HeyAlan, & ChipperHen




Illustration of nataffy



Illustration of Wolfez & Strangler


Illustration of BadBoyHalo











Illustration of kr1tzie & Tarteris


Hope you enjoyed these pieces as much as I did, keep an eye on the artwork channel in the community discord and the next newsletters for more! :)

Written by Atterax.

And that is all for this month!

Thank you all for reading this months newsletter! I hope you all had an amazing June, and here’s to an even better July! :partying_face: :rainbow_flag:

EPIC NEWSLETTER :sunglasses:


newsletter!! :partying_face:

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news leTTER

very cool newsletter B) Todd mapart and art looking really cool aswell


this is gaming


:microphone: I miss the old mindgames
:microphone: straight from the go mindgames
:microphone: chop up the soul mindgames
:microphone: set on his goals mindgames
:microphone: I hate the new mindgames
:microphone: the bad mood mindgames
:microphone: the always rude mindgames
:microphone: spaz in the news mindgames
:microphone: I miss the sweet Mindgames
:microphone: chop up the beats Mindgames
:microphone: I gotta to say at that time I’d like to meet Mindgames
:microphone: See I invented Mindgames
:microphone: it wasn’t any Mindgames
:microphone: And now I look and look around and there’s so many Mindgames
:microphone: I used to love mindgames
:microphone: I used to love mindgames
:microphone: I even had the pink polo
:microphone: I thought I was mindgames
:microphone: What if mindgames made a song about mindgames
:microphone: Called "I Miss The Old mindgames, "
:microphone: man that would be so mindgames
:microphone: That’s all it was mindgames
:microphone: we still love mindgames
:microphone: And I love you like mindgames loves mindgames

written by tonymax




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Amazing Newsletter!

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Yo the prison section is fire! Whoever wrote it must be a genius and extremely talented in every field! I hope whoever wrote it continues to write the prison section for EVERY MunchyMC Newsletter!
+1 deserves promotion in my eyes


Awesome newsletter! Great work to those in the newsletter team! So glad Todd made it, Todd is a star!!! :star_struck: :purple_heart: :frog:


News nice

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you forgot to include at the very bottom that memedank70 had a bday! With like 20 other people!!!

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