MunchyMC Newsletter - March 2021


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 38 - March 2021

Hey Munchies! March has been a wonderful month with promotions, updates, and events all coming together. And so we are excited to release this month’s newsletter, so let’s take a look at a recap of the most important events!

Written by SierAlex.

Staff Team


Senior Moderator

Dawnity - Dawnity has been promoted to KitPvP, WoolWars and Survival Games Senior Moderator!

Junior Moderator

Dawnity - Dawnity has been promoted to Survival Junior Moderator!
thycosmos - thycosmos has been promoted to Prison Junior Moderator!

Forums Moderator

Vurm - Vurm has been promoted to Forums Moderator!

Senior Builder

Virale - Virale has been promoted to Senior Builder!

Build Team

Zammyz - Zammyz has joined the Build Team!
CARCASSES - CARCASSES has joined the Build Team!
paengi - paengi has joined the Build Team!

Bug & Idea Team

Aquarift - Aquarift has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Plephix - Plephix has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
JamieDactyl - JamieDactyl has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Joekoe - Joekoe has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
EvillAFK - EvillAFK has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Twinkiewinkie - Twinkiewinkie has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
HiraethRose - HiraethRose has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Danior1 - danior1 has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
oElias - oElias has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Ayella - Ayella has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Virale - Virale has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
Rishs - Rishs has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
sadneo - sadneo has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
DutchMTC - DutchMTC has joined the Bug & Idea Team!
kamidrgn - kamidrgn has joined the Bug & Idea Team!

Written by BFI01.

Staff Member of the Month

I would like to remind all of you to submit suggestions as to who should be the next month’s nominee by sending me a dm. I will take all messages into consideration when choosing the next Staff Member of the Month! Take this as an opportunity to point out the people you think are underappreciated or did something remarkable recently. Thank you!

Now, let’s go into this month’s nomination!


@HiraethRose has been incredibly active all throughout March on the KitPvP server. She has helped many players by dealing professionally even with difficult situations and keeping the chat well-moderated. 5 Senior Mods and 2 Admins have recommended her for this title, which is a testament to how much she deserves the recognition. Congratulations!

A list of all the past Staff Members of the Month can be found here.

Written by cheater_.


KitPvP Highlights!

KitPvP has continued its Season V event, as well as the majority of Clans Season IV. While few updates have come out during this time, we’ve begun progress on the next update coming your way, though you’ll have to wait to find out more :)

Written by Mikeal.

Prison Highlights!

map 8 banner

This month saw the introduction of many ultra legendaries, including the Groot and Doctor Strange Set and RPPR’s Lucky Toe! Furthermore, two new legendaries and a new ultra have been added to the outside world for your looting pleasure! Finally, looting just got a little bit easier because rares are now more common in lower looting zones.
Sick of spawn dying in prisonbreak? You’ll be happy to hear that prisonbreak now has a small PVP grace period so you have the chance to get looted up before dying!

As per usual, there have also been many adjustments and item nerfs and buffs. To view all the changes, simply type /changelog in game!

prison leaderboards

:crown: Top Ranked :crown:

#1 - Chance1337 - (XIV)(D1)
#2 - N0X - (XIV)(New)
#3 - Craz33 - (XIII)(A2)
#5 - drage_mannen_jr - (XIII)(New)
#6 - HakuFN - (XII)(A4)
#7 - bhi - (XI)(New)
#8 - widow123456 - (XI)(New)
#9 - Joedaboss - (X)(A4)
#10 - Micatchu - (X)(A2)

:survival: : Top Mined Blocks :survival:

#1 - Palm_Tree - ~ 43,013,000
#2 - Shoblette - ~ 39,485,000
#3 - RubyFeynix - ~ 25,481,000
#4 - akxmii - ~ 16,865,000
#5 - Chance1337 - ~ 15,145,000
#6 - DanSwag_ - ~ 13,210,000
#7 - MonY__ - ~ 11,244,000
#8 - Floki - ~ 9,828,000
#9 - N0X - ~ 8,453,000
#10 - MoonlightFruit - ~ 8,384,000

:dagger: Most Chests Looted :dagger:

#1 - HqLo - ~ 1,321,000
#2 - CHUGJUGGERFELIX - ~ 1,236,000
#3 - widow123456 - ~ 1,083,000
#4 - N0X - ~ 823,000
#5 - liambgames - ~ 782,000
#6 - finessedkid - ~ 668,000
#7 - DaddyErrxr - ~ 623,000
#8 - bhi - ~ 549,000
#9 - xLoilo - ~ 466,000
#10- thycosmos - ~ 436,000

Written by dxlicaterose.

Survival Highlights!


Hello everyone!
Exciting news came up this month, so get ready!

I. Survival reset

It’s finally coming!
After months and months of preparation, the survival reset is right around the corner! We can’t wait to see all of you enjoy all the new stuff that has been prepared for you! Until then, here are the survival reset teasers that came out so far:
Teaser n°1
Teaser n°2

II. General Survival updates

Nothing to report this month, we are focusing 100% of our dev power on the reset, but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it!

III. Competitions

a. [RESULTS] Map Art Competition

:trophy: The winners of the Map Art competition were @ToastyGhostys & @SprinkleDonuts28 , with their amazing map titled “Shelter” ! They won 1 Month VIP++ rank, exclusive colored glow effect (of your choice) and 15 WINTER Crate keys, congratulation to them!

The map

b. [CURRENT] Best Base Build Competition - Judged by BBH!

To celebrate the end of the current survival map, an epic base competition that will be judged by Badboyhalo, has been started! No theme in particular, but make sure to read the rules closely if you want to participate!
The rewards are:
:1st_place_medal: First place: 1 Month VIP++ rank, exclusive coloured glow effect (of your choice) and 25 Crate keys
:2nd_place_medal: Second place: 1 Month VIP+ rank, exclusive coloured glow effect (of your choice) and 20 Crate keys
:3rd_place_medal: Third place: Exclusive coloured glow effect (of your choice) and 15 Crate keys

Rewards will be given at the start of the new map, don’t worry!

If you are interested to enter, make sure to read this post!

IV. Survival quote of the month

This month quote of the month goes tooooo… @infernalfae :trophy: !

Make sure to send me your best quotes in discord dms, they might appear in future newsletters!

That’s it for this month folks! Have fun :D

Written by Aiadeva.

Wool Wars Highlights!

Ayo fellas nah waddup it’s your boy McDonalds with the scoop comin from the Gamemode that actually matters, WoolWars!

Starting with New Map Monday!

Hogwarts Banquet

"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends." ― Albus Dumbledore

Anyways, coming from the majestic Kiwi we all know and love, @Aiadeva comes with one of her newest creations: “Hogwarts Banquet”!

Grab a nice meal, take your wand, and let’s start this massa… I mean defeat your enemies in a friendly battle of wizardry and magic!

Wool World

"I see trees of green, red roes too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself… oh what a wonderful world!" - Louis Armstrong

A map made of wool!? In a game focused on Wool!? Who would imagine!

Anyways, the fantastic @JakeIsNugget swoops in with his incredible creation: Wool World! Knitter sounds like a fun kit to use here…

Down the Rabbit Hole

"I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!" - The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

It’s time to take the leap of faith and jump into the unknown, where time is freaky and where rabbits are quite common in “Down the Rabbit Hole”, by @Ayella the eGirl, @Teenyrobot the Goose, and @NateEh the Cat.



“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” - The Bee Movie

Bzzzz, it seems like there’s a new Queen in town, although she’s not your usual queen, but rather a very small, furious and a quite stingy lady! We’re talking of course about the Bee Queen Zzzzzzammyzzzzz (@Zammyz), who comes in with the brand new map, Honeycomb!



"" - Some random guy from the internet

Well, unfortunately there isn’t a monke in this bathroom… but there is a very cute rubber ducky waiting to play with you!

From the stinkiest clan around comes “Bathroom”, by @GiantRooks and @beanep !


"Back in my days, us children didn’t have a phone to sit around in our homes all day! We went outside and played as every child should!" - Every single mom out there.

Well, mommy told me to go outside to the garden and play, but she sux so the wonderful @itslemonnn got me covered and made it so now I never have to leave the house! Take that MOM.


If you’d like to stay up to date with every new map monday release, make sure to check out this thread!

Easter Map Building Competition: Winners!

After a long month and a half of the WoolWars Easter Map Building Competition hosted by the one and only egg, @TheBoop , the mysterious @BFI01 and the smol Kiwi @Aiadeva , we have got some winners for you!

I would like to congratulate @GiantRooks , @joekoe and @beanep for winning this competition with the map Bunny Day!

Quote of the Month!


And to finish off this month well…

Here’s a painting I drew of a giraffe


Written by McDonalds.

Build Team News!

Our Newest BUILDERS!

Early this week, @paengi, @Zammyz & @CARCASSES have joined our team as official Builders! They managed to pass their trial in a few days, which is incredibly fast. We are pretty sure their advanced skills at building will help Munchy look better, bringing us wonderful maps! :confetti_ball:

Dirt Hut Contest - WINNERS!

The results are in! You can check them out by clicking here. Once again, special thanks to everyone who submitted an entry for the competition, and stay excited for future contests. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

~ :1st_place_medal: FIRST PLACE :1st_place_medal: ~

Built by: @PlebIcon

Click here to see the build


~ :2nd_place_medal: SECOND PLACE :2nd_place_medal: ~

Built by: @Ninjabro

Click here to see the build


~ :3rd_place_medal: THIRD PLACE :3rd_place_medal: ~

Built by: @C1OUS3R

Click here to see the build

And that is all for this month’s Build Team Section. Thanks for reading!

Written by SierAlex.

And that is all for this month!

And once again, thank you all for reading this month’s newsletter. Stay excited for big updates and many more things. See you all next month!
Written by SierAlex.


Congrats to everyone who joined the bug & idea team! :tada:


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