Joha4732's Staff Application

I would first of all like to point out that I will be on vacation the next 3 weeks and will therefore not be able to respond to all of the feedback until I get back! Thank you for reading my application and I will make sure to respond to each and every one who commented once I get back :heart:

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?:
Yes, I have been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month! Details can be found here here!

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?:
Yes, I am able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers! Example can be found here!

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?:
Yes, I am able to download and use TeamSpeak 3! I already have it and use it to communicate with other MunchyMC players on the MunchyMC TS.


Joha4732 – I have always used this username and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

I am 19 years old.

Central European Summer Time – UTC+2

Server(s) you would like to moderate:
I spend 80% of the time I play on MunchyMC on Prison and would like to moderate prison as my first priority. But due to the fact that hackers are often hacking on kitpvp I would also be open for moderating kitpvp if necessary!

How active can you be per week?
My activity can variate from week to week. Assuming I got promoted to prison guard I should be able to actively play for 5 - 8 hours during weekdays and 6 - 12 hours during weekends. I usually afk on prison when I sleep so adding that to the amount of time I spend on MunchyMC it would be something like 13 - 16 hours during weekdays and 14 - 20 hours during weekends.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it:
I do not have any past moderating experience when it comes to servers as big as MunchyMC.
I do however have experience from smaller servers that never reached more than 20 active players, but I do not consider them worth mentioning in my application. I know the basics regarding moderating, but I do not have any experience with larger servers!

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC?
Ever since I joined MunchyMC back in 2015 I have always found prison the most entertaining gamemode. I have therefor without doubt most knowledge about Prison as I have played during every map. I do however also remember some of the older gamemodes that MunchyMC no longer have to offer which I will list below as well as the current gamemodes that MunchyMC has to offer!
Regarding my knowledge of MunchyMC in general I know the staff team and the other teams quite well since I am currently a helper and a member of the Idea Panel and the Bug tester team. I joined the Idea Panel back in January 2018 and have ever since learned a lot about what is going on behind the scene from the Idea Panel and the Bug tester team.
I will briefly describe each gamemode that MunchyMC currently have to offer and the gamemodes that I remember used to be on the server:

Prison is a gamemode where the individual player has to earn money to rank up and become free. Money can be earned through mining, farming, trading, auctioning, or looting in the outside world. MunchyMC prison is unique because the individual player can leave the prison and go on an adventure in the outside world filled with dangerous monsters and rare and valuable items.

Kitpvp is a gamemode made for the Minecraft player that would like to become better at fighting. Kitpvp offers everything from individual 1v1 fights to huge wars against the rest of the community! MunchyMC Kitpvp is unique because it offers more than 30 different kits to play with as well as special events hosted by the event team, which gives the new players a chance to get free donator ranks!

Survival is a gamemode mainly focusing on the more “chill” aspect of Minecraft – Building and farming. Survival lets you build anything as long as you can gather the materials yourself! If you are into building a base with your friends and slay enderdragon then survival is the gamemode just for you! MunchyMC Survival is unique because it unlike many other survival servers offers a special world for you to mine in which resets every 2 weeks as well as special events occurring randomly over the world!

Woolwars is a gamemode meant as a quick gamemode filled with action and strategy. Each player starts out with two stacks of colored wool and a kit. Once the game starts it’s a race against time where the only way to win is by stacking up and looting chests while looking out for enemies that tries to hit you off your tower and into the nearing sandstone layer.

Purgatory is a gamemode where hackers that were banned can get a second chance. Purgatory lets the hacker complete challenges to earn a free unban. Players that are not banned can join the purgatory server and make it harder for the banned players to complete the challenges by using “trolls”. Regular players can use /adventure if they wish to experience just how hardcore purgatory is!

Smash (Currently down):
Smash is a gamemode based on Super Mario Smash where players fight against each other and try to hit each other over the edge of the map. This can be done with kit-items as well as power-ups found around on the map. Smash is filled with action and perfect if you want to challenge your friends to a fight!

Mazerunner (currently down):
Mazerunner is a gamemode based on Maze Runner. Each team starts in their base with a short amount of resources. Once it becomes day the doors into the maze opens up and each team will be able to enter the maze in search of the other teams and powerful items! However once the night comes and the doors closes monsters will start spawning and attack anyone still left in the maze!

Raid (currently down):
Raid is a gamemode meant for your squat to play. Raid is a survival game where you run into the wild and build your base with your friends. Once you have made a base you can start tracking other players and raid their bases!

Skywars (currently down):
Skywars is a gamemode where each player starts on a small island with weapons and armor. Each map is filled with small or big islands filled with chests with tools and powerful items! Last man standing wins!

Do you have any Anticheat experience?
Since I don’t have that much of experience when it comes to moderating big servers I don’t have a lot of Anticheat experience. I have a basic understanding of the way it works from the small servers I used to moderate on but nothing major compared to Ares. I have a basic understanding of how Ares work, but I do not know the details. I do however know some of the basic commands the old Anticheat system used.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC:
I mainly use the command /report or just message online staff members in the Staff chat and let them record and ban the hacker. I mainly use /report because I know this informs all online staff members that I reported a certain player for hacks or rule breaking. I therefor don’t have a lot of hacker reports recorded down. Below is an example showing a player hacking on prison:

The player in this video was reported to me by the community and I therefor ran outside and asked him to show the different hacks he was using. The video shows some of the most common hacks such as Fly, Speed, Reach and Anti KB. Some of these hacks can however often be mistaken on prison since there are rare items that allows you to fly and move very fast etc.

Languages spoken:
My birth language is Danish, and English is my second language.
I understand German, Swedish and Norwegian as well but do not speak it.

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far?
As mentioned before, I am currently a Helper, a member of the Idea Panel and a member of the Bug tester team. I have contributed to MunchyMC through everything from Bug testing sessions to suggesting ideas and actively respond to other ideas!

As a Helper it is my job to contribute and help anyone with questions. I do this with joy and as open as possible. I think it’s very important to help everyone regardless of what the situation may be! Here are a few responses I have received while being a Helper!

What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is probably my friendliness towards everyone. A lot of players tell me that I am too friendly, and I trust too many players especially on prison where you can lose everything in a blink of an eye! I think it is very important to be friendly and open towards everyone regardless of their past. I will still deal appropriate punishments if you do something you are not supposed to! Writing to me will most of the time result in a response ending with a little smiley because I think it is important to express yourself through more than just words!

Comment on your ability to work within a team:
I believe my ability to work within a team is very good. I have been working with MunchyMC teams ever since I joined the Idea Panel back in January 2018 and I would say I work very well within a team. As mentioned, before I am currently a part of 3 teams, Helper, Idea Panel and Bug testers and I have never once had a single problem with working with others.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks?

During my many years of playing Minecraft I have come across many different hacks. I decided that my application was long enough and therefor I do not wish to make a long list of hacks. I will only mention the most common hacks found on MunchyMC Prison since I will mainly be applying for Jmod on there.

1. Xray – A hack that allows you to see through blocks. Mainly used for finding ores and chests on Prison. Can also be used to find players or chests in the outside world.

2. Fly – A hack that allows you to fly around as if you were in creative. The reason why this is commonly used on prison is because the outside world is very big and fly is good for traveling long distances.

3. Tracers – A hack that shows you where nearby players are. This hack is very useful when it comes to tracking players outside of the prison because it bypasses items such as jammers etc.

4. Kill Aura – A hack that allows you to hit every mob within a certain radius of the player. This is very useful on Prison as the outside is filled with zombies and Kill aura will kill nearby zombies for you.

5. Speed – A hack that allows you to move around at a very high speed. Great for traveling long distances and can be excused with using a rare item that gives you speed boost.

6. Anti KB – A hack that reduces / removes knockback. Can be used to combo players which gives an unfair advantage in pvp.

7. Reach – A hack that allows the user to hit mobs / players from far away. A great example of this hack is shown in the hacker report video.

Make sure you check out this post before you give your vote!
Thank you for taking your time to read my application!


good application ur gonna get staff


Thank you very much! Anything I could improve before I go on vacation? :slight_smile:

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A top 3 app I’ve seen all season. I haven’t gotten to meet you most likely because you play Prison, but you seem very mature. Overall dedication alone proves your worth for this position.



+1 Joha, you have been a helper for the longest time now and I believe you definitely have proven yourself in this period to be a good staff member. When I used to play prison there was one person that was always there, you. Besides of that Joha is mature and friendly. Hope to see you finally get a upgrade from the helper rank soon.

Wish you the best of luck buddy!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :smile:

joha is a really helpful helper, he was an helper for a long time and I think he deserves a promotion he helped me a couple of times

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You’re even more active than me! Good luck with your application :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! :blush:

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Thank you and good luck with your application as well :grinning:

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  • Mature

  • Helpful

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Thanks! Appreciate the kind words :smiley:

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Good luck
Edit: Have a good vacation!!

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Thank you so much! :grin:

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100% Staff

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Thank you very much :laughing:

Extremely well-written application. You’re friendly and mature, as proven through your current role of helper.

Based on this, I thought I would add that I constantly see people complaining about you being afk ‘all the time’, which doesn’t look the best as it can seem as if you’re ignoring players. :sweat_smile: Afk time does not equal activity - however, I do only really see you when you’re afk due to our very different timezones.

Good luck! :smile:


get a mic

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Application accepted! Please contact me on discord to set up an interview.