Survival Interviews 23 - HeyAlan

Survival Interviews!

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HeyAlan joined munchy on april 30th 2020. He has gained a good reputation as a very kind and wholesome person within the survival community and he is an assistant at the community farm.

Question 1! If you could change anything about the server what would you change?
If I had to pick 1 thing to change on the server, it would probably be how the Survival community has changed in Season 3. There are now many active rule breakers and rude people, and that’s a pretty big issue because the community is everything on Survival, so I would definitively change that.

Question 2! What is your favorite thing about this survival server overall?
Even though it is changing a lot, I can still say that my favorite thing on Survival is the community, I would probably not be playing if it wasn’t for all the amazing people that play with me!

Question 3! What is your least favorite thing about this survival server overall?
I would probably say, once again, the fact that the community is changing a lot. But in general, the rule breakers and bad people who come to Survival just to be mean and to play the way they want is my least favorite thing on Survival.

Question 4! Which head from the mini crates is your favorite?
I normally like funny/cute things that are similar to the mini crate key heads, but I fell in love with the Nether Globe head, it looks so cool, and it’s so detailed!

Question 5! If you could bring back a crate item from map 2 which one would you bring back?
I actually was never good with crate items, I barely remember the ones from Season 2 and I have no idea which crate items were removed xD.

Extra Question 1! What is your favorite thing to do when you are on the server?
I honestly can’t pick only 1 favorite thing, so I’ll mention 3 things that I’m loving to do on the server!
1 - Playing/Hosting Events: Events were always something very important to Survival, as it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a way for skilled players to get rewards from it! It’s also so much fun, and very funny to host!

2 - Working on big projects: I’m currently working on a huge community area, with multiple things dedicated to the community, and it’s being so much fun to work on it, there are some boring moments, such as getting materials, but overall is a lot of fun!

3 - The community: Hanging out with friends is also so much fun to do on the server! I love being in, for example, someone’s base, or at a random place, just vibing with each other, making jokes, pvp’ing (just for fun, of course xD), and most of the times the place turns into pure chaos, which make it even funnier!

Extra Question 2! What has been the best thing that has happened to you so far on map 3?
Having the idea of the community area I just mentioned was surely the best thing that has happened to me during this season! I was actually having too many ideas for warp totems, so I just thought “Why not put all this ideas together?!”! So that’s what’s gonna happen, and I’m really looking fowards to it!!

Extra Question 3! What do you do as an assistant for the community farm?
Becoming staff on the Community Farm was surely one of the best things that has happened to me during my whole time playing on Munchy! And my job in there is, basicly, making sure no one griefs, and if someone do so, I repair it and report it to the owners. I also do multiple other basic things, such as refilling the chests, decorating what I think that needs to be decorated, and welcome/help the players who are new at the farm! I can’t say too much about my job at the farm, but I hope I explained the basic clearly!

Thanks a lot to @HeyAlan for letting me interview him! :slight_smile: :heart:




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