Map 9 Sneak Peek 1

Map 9 has been in development for some time, and it’s almost ready to be released!

Why has Map 9 development taken so long? I want to kill noobs and mine blocks again!!!

It’s taken a while to update everything from 1.8.9 all the way up to 1.18, and to work out all the problems and fix combat to be exactly like 1.8.9 combat, just with newer version item/effects in addition. A number of new features have been in the works that will be revealed!

YOU WHAT? YOU’RE WHAT? I’m going to find your parents and I’m going to kidnap them, then take them out right in front of you! You can’t do this to me! Do NOT change the version. I HATE 1.18 style pvp!

The style of combat has been tested and will continue to be perfected if there are issues, it is intended to be 100% true to 1.8.9 hit speed (no long waits for hits and reworked damage from 1.9+), same knockback, criticals, potions working the same etc. There will also be no shield items in the game and NO offhand. Will combat be different? While being developed to be the same as 1.8.9, there will be new features that affect combat such as tridents, crossbows, spectral, levitation, slow falling, new mobs, etc, but most aspects of combat will be fixed to be what you are used to.

We understand and know that the majority of prison players do NOT want to play the newest version of combat, that is why we intend to maintain combat as 1.8.9 style, but it’s been 7 years since there has been a version update and there are a ton of PLANTS, weapons, effects, particles, MOBS, blocks, etc. that will open up new opportunities to add interesting items, rares, farming/mining/pvp/etc. mechanics, and now that we are comfortable with the combat system we are excited to be able to utilize these new features and bring them to prison.

Um… okay…. what are the new features?

The first one I’ll be describing is Enchanted chests!

As you are looting outside, there will be a low (1/50) chance when approaching chests for them to become “enchanted” with one of 4 different color particles surrounding the chests. The colors will correspond to BOOSTED CHANCES for the following (in order of how common the enchantment is):

Red: 100x Ultra Chance
Yellow: 100x Legendary Chance
Blue: 100x Special Chance
Pink: 100x Mythical Chance

With these new enchanted chests all around the world, looting will be more exciting as you find boosted chests and get a better chance at finding valuable rares. To compensate for these boosted chests, most or all rarities affected will be more rare outside in normal chests.


^ (note: this is not part of the outside map)

What else are you adding?

Another thing that we wanted to make more valuable was MOBS. For previous maps the monsters outside have been lethal for noobs and a nuisance for players, with little or no real reward for killing them. In Map 8, zones allowed for more difficult mobs to be added while still having a large area in which players can only run into zombies or lower tier mobs.

In Map 9, mobs will be both rewarding and much less of a pushover. There will be rares to help you fight them off, and running away from them will be much more difficult. Zone 1 will remain easy, with 2 and 3 also not being particularly difficult. There will be a number of new custom mobs with custom abilities, and a few are very hard to deal with, but very rewarding.

As you kill mobs, you will occasionally find creatures crates dropped after they die. These crates can contain a number of things, including ultra rares, high value logs, and the all new Creature Rares

Creature Rares will be a new rarity that is only obtainable from creature crates. NO - creature crates will NOT be on the store - you will have to kill mobs to get them. Some mobs will have high chances for dropping them. One rare and very difficult mob drops 8+ creature crates upon killing it! Some creature rares will be MUCH more common than others in creature crates, and so some will be much more valuable or have more impressive abilities than others. (Mobs + Creature Rares are also based on the theme)


^ (note: this is not part of the outside map, but it IS a new custom mob next map! Yep, the witch spawned those phantoms)

For this sneak peak, I’ll talk about one last feature: Farming

Next map’s farming will have almost entirely new crops/drugs, the melon mine will be staying the same but what goes on inside your cell will look totally different. The only thing in your cell that will grow the same will be shrooms, although they will be moved down one “rung” of farming to the tier below (will be 2nd from top crop).

Crack will still exist too… but not really! It will now be the TOP crop and instead of growing carrots you will be growing AMETHYST CRYSTALS on budding amethyst blocks! It will have different abilities when consumed, like nearly all drugs, and spiked hash and spiked shrooms will not exist.

In the past two maps you could very rarely find “Unrefined Acid”, melon seeds that you could use to infinitely farm without leaving your cell. Next map it will be the same rarity but it will be “Unrefined Weed” - it won’t be wheat or melons - it will be KELP that you can infinitely farm in your cell in a water area of your farm! The old unrefined weed, unrefined pills, and unrefined hash are all replaced with new crops, these will be kept secret for now!

In summary, we’ve been working to update prison to the newest version but with the old combat system, and there will be new enchanted chests, custom mobs, creatures rares, and a new farming system. This is only a fraction of what we have been adding!

There will be more rares upon release than any map previously. The fishing levels have new additions, there will be excellent new rares for each different aspect of prison (pvp, mining, woodmining, gambling, farming, looting, movement, fishing, etc.) and there will a lot of other new features, changes, and secrets to discover ingame that I’m not going to go over… :grin:

In Sneak Peak 2, I’ll be going over TWO NEW EVENTS, one common and one rare, new unique consumable drops from each leaf type (REPLACING OAK APPLE, BIRCH APPLE, ETC…), three new challenges on /challenge, and announcing the THEME!

When is it coming? It’s not certain when release is yet, so we don’t want to say anything exact, but it will be SOON and we will announce it as soon as we know the date! Everything is almost complete.

Try to guess the THEME: _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _

The first person to guess a letter in the comments that IS IN THE WORD will have their letter revealed within the word. (Meaning comments prior to that comment which contain guesses will be INCORRECTLY guessed letters - you may want to guess UNCOMMON LETTERS to rule them out!)

R was correctly guessed. V and O were incorrect guesses.


^ (note: this IS part of the outside map)

NEW MAP poggers

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Awesome looks pretty good so far. - V

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also is the theme mythology
i guess the letter o

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So excited!

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I am very excite


farming amethyst :eyes:

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i guess the letters d i s n e y.

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yes new map is disney themed



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munchymc wordle


The update to 1.18 is actually really clever and incredibly exciting. Massive props to whoever came up with that. There have been so many cool features added to Minecraft since 1.8 that allow for loads of new development opportunities. And considering that even the 1.8 fanatics, which there are many of, still get combat very close to what they are used to, this should make everyone happy!
The prison team never disappoints. I am impressed!


W ? farming is gonna be overpowered again…!


Nice, E


hyped to see theme

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very excited

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so hyped!

9 letters
no V
no O
1x R on the fourth position…
hear me out:

once upon a time in a kingdom far-far-away,
there were 970 little options
a strong knight named Floki
considered every single one of them all
and had to come to the conclusion,
that it’s better to have 1 princess by the hand,
than 10 frogs in your bed
which means the theme just has to be…


and he lived happily ever after,
in his personal fairytale