[Guide] Reviewing an Application

In this post I’ll be showing you the format of how to review an application, and hopefully it will help your reviews be more thorough and insightful!

First, I would recommend starting with what score you are giving them. There are only a few valid ways of scoring someone, and these are:

  • +1 (Best)
  • +0.5
  • +0
  • -0.5
  • -1 (Worst)
  • :+1: (Done like this: :+1:)
  • :-1: (Done like this: :-1:)

Save the score for last so you have had time to think through why you have given that score, ect.

I usually put it in a sentence like this:
I am giving you a {insert score here} because/for the following reasons:

Then, list your reasons for why you have given that score. You can list things like this:
- List item 1
- List item 2

  • List item 1
  • List item 2

1) Numbered item 1
2) Numbered item 2

  1. Numbered item 1
  2. Numbered item 2

Here are some common aspects to mark people on:

  • How active are they? If you have never seen them, ingame on Teamspeak or on the forums, how do you know they’ll be active as a JMod/builder/event team member? If they aren’t active that much, then they probably aren’t ready to be accepted. Make sure to check what timezone they are in, to make sure the only reason you haven’t seen them is because they are 7 hours behind you!

  • How long have they been a part of Munchy? If they haven’t been here long, then how do you know they’ll stick around and be loyal? They could just be trying their luck to get a staff position on a random server…

  • Are they mature?
    In-game: Do they spam or abuse other players? Do they rage all the time and get angry when they lose and gloat when they win? Are they rude?
    On the forums: Do they argue with other people’s comments or posts? Remember there’s a fine line between challenging and arguing.
    Team Speak: Do they constantly make rude remarks or shout into their mic (or any other annoying noises)? Obviously there are exceptions.
    Age usually doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be marked down for.

  • Are they helpful? Have you ever been helped out by them? If so remember to say that!

  • When was the last time they got denied? If it was less than 2 weeks ago then give them a -1.

  • How involved are they with the community? Do they come to events and talk a lot in chat? Do they help people out and come on the forums a lot?

  • Does their application contain grammatical errors? This inculdes incorect speling erors and incorrect placement. of punctuation ?If they don’t speak English as their primary language, then you can tell them where the errors are, but don’t mark them down as much. If they’ve used shorthand (i.e: ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘tho’ instead of ‘though’), then consider marking them down for immaturity.

  • Is their application short or lacks depth and detail? If they haven’t put a lot, then they might not care about the position enough to put effort into it. If their unique factor isn’t unique, then why would you want them in the staff position. Read it as if you’re the one hiring them. Would you hire them?

Some things to be aware of:

  • If you are biased, it invalidates anything you say.
  • Try and get both good and bad things for each application review. You can separate them with a ‘but’ or a ‘however’.
  • Look through what other people have said but make your own opinions on the application.
  • Try to be as friendly as possible!
  • Even if you are best friends with the applicant, be honest and say what is right.
  • Don’t be scared to put something negative! Even if everyone else is saying positive things about them, if you have something to say, then definitely say it! This works both ways.
  • It may be a good idea to view the person in a slightly cynical light, with the mentality of: “would they really make a good staff member?”
  • Review it as if you are the one hiring them!
  • A good application includes hack knowledge, anti-cheat knowledge, past experiences as staff and a few unique factors.

If you want it, here is my full format:
I am giving you a () for the following reasons:
Good luck with your application!