MunchyMC Newsletter - June 2018


Newsletter: Edition 7 - June 2018

Hey Munchies :smile_cat: it’s me, CatTech :smile_cat: it’s the beginning of a new month and it’s time to recap on a few major additions to Munchy in June :smile_cat:


Well…:smile_cat: @1BowStringer has rejoined the Idea Panel…

and @Warlock505 is ADMIN! :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

and well that’s it :smile_cat: go apply for something so I have more material in this section next month :smile_cat:


In celebration of Warlock’s promotion he’s agreed to answer a few questions asked by the community :smile_cat:

@CuteCat asked, “On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like fish?”

Warlock: I would have to say around a 5.

@BFI01 asked, “What’s your least and most favourite fish to eat?”

Warlock: I don’t know if I have a least favorite, but my favorite is smoked salmon!

@LiamTBN asked, “Are You My Real Dad?”

Warlock: I hate to break it to you Liam, but… you’re adopted. :scream:

@Twisted_Treeline asked, “When you first became staff, what was your goal?”

Warlock: My goal was to enjoy my time here on Munchy even more than I already was, along with making Munchy a more enjoyable server for the rest of the community.

@McFluerty asked, “Who is a real one?”

Warlock: You are the real one ;)

@MadInToilet asked, “Do you like muffins?”

Warlock: I do! My favorite is chocolate chip!

@ItzSierra asked, “How long were you playing munchy before you became staff, and, did you ever think you would even get accepted as staff?”

Warlock: I was playing MunchyMC for about a month before I was accepted by DreamAF (back then known as DreamOnPvP) to become a helper back in 2015. I didn’t think it would happen so early, but I knew through my dedication that I’d obtain the rank eventually. I had about 330 Hacker Reports back from McPvP, so I knew they had heard of me.

@saladbutter asked, “Do you enjoy beans”

Warlock: Yes I do! Green beans taste wonderful.

@iiRaidz asked, “You have to be honest with me do you like apes or gorillas more OR do you love Baboon even more I just need to know?”

Warlock: To be honest, I like gorillas the best, but having met a baboon here on the server, I’d say baboons are my favorite ;)

@BananaSkin_PVP asked, “When you first joined Munchy who was your first friend?”

Warlock: When I first joined in 2015, I didn’t have that one friend I would talk to. After returning from my break, I became very close friends with cheater_, who actually convinced me to apply for a staff rank again.

@Brush_Your_Teeth asked, “How long have you been a staff member here?”

Warlock: I have been a staff member for over two years now. About 11 months at the beginning of the server, and over this past year.

Brush_Your_Teeth asked, “Did you ever think you’d become an admin?”

Warlock: Actually, my first thought was never to get admin, since an admin usually had a bigger role on the server. I only wanted to be a regular mod. At least that was the case until I noticed the Event Team. Having talked with @ThunderPickles and becoming the co-manager with @bikeski, it’s safe to say at that moment my ambitions changed. I enjoyed myself so much with one team that I kept getting other teams to manage. Since having admin would make my job easier at that point, that’s when I started to strive for it.

Brush_Your_Teeth asked, “How do you always manage to stay so positive?”

Warlock: I have a saying that I alway tell myself. “Why dwell on the past and miss the future?” I try to live my life with that in mind, to not let the bad things in life keep me down. I start each day with a fresh smile and try to keep that smile for as long as I can.

Brush_Your_Teeth asked, “What is the biggest issue you’ve faced as a staff member?”

Warlock: Having to deal with community members who get mad at you for punishing them. It’s weird when you think about it, but it happens to all staff that are just enforcing our rules.

Brush_Your_Teeth asked, “have you ever had a time where you wanted to quit? And if so, why didn’t you?”

Warlock: Did I ever want to quit? No. Did i lose motivation to do things? Yes. It was a month or so after being promoted to mod. I didn’t want attention from the community, since at that point I was threatened to be doxed. I fell to the background for a week or so, left feeling unmotivated to do anything productive for the community. I think it was about the time where I really thought about the Event Team. That is what gave me motivation to get back into the community.

Thanks a lot Warlock :smile_cat: now you know a little more about wall rock :smile_cat:


Earlier in the month, @Dishrespect came forward with the idea of Spleef becoming an event, and @Callahan (tagging so he catches an angry) followed through with it by making a new Spleef event! I had the honor of participating in the first public game and it came down to… TECH GANG :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat: versus CALLA GANG :pouting_cat:and well here’s how it turned out :smile_cat:

Bring Back Classic!?

There has been discussion sparked by @Jadoo suggesting that the old classic style of KitPvP be brought back! For those that have never heard of the Classic KitPvP style that was with Munchy in the beginning, it is a more barebones style of PvP that didn’t have all these kits that we know in KitPvP v2. You can view the topic here for more info and what he’s talking about and voice what you think!

That's It!

Hope you enjoyed reading :smile_cat: keep an eye out for some new things coming July and you’ll see them here on the next newsletter :smile_cat: as always DM me with suggestions, ideas, whatever you think will make the newsletter good :smile_cat:


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