[Guide] Prison Farming Guide

Hi i’m AshleyHooh and i’m here to give you a guide on farming in the prison

(this is only for map 8r)

The prison is a gamemode on munchy mc where you are in the life of a prisoner. You are able to make money various ways including farming

You can use that money to buy stuff on the black market, rent cells, buy foods and potions, farming equipment, and etc

How do you get seeds?

You will need to go to melon pvp and walk over to the melon patch (there are also pumpkins there as well) the melons and pumpkins drop acid plus unrefined pills (sometimes it will drop unrefined acid)

How do you get to the Melon PVP?

We use the command /warp melon to get there

How do you get a farm?

You can use the commands /warp farm or /warp melon to find a cell that is not currently rented.

(i just found this out) While you are at the farm area you can use /cell find to find a farm that is not currently rented

List of things you can farm

Weed, Hash, Shrooms, Acid, Pills, and Crack

Drops from the things you can farm

Unrefined Pills, Unrefined Acid, Unrefined Hash, Spiked Hash, Unrefined Weed, Unrefined Crack, Unrefined Shrooms, Spiked Shrooms, Refined Pills, Refined Acid, Refined Hash, Refined Weed, Refined Crack, and Refined Shrooms

How to grow these items?

Acid, Hash, Weed, and crack grow on farmland

Shrooms can grow on any block as long as it is not brightly lit (unless this was edited for munchy im not sure)

Pills grow on a jungle wood

I would not recommend farming if youre a new player starting out or if you dont like pvp that much (in the melon area pvp is on and if youre not careful you can and will die a lot there)

For new players i recommend mining for a while then test out the other stuff you can do such as go outside, farm and fish

Stuff to buy from the farmer at /warp melon

Soul Sand - 1,000,000

Dirt - 5,000

Water - 25,000

Hopper - 50,000

Hose - 10,000

Fertilizer - 10,000

Magic Sand - 5,000

Some of you may know there is a prison map update coming and there is information on the post for the update if you want to take a look at it:

(this will be updated when map 9 comes out)

Thank you all for coming to this guide and if any information is missing let me know so i can add it (most of this information is stuff I’ve figured out on my own or have asked other members in the prison)


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