Munchy don't hit the same no more

Is it just me? Munchy used to be so fun suddenly a wave of boredom hit’s me everytime I play
is something wrong with me?


When I feel like this I like to work on a munchy project, like my two woolwars songs and my WWE event.


Whenever I feel a bit bored, I normally hop onto another gamemode for a while!


I usually play kit or woolwars so when I get bored of one, I go to the other. If I’m bored of both of them, I try (and usually fail) to get an SG game to start.


If I get bored on munchy, I spend 5 hours building and terraforming. Then I regret wasting my time, then I do it again.


I usually just swap between kitpvp casual and arena when i’m bored.


It’s normal to get burnt out on a game you play regularly. Take some time away and I’m sure you’ll go back to craving it.


I agree, this usually works for me as well!


If I get bored, I just go on another gamemode or practice building and work on some projects I want to do for my yt channel. That being said, you should try another gamemode or do smth else in mc and come back to munchy!

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To be honest, as much as I love Munchy, I do agree it hits different as it used to.
I feel like Munchy just has less players every day.
I remember days when the KitPvP Tab were completely filled and names that started with a lowercase letter wouldn’t even be visible on tab, now the tab is usually just barely fully filled at later times in the day.

I have HUGE respect for all developers and I think they do an amazing job and I’m sure they’re working on amazing new stuff but I can’t wait for new stuff to come that everyone will look up to.


You feel like it?

Munchy is losing players and it is declining. 3-4 months ago I came online to a list full of familiar names and now its just dry and has no “kitpvp vibe” to it.

Kitpvp has lost its toxicity, literally one of the things that carries kitpvp because of the good players that are toxic and were aiming for places on the leader boards until they grew tired of Munchy and left. Look at Voiddipper, MadInToilet, Errxr, Slayings, Serioux(was good mod and was good part of community), llukino, Fathbeard, Shersh, Ahlol. The last 2 are occasionally on but they get bored easily.

There’s no more competitiveness in kitpvp and what makes kitpvp is its toxicity, and the boredom of those toxic players results in their leave and now kitpvp is declining, and so is every other game mode.

I mean, look at purgatory, compare the amount of banned players now to months and a year ago. It’s a huge difference.

Not only that, but Dutch I’m sure you’ve noticed how much players our events get now, I’d say my average is around 10-15 now when it used to be 20-35. Its not that hard to see how the leave of many players has changed kitpvp.

I’m sure every staff member thats been online for the past few months has noticed this as well. I don’t doubt a kitpvp update would bring back players but It’d have to be a big one, not some small update that barely affects your game play. I’m not saying the devs aren’t good, I’m just saying that Kitpvp now is dull, with almost no drama or anything.

And sure, on the bright side now no one is extremely toxic and everyone’s pretty nice, except that ruins the “kitpvp” feel.

If you want evidence that Munchy is declining just ask any event team member that has been part of the team for the past 3 months, they first began with a lot of players in their events and now its at most 20. Unless its some tournament or something special.

Now this brings me to my next point.

Badboyhalo has a huge community and so do some of the admins on here, I’ve always wondered why the hell they don’t promote their server, it would help out a TON.

And sure, you could say, “Oh but badboyhalo used to do those streams on Saturdays though and he brought a lot of players.”

Keywords: “used to”. and in my opinion, they did bring a lot of people into the server, but they just left right after the event ended or they stayed on to see if badboyhalo would also stay on and maybe say hi. Other then that he just forgets about his server most of the time.

Badboyhalo could use his popularity to promote his server sometimes, and this could be during streams or on his channel.

Now Dream, that’s someone else that could do the same thing but hey he doesn’t, and neither do a lot of other popular developers/admins (or used to be admins/developers.)

Anyways, Munchy’s getting dull folks, I just hope that there’s a sudden return of a lot of old players or something big happens soon. I’d sure like to see me get over 50+ players in an event someday but for now I don’t know if it’ll be possible.


I don’t know how it is on Kit because I never play Kit but I can definitely see it on Prison. While there are still many active players, most new players only come on prison because they accidentally logged in and then ask how to get back to the hub.
While it used to be at least three full lines in tab with just Mafia players, it’s now about 1 - 1½ lines full with Mafia players. Sometimes I’m the only player with a thug rank online, which is just a bit weird so Prison has the same problem (which is also kinda normal because the Map isn’t new anymore).
I think one of the appeals for the majority of new players migrating to Munchy are the troll videos/other videos that Bad and Skeppy used to do on Kit. For every player leaving, 2 or 3 new players would join. If one of the well-known staff (outside of just the Munchy community) made a video and advertised the Server, I do believe it would bring new players on the server.
I don’t know where I’m going with this but it’s just not cool to see the entire Playerbase slowly leave.


If Im bored I watch the Sidemen on youtube. Best group on youtube, dont even argue.


Now I’ve only been on Munchy for about 2 years but from my time being here, I feel like it doesnt really have the vibe it used to.

We need some time of revamp or something that will boost the vibe back up to the player count we had back then. At the morning in 2018, there was 3 columns full of players actively playing the game. Today, we have barely half of that.

Anyways back on the bright side,
When Im bored I jump in teeny’s vc and annoy him

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Sadly, I believe that happens almost every season where at the beginning its nice and fresh with a ton of players and then it just ends up declining in players until there’s almost not even a column on. But hey, I can’t say anything because I barely play on prison.

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prison cant support more than like 100 people if dream advertised it, the server would get thousands and it would be so laggy. plus bbh is greedy and doesnt pay to support the server


I remember when there was 5 people online at once :wink:

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Even if there are 1000’s coming on that would just mean they would have to upgrade this server so it wouldn’t get to laggy.

I wish bad would focus on his server more, munchy ain’t bad, its just the owners.




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