Server Rules

MunchyMC wishes to not burden our players with a long list of rules, so in the interest of keeping it as simple and straightforward as possible, we’ve summarized our rules into 3 basic guidelines.

1. No Cheating

No Cheating, Hacking, Abusing Glitches, or doing anything that would be considered giving you, or others, an unfair advantage over other players in any way, shape, or form, or encourages others to do so. Click here for a list of allowed and disallowed modifications.

2. No harming the server or Players

No doing anything that puts the integrity of the server or player-base in jeopardy, or encourages other players to do so directly, or indirectly.

3. Be Considerate of Others

Keep other players and staff in mind when typing or interacting with others on the server.
If you want more info you can check it out here.