Survival Interviews 24 - Candle__

Survival Interviews!

If you want to be interviewed message me here on the forums or on discord Mysan#0152

Candle__ joined munchy on august 8th 2020. She is very kind and helpful and she is a cutie who calls everyone cutie. If you are lucky enough you might be able to get your hands on one of her candles.

Question 1! If you could change anything about the server what would you change?
I don’t know if I really wanna change something on survival. Of course I do want some things to change such as mining xD I just love the community itself and although it kinda changed from last season, I still love befriending with people and try to be as nice as possible <3

Question 2! What is your favorite thing about this survival server overall?
Just the community to be honest. I really love how nice people are on survival! At first I was pretty scared to talk to people but I love the way I managed to make many friends there. I just feel so great when I join munchy and I’m always excited to see all my friends when I get back from school!

Question 3! What is your least favorite thing about this survival server overall?
Mhm I would say when chat becomes a bit toxic. It’s just a bit annoying to see people messing with each other but other than that, I don’t think that I really dislike something on munchy xD

Question 4! Which head from the mini crates is your favorite?
Actually, I don’t really open that many Mini crates and I don’t pay much attention to the heads. But I really like the pancake one :3

Question 5! If you could bring back a crate item from map 2 which one would you bring back?
Definitely Efficiency VI because it was just so fun mining with it but I understand why it got removed. Then I think more about Pollen, perhaps it wasn’t that useful because of the cooldown but it was a cute yellowy shining item ! also made a pollen tag actually cause why not. I love it!

Pollen Tag! (It's adorable)


Question 6 What is your favorite/most valuable item that you own on survival?
My candle hat <3 I mean it’s a lantern… but I love ittttt. I remember by the time of the 2020 Christmas events when I wanted the fancy candles at spawn and they got added as a price for the events. I couldn’t win one sadly, Alan got one and he still didn’t sell it to me >:(
I’m really glad he won it though, it’s it’s kinda fun because I wanted these candles so much that kait gave me a lantern with Candle <3 as a name. And so here’s the story of my candle hat xD Ily kait and Alan!

Question 7! What is your favorite thing to do when you are online?
Just running around spawn and chatting with people, that’s basically everything I’ve been doing since I joined and I still enjoy doing it lmao. Also love to help people whenever they need it or just exploring their bases! Also making candles.

Question 8! What are some of your goals or plans for map 3?
My goal still remain the same from last season, being the nicest and cutest player ever (Idk why I said cute but whatever). I just want to bring a nice atmosphere on survival and I’ll stick to that quest. I also planned to make a candle shop this season, it’s still in progress but I love how it’s looking so far. It may not be profitable but I just wanna do it for fun xD it’s gonna be a warp totem if anyone wants to know!

Question 9! Why did you pick the name Candle__?
Okay so I choose candle for a good reason, it make take some time to explain it all but yas. When I was younger, the electricity tend to run out when night time! So I was always scared because of the darkness and I just kept crying. But then my mom lit up a candle and it was just so pretty, first time seeing a candle. That flame that continuously burns, that warm light that was just there where darkness was lurking everywhere in the house. That candle was just holding all my hopes, my dreams and I just completely felt in love with it <3
It’s kind of a weird story to tell but I love it xD also Candle wasn’t available so I thought about Candle_ but not available as well so this his how Candle__ started existing. Perhaps an episode of BWDIM could tell more about my name although I pretty much clarified everything :D

Thanks a lot to @Candle for letting me interview her :orange_heart: :slight_smile:


Ily mysan :orange_heart:


Mhm mhm


ILYY CUTIE :purple_heart: I remember when you would sit at spawn staring at a candle head xD but OMGGG candle is literally the cutest :pleading_face: :two_hearts:


oo nicee, candle intervieww

Question 4! Which head from the mini crates is your favorite?
Actually, I don’t really open that many Mini crates and I don’t pay much attention to the heads. But I really like the pancake one :3

also i agree, pancake mini cute head :D

in general, i think candle’s an all around nice person while they go about working their interests in the server :)


Awww thank you :heart:
Kait cutest :purple_heart: