Hi I am Mysan! I am a survival main and I use she/her pronouns! :survival:
I am 17 years old and I really enjoy writing my own stories and drawing (mostly digitally)
Discord - Mysan#0152 :heart:

Joined Munchy: October 2nd 2019
Joined Munchy Forums: November 21st 2019
Bug & Idea Team: February 2nd 2022
Survival Helper: March 4th 2022
Survival Trial Mod: November 10th 2022
Survival + September 2nd 2020
Survival ++ September 3rd 2020

Current Clan - KIWI: June 10th 2021 - Leader :kiwi_fruit:

:green_heart: - pfp made by - Ibby_

:blue_heart: - Header/Banner thingy made by art from - VioletRay, Repuffin, featherpaw, pillowowo, kr1tzie, MoonPie6000, Ibby_, Twinkiewinkie, ChipperHen, Sp1derSnake, Novalon, Jonozappingcraft, MackMack and Sharkpaws