Rebuff potions

Just a few days ago, as a pot user I have realized that potions on KitPvP had been nerfed to the ground.
Either it’s intentional, or a bug that can be fixed… either way; I am here to ask you to rebuff them.
I have many reasons why they should be rebuffed and why they are really useless at the moment.

My arguments on why potions should be buffed to 15% again:

  • You can heal other players, whilst you cannot with soups. This gives soup users a huge advantage even when using potions is harder than soup.

  • When you want to use the potions properly, you’ll have to look down or back to use them. With soups, you can just rightclick and drop them. This again, gives a huge disadvantage and now with the nerf it makes it almost impossible to pot downwards.

  • The damage difference is small, but it makes a huge deal in a normal fight. (0,5)

As I tested just a few moments ago:
PvP kit vs PvP kit: Potion users take 2 hearts per hit, whilst soup users take 1,5.
This is extremely unfair knowing that potions are harder to use and as you can see from my arguments above this is VERY unbalanced. This kind of nerf can play huge roles in kits with lower armor and more strength. You’ll be doing the same damage but you’re taking more hearts. Also this way, better players who use potions will now be downgraded just because of this nerf, you now die 15% quicker because of the damage dealt, especially with criticals.

Another test:
PvP kit vs PvP kit: Potions heal 3,5 hearts, Soups heal 3,5 hearts.
Again, this is equal but with the nerf this is extremely unbalanced. You heal the same amount but take more damage, you die much quicker and it’s harder to use potions. It now became so hard that it’s literally impossible to win fights against equally skilled players.

Potions are now worse than soup, which is very unbalanced and doesn’t make sense.
They should be rebuffed to the way they were.
If you do not agree with me, feel free to state your opinions and I will try my best to reply.


Munchy is supposed to be a soup server, pots were too strong with dmg reduction which led to unfair 1v1s. As a soup server pots are just an addition that shouldn’t give any buffs (+0.5 healing is more than enough). Killing a player using pots (close to same skill level to you) was almost impossible, you had to count for your opponents mistake or put them into a small area where pots would sometimes splash on you.


The complete opposite, pots are harder to use. Potions on Munchy are already scuffed WITHOUT the nerf since it’s a “soup server” and not focused on potions on itself.

With the kb on this server, splashing on others players was the easiest thing. Not sure why this is a problem. They need to be rebuffed, they were fine before.


I agree, with pots, you gotta turn your head away from the players possibly ruining your aim and giving the opponent to hit you again. You would also have to take in account that pots can heal players and you can just splash pots in front of you if the other dude takes no kb (which most dont cuz of their trashy ping). No point in keeping pots as an option if there are so many disadvantages to it with the nerf. I would LOVE for them to rebuff it again.


I dont think anything is wrong with pots. They should rebuff it again.


They were not fine before, they are good as they are for now for reasons above. Damage reduction was too overpowered, 0,5 more healing should be enough. Once again it’s a soup server and it’s main healing item is supposed to be soups, potions are just a challenging addition.


I know most of this doesn’t apply to you since you’re nowhere near as good as errxr is but we did a comparison between soup and pot like a month ago, and we either had equal or I had more hits and he 11 potted me lmao.

If you have played pot for more than 5 minutes, you can figure out when to pot and how to turn around and throw potions, and the video shows that this doesn’t make a huge difference in the figh
remove pots - YouTube

just play on a pot server if you need to lmao its a soup server
nearly every active player hated that people who played pot gave a 20% damage reduction
(10 souped pce)


this inspires me to use pots on a soup server ngl


And why wait so long to do this nerf, i’ve been practicing with pots for so long since I never thought it would be nerfed because of how long they kept pots with the damage reduction. Keep pots but give it some sort of damage reduction for the pot players who still wanna use it. Keeping pots nerfed will just make people who used pots for so long angry.


i’m literally just going to copy and paste what I said in the last forum post… Just because you are awful without the damage reduction doesn’t mean pots need a buff -1 Yes, you can miss pots but munchy pots hit the ground instantly it’s going to be rare to miss pots when you can simply just look straight down. Pots already heal more than soups as well and not dropping bowls can screw you over more than missing a pot. Giving 20% resistance is insane you literally can never die it takes so long to kill people using pots because of it. I don’t think people understand how much that adds up when you take 20% less damage every hit. You’re basically fighting someone with an extra hot bar of healing. Only reason you want pots buffed is because you’ve found out that you’re 10x more useless without the 20% resistance… 10 potted L monkey


I usually dont really reply to these type of controversial posts but as long as they have a fair playing field for all players im fine with it


+1 Rebuff pots. I am so close to quitting due to this. You can literally get 1 tapped by ninjas in a full leather kit. I was being killed by randoms and I thought my ping increased or something. At least make it a 10% reduction. Pots have so many downsides that outweigh the benefits what were the admins thinking? Furthermore, any pot player can be killed by elementalist.

Without pot buff I’m nothing, not like I was anything before. Now I’m 2x as worse.


all the ppl wanting pots to be buffed r the people who get 20 souped by danswag


I agree with the nerf of pots. Although you do have to put just a little more effort into healing, you shouldn’t have a compensation of 20% resistance. It’s more broken than you may realize. It’s pretty unfair and takes much much longer to kill someone using pots with 20% resistance, rather than killing someone using soups. The point is to balance the healing options, not to nerf one or the other to the ground. And to you guys who are arguing on this post, keep it friendly, the point of creating posts like this in general is to share your opinions, not to start arguments.


Why cant we all just compromise with -10% damage!??

Been using pots since 2015 and now it’s the end of the legendary bowspammer, 82602.


-1 I don’t know why people don’t like eating soup. It tastes delicious! Perhaps you don’t have the best taste buds or you’re allergic to something regarding the contents contained within. Unlucky genes or weak immune system. Soup is better than using science glassware most likely containing harmful chemicals that “heal” you. Natural Ingredients > Harmful Chemicals.


+1 science is bad

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ofc the pot users want it buffed again cus they know it was better than soups with the damage reduction LMAO


The staff have had to deal with hundreds of players begging for the nerfing of pots since the 20% reduction. It has ALWAYS been an issue. Due to testing with numerous kits, it was found that if the same amount of damage was dealt, the pot user could have upwards of 1 extra hotbar of healing compared to the soupless soup player. This nerf should stand because it will allow fair fights to take place. Also, egotistical players like yourself can show your true skill because you are not able to hide behind the 20% reduction any longer.