Rearrangement of the Hotbar


Everyone had atleast once got a harsh battle of surviving, but fails at it and right after death, they find themself in the arena or lose their nether star somewhere in their inventory. The rearrangement should change this.

Slot 1: Kit Selector (Chest)
Slot 2: Shop (Enderchest)
Slot 3: Nothing (Air)
Slot 4: Nothing (Air)
Slot 5: Play your last kit (Nether Star)
Slot 6: Nothing (Air)
Slot 7: Nothing (Air)
Slot 8: Options (Clock)
Slot 9: Warp List (Compass)

Description: The Clock has a chest-menu, like Kit Selector, Shop and Warp List, in which is the option to toggle soups/pots, Host Event and a Donator feature that I like to put into it’s own Topic, when i don’t forget it a second time. xD

Natural Enemies: People on this forum, that say nothing is wrong, while ignoring complaints coming directly from ingame. (Not everyone likes to create a forum account just to complain about one thing)

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KitPvP Update

I’m not sure what you mean about “natural enemies”, but how does your approach fix the issue?


Natural enemies is not part of it, it’s more of a joke, that i normaly put below kit suggestions.
No more accidentaly changing your soups to pots or pots to soups and warping to arena.
(Both things don’t give you a pause of the game, it enhances the stress by doing more than needed)


I like it, sometimes I do end up accidentally teleporting to the arena! Good idea!


I like this. O_O hit me up on discord