MunchyMC Newsletter - April 2019


MunchyMC Newsletter: Edition 17 - April 2019

Hey there, friends! Is it the end of another month already? Well now we’re a third of the way through 2019, lets see what’s been going on this month!



- BFI01 has been promoted to SMod.
- Nikolas has been promoted to SMod.

Prison Staff

- PandasCanPvP has become a Guard!

Survival Staff

- Emstarrs has been promoted to Mod+.
- IntrepidBookworm has been promoted to Mod+.


It’s been a year since the Helper rank was reintroduced, and to (unintentionally) celebrate that, look how many new Helpers we have!

- 2skywalkers has become a Helper!
- finessedkid has become a Helper!
- blok has become a Helper!
- RossF_ has become a Helper!
- MelonCraft03 has become a Helper!
- Team has become a Helper!


- blocker__ has joined the Build team!


Event team applications are now open!

The Event Team plays a crucial role within the KitPvP community, hosting events for players to enjoy ranging from classic gamemodes such as brackets and red rover, to beloved ones like water drop and sumo.

If you have a passion for the community and would like to take on a new role to entertain and add an extra spice to Kit, consider applying!

More information here!

The future of Survival

IntrepidBookworm is gathering some community insight into where Survival could be taken in the wake of Minecraft 1.14. I’ll let her explain:

Head on over and vote on the polls now if you haven’t already!

Prison Updates

New players can now go through a tutorial, an old feature brought back!

Lots of new rares and mythicals this month to play with!

The Easter event occurred this month, where players could find eggs around and about and claim a reward if they found all 40!

Finally a new NPC has been added: Dealer to the Casino.

Now there is a page on the website to view Prison changes, the changelog.

Media Spotlight!

It takes a special type of perseverance to sit and say a word for almost 6 hours. Let’s hope no one donated $100 :eyes:

Look at this fantastic art made by AndrewhgMC:

Finally, YouTuber Faster showcases some of BadBoyHalo’s beautiful singing!


Let’s see who’s doing well on the server at the moment!

iiRaidz even got on the leaderboard too!


And that is all for this month!

What a good month, lots of things happening. I look forward to seeing who gets accepted to the Event team and will feature in next month's newsletter. Keep an eye out! Although we didn't get one this time, with any luck you should see an exciting interview in next month's newsletter too, so it is all very exciting.

See you next time! :egg:



Do not click here! This could have been an Endgame spoiler. Be more careful.

Great newsletter :smile:

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Nice newsletter good luck to everyone who is applying for event. A lot of helpers this month :open_mouth: also cheater you better
before this actually becomes a thing.


Can fish get dizzy?
Nice post btw


Great newsletter but what happened to the bbh interview?


Well, it’s coming at some point…


Great as always! Keep up the good work!!

Amazing newsletter!!:scream:

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Thanks for the heads up, luckily I have already seen Endgame.

Oh yeah....

image ha gottem


Very Wholesome Newsletter uwu. Congrats to the people who got helper and those who got promoted! :smiley:

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Very week thought and written out Newsletter GoodLuck to all event applications and gg to all helpers

Been a great month with y’all, Congrats to all the new promotions~ Also goodluck to anyone who applies for the event team :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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maybe show seasonal leaderboards instead of all time because theres never anything new in the rankings that matter


Another great newsletter. That new builder seems pretty cool :wink:

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How the fries I didn’t see this
Good one bro

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Ahem, first the frick off I MADE IT YES HAHA. Ok sorry. But im not going to lie if I really really wanted to I could be #1 but like in my heart im always number 1, so boom. And hey ya you reading this haha you should be number 1 in your heart and be like me (: . anyways @BFI01 now ill eat you if you roast me like a beef again I should be the one to roast you !!! <3


You’re the gayest person to ever create an account on the forums of MUNCHY MINECRAFT ( in a good way )


You’re number 1 in my heart dont worry buddy.

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ily pls love me back