KitPvP Update


Hey Munchies! With our newest KitPvP update out we have decided to try something new and create a detailed change log for you guys.

Kit reworks & balancing:
Big changes

  1. Dragon: Dragon now has Protection I on the chestplate and leggings. The Dragon’s Breath kit item now has two abilities! Right clicking will now light all players in the area on fire instead of just the first player hit. Left clicking now shoots out a fireball that deals massive damage and lights the target on fire.

  2. Zeus: Zeus has received a new ability! Left or right clicking the air with your rod shoots out a line of particles that after a short delay summons a chain of lightning over the whole area dealing high damage per each strike and stunning anyone hit for a short amount of time. Has a 20 second cooldown

  3. Vampire: Vampire now has a new passive ability. Upon killing a player you will receive a permanent extra heart and all your HP will be restored.

  4. Screecher: Screecher’s ability now deals two hearts of bonus damage upon using the ability. New particles added.

  5. Tank: The Tank kit now only receives slowness when within 10 blocks of another player. Tank is now immune to crossbow and summoner explosion damage.

Minor changes

  1. Dash: Dash now has Protection IV on the top half of the armor and Protection III on the bottom half.

  2. Falcon: Falcon now has Protection III on all armor pieces. The combat timer for Falcon’s flight ability has been reduced to 10 seconds.

  3. Glider: Glider’s enderpearl now has a 15 second cooldown between uses.

  4. Jester: Jester now has Protection IV on the top half of the armor and Protection III on the bottom half.

  5. Portal: Portals now last 6 minutes.

  6. Snowgolem: The root ability cooldown has been reverted back to 20 seconds.

  7. Thor: Thor now has a Sharpness II iron sword.

  8. Titan Ability cooldown was reduced to 20 seconds.

Event additions:

  1. Quick 1v1 & 2v2 Brackets: In these automated events all players fight their matches at the same time.

  2. No Team Event: For five minutes players will only be able to fight one person at a time and can only be damaged by the person they are fighting. All name tags are removed.

  3. War Update: Players will now respawn in the war event until their captain is killed. When a team captain is killed their whole team is eliminated.

  4. Sumo: Two new maps built by KingDj74 and xShrek have been added into the map rotation.

New Features:

  1. Daily Quests: You can now complete daily quests on KitPvP for tokens! To see all the quests talk to the creeper NPC in casual spawn.

  2. Leather Armor: Leather armor now breaks at a much slower rate on all kits.

  3. Death Particles: Death Particles have been added to the in-game shop for 5000 tokens! To equip particles use /particles.

1v1 Arena:

  1. Casual Kits You can now duel players using casual kits. We’ve also added the option to use casual kits in Party matches.


  1. Shop GUI: The shop GUI has been updated to include particles.

  2. Kit descriptions: Kit descriptions have been updated with all the new changes!

Munchy Newsletter (December 2017)
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Munchy Newsletter (December 2017)

Please add this to the update: Rearrangement of the Hotbar
I’m sure this only takes 5 minutes. (except the options menu in which the /particles can be uncluded)