A list of all teams on munchymc!

Hi there, want to be like me and (attempt) to gain additional responsibilities within the server? You’ve come to the right place! Here you will find a list of all munchymc teams/ranks, as well a description on all of them.

  • Staff Team!
    This is the team you are most likely familiar with. Ever seen a pink, purple, or red name on your favourite gamemode? This means they are a staff member on munchymc! These ranks will provide the same perks and as the highest purchasable rank on the specific game mode(s) that the staff is granted on as well as a pink/purple/red colo(u)r name. This team does have a formal application process, however please be mindful of if these applications are open! Also please be aware that helper does not have a formal application process.
    More in depth guides may be found here:
    Helper: About The Helper Role
    Staff team: About the Staff Team category

  • Build Team!
    This is another well known rank on munchymc. If you are an enthusiastic builder, this is the team for you! This rank will provide global perks (all game modes except prison.), meaning you will have the perks of all highest purchasable ranks plus access to the munchymc build server, as well as a green name colo(u)r. The build team does have a formal application process, and it will almost always be open!
    A more in depth guide may be found here: The MunchyMC Builder Rank

  • Event Team!
    If you are an active member of the kitpvp or woolwars community, and you would like to help the community, this is the team for you! The event team will give you the highest purchasable rank perks, as well as event team permissions and a cyan name colo(u)r. This team does have a formal application process however please be mindful that the application season for this team is different to the staff and bug/idea teams, as well as making sure to apply within these seasons!
    A more in depth guide may be provided here: About the Event Team category

  • Media Team!
    If you are a content creator, and you enjoy playing munchymc, this is the team for you! This rank will give you global perks (excluding prison) and will provide you with the highest purchasable rank perks. The media team does have a formal application process and is always open!
    More information may be found here: Media Team Applications

  • Bug & Idea team!
    Want to help out munchymc, and get direct access to developers with your ideas? Well this is for you! The Bug/Idea team does not provide any permissions or benefits in game, however it will give you the bug, idea, and thinker tags. This team does have a formal application process, however please be mindful that the application seasons are not always open, and they are different to the staff and event team application seasons!
    More information may be found here: Bug Testing & Idea Team Application [Closed]

  • Newsletter and Forum Moderator teams!
    These teams both have to do with the forums, do not provide any in game benefits, and there is no formal application process for either of these. If you have exceptional knowledge and are involved in the day to day lives of a particular game mode, the Newsletter team is for you! If you are very active on the forums, I would recommend the forum moderation team!
    I would recommend messaging @cheater if you have any queries about either of these teams as he is the forums, forum moderation, and newsletter teams manager!

  • Development team!
    Do you have experience with coding? Then this team is for you! This team is very different from other teams, as it is a paid job, as well as requiring a fair bit of knowledge about coding. However, it does provide a Developer rank for all gamemodes!
    I would recommend making a support ticket if you are interested in this team.

  • Hosting and CoHosting team!
    This team is sort of convoluted. The Hosting team is a special team of Media team ranks that aim to interact via competitions and other sorts, via the medium of the Event Server. You may host an event on the event server if you have the MEDIA+ or EMOD ranks. The CoHosting team is a team of people who help the Hosting team, but cannot host an event in their own right. You may become an EMOD or MEDIA+ team member from having a high following, or by becoming a junior moderator. You may become a CoHost member if you are 1 of the following:

  1. Are a Junior Moderator or higher
  2. Are an Event Team member
  3. Are well known in BadBoyHalo’s community

Ok that’s all from me. Thanks everyone! Wish you all the best.

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    Edit: I’d also like to thank Cheater for helping me out to avoid the spread of misinformation. Ty you awesome.
    2nd Edit: I’d also like to thank DutchMTC/Miyaki for helping me by providing information about the Event server and about the Hosting and CoHosting teams.

Very nice


Very nice

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It does, it’s just the same as Jmod


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Great guide but we already have one on server positions in the server’s Introductory Guide, though it appears we have left out a couple xD


We get it bro you’re tryharding staff lol


Going to respond to this rq

  1. According to Cheater, Helper does not have an application process.
  2. Helper is a very convoluted role with a lot of exceptions to be made about it. I believe a dis ambiguous and broad phrase may be good to define how to get it.

Just some clarification, previously you weren’t able to directly apply for the Helper role, however last season there was an option to apply for Helper.



Fixed, thank you for providing info!
Also, please let me know if I spread any misinformation about any of these teams.

i see you have not heard of the legendary 500 word google doc :sunglasses:


I have not o-0