NoEffortNaame - Staff Application

Questions: BOLD Answers: italicized

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes, I use Nvidia Shadowplay to record.

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes. I have been using Teamspeak for a while.


IGN: My current IGN is NoEffortNaame. My past IGNs can be found here

Age: 15

Timezone: Mountain Time [MT]

Server(s) you would like to moderate: I would like to moderate KitPvP!

How active can you be per week? The only time I am not available is when I am at work. My schedule for working isn’t always exactly accurate as it changes depending on if I am needed there. A schedule reflecting what my hours would look like most of the time can be found below:

Monday and Wednesday: 5 PM - 10 PM
Tuesday and Thursday: 7-8 AM - 10 PM
Friday: 3 PM - 10 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM - 10 PM

These hours can change and will change quite a bit.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: Unless you count the servers I’ve owned and co-owned with friends, and being an Event Member and Helper on MunchyMC I do not have much experience. This may sound really bad, but I am very willing to learn more

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC? I have been playing Munchy ever since it was released. Over they years I have learned most of Munchy and its gamemodes!

KitPvP: One of Munchy’s most popular gamemodes, KitPvP is a place where players can have fun fighting casually with a wide variety of different kits and abilities, or fighting competitively to see who can get the highest ELO. The main warp, casual, is where players can pick kits that give them different armor, abilities and advantages. Using tokens, a form of in game currency you get while playing KitPvP, you can buy different kits and other nice perks. These tokens that I’ve mentioned above can also be used to host different events. (Some of these events require ranks) there is also a 1v1 Arena on KitPvP which you can use to duel with your friends or play competitively! KitPvP also has Clans. Players can recruit other players to their clan to fight for the prizes. More information on clans can be found in game and on the forums. Also every Friday an event turns on where every kit is free!

Wool Wars: Wool Wars is a gamemode where players use wool to stack upwards, killing players and finding good armor and weapons. The bottom of every Wool Wars map has sandstone the slowly rises. This sandstone will instantly kill you if you touch it! Jut like KitPvP, Wool Wars has its own wide variety of kits with different abilities. Wool Wars also has different waves of times that have free kits. This means you can pick any kit with no cost! Playing Wool Wars also rewards you with tokens overtime which you can use to buy different kits!

Survival: The Survival gamemode is a very casual gamemode where players can just play minecraft! Survival is updated the latest minecraft version so you can use everything new with your friends! You can claim your builds and different things that you’ve made to prevent other players from ruining your hard work. Survival even has its own form of currency! It’s gold. (You know? The thing you find in caves) Using gold you can buy items that players auction off! Things like sea pickles.

Prison: The Prison gamemode is also very popular on Munchy. Prison is a gamemode where you mine, gamble and fight to get the best items! Prison has these items that are called RARES. The different tiers of rares goes from SEMI-RARE, ULTRA-RARE, ULTRA-LEGENDARY, LEGENDARY RARE and MYTHICAL! These items which can be armor, weapons or other useful things get better depending on the tier! You can get these rares many ways! One of these ways is just buying them off of other players using money. You can get money from mining, gambling and other events that happen on prison! Another way to get these rares is by going into the outside world. The outside world is dangerous as other players can find you and kill you to get your items, but the outside world is also filled with chests! These chests can hold different rares and other items. You can also store your personal items in cells. Cells need to be re-rented every week! You can put literally anything in cells. There are also different cell blocks on prison! Depending on your cell block, which goes from D to A, the mines will get better and your cells will get bigger but also more expensive.

Do you have any Anticheat experience? I do not have much experience with Anticheats but I think I know a bit about how they work. I know this sounds really terrible, but I very willing to learn! (I also consider myself quite a fast learner :wink: )

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC:
They will be listed below. (Sorry for no thumbnails xD)

Languages spoken: I speak fluent English

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? I am an Event Member and Helper on MunchyMC. I do my best to give players enjoyment by hosting events and trying to keep the chat clean. I do what I can to accommodate to different players requests. I make sure everyone is having fun and try and make everything fun and fair for all players! I love hosting events and having fun with the community. I also try to help players to the best of my ability!

What is your greatest strength? My greatest strength would probably be listening. (Hi @iiRaidz :wink: ) I try to listen to people and see where they are coming from before giving my opinion. I try to make sure I know where everyone is coming from. I also sympathize and empathize really well! I personally think these are my greatest strengths.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: I think I’m very good with teams! I also prefer working in teams! I love everyone working together and giving different ideas, opinions etc… I also think working in teams is better as I can see what other people think and maybe adjust to make these “ideas” a little better!

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks? I know a lot of the major hacks and cheats that are used. I won’t list them, but I have a lot of knowledge on these cheats that are used and how to find them.

Thank you for reading this! Have a great day :smiley:

  • NoEffort

Without even reading your application, you’re such a sweet and caring person. I couldn’t recommend you more.


Overall good application
Have experience with staff
Good Luck

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+21 one of the best ehelpers out there if some deserves staff more i havent meet them
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much!

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I haven’t talked to you very long, but you’re a very genuine and caring person. You know how to make everyone feel comfortable!! I really hope you get promoted!


Fat +1

One of the most dedicated members of the helper team we have! I’m looking forward to the responses you get!


Great friend and amazing helper. Good luck!


+1 Very nice and detailed!


Absolutely amazing application!
I’ve only been active on the server again for a few days but, from the time I’ve seen you in chat you seem to be an amazing helper and I would love to see your name upgraded to purple. Good luck!


Thank you guys so much!!!:heart::heart:


Amazing person on the server and I think he would do great on the team!


Without a doubt +1

  • Cute
  • Active
  • Helper of the Month
  • Very knowledgable.

+1 Turtle :slight_smile:

I feel like you’d be suitable as a staff member not because you’re active or you’ve been on here for along time, but you know how to handle situations in terms of showing others whats best and telling them how to deal with certain stuff I really hope you get the position it would be amazing to see you with a purple name. Good luck.


Even though he bullies me in leauge first time talking to him in discord he was a really nice guy and easy to talk too. Other than that goodluck hope you put someeffort in this app :wink: .


+1 Great App Good luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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+1 activee

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:+1: :

Insanely active
Good to be around

Best of luck Lara

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Thank all of you! :smiley:

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Very nice dude to chat to and is very mature, active and kind! I think you deserve this the most! :blue_heart::blue_heart: good luck!!

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