Koreqe's Event Team Application

  • IGN:


    Past Ign’s https://fi.namemc.com/profile/Koreqe.1

  • Age: 16

  • Timezone: UTC+3

  • How often can you host events:

    Monday: 10.00-14.00
    Tuesday: 12.00-16.00
    Wednesday: 12.00-16.00
    Thursday: 10.00-14.00
    Friday: 14.00-20.00
    Saturday: 14.00-16.00
    Sunday: 14.00-21.00

I actually have more time than in that schedule due to summer holiday. :grinning:

  • What sets you apart from other applicants:

    Here is something I could bring to the table. Friendly: I believe if you’re friendly to the community everyone will have a better time and will respond the same way towards you. I also treat other people the same way I want to be treated. I talk to people and help them in any situation when it comes to real life and the internet. Professional: Being professional in front of the community is very import in my opinion. You want the server to look professional and have a good reputation. Dealing with all people without running into big issues is what’s right for the community. Mature: I know that maturity is the biggest essential and if u are not mature I think you’re not ready to be a role model. Throughout my time of being a role model for others, i have realized to act well. Being non-toxic is a huge part of being a role model in my opinion. If u respect them they will respect you that’s common sense.I believe myself to be very hardworking. I will dedicate more time than most people entertaining the community. I tend to spend about 6-10hours each day on the network. If i happen to get accepted i can always dedicate even more time into the network. Honesty: honestly I think there is no point to lie. I feel bad if I lie. I don’t get the point of lying, in my opinion, you’re going to get caught anyways. Humans make mistakes that’s how we are. We just have to learn from those mistakes. Activity: I will be dedicating my time to the network. As i said before i can put in a lot of hours. When i’m online i will make sure everyone is having a good time on the network.

  • What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

    I can have fun with other players while hosting events. I’m active so that means that there is going to be a lot of events etc. I can entertain the community with fun events. I have a decent knowledge of the event commands. Also, i think normal KitPvP gets quite boring if it’s the same thing over and over again. So as an event member, you can make that normal KitPvP something different every once in a while.

Event Commands(That I know of )

/broadcast - Let’s you say something that stands out that everyone on the specific server can see.

/eventtp (Player) - Teleports a user if the user allows it.

/ekick (player) - Kicks the user if they’re misbehaving.

/eventspot tp (Name) - Teleports you to specific event place.

/eventtphere (Player) - Allows you to tp a specific player to your location if they allow so.

/eventtpall - Allows you to tp others to your location. This is used a lot in events.

  • Why do you want to be on the event team:

    I like doing little things for the community. It makes the players happy and that’s why I’m applying for this position. I like helping people. I’ve heard you can do that as an event member. I looked into being an event member and it seems like an amazing opportunity.

  • Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

1. Atterax He is super active and hosts a lot of events every day.

2. 82602 The first thing he does when he gets on is hosting an event.

3. Gavot is really fun to be around. Fun times for everyone for sure!

4. CryptWarrior Hosted water drop.

The Event Team is doing an amazing job at hosting events overall!

Anything else you would like to add:

I can record in good quality. I will be able to speak in TeamSpeak and Discord. I’m good at typing fluently and with good grammar. I also applied for the event team last year in august, but i didn’t feel
that i was ready.
So now i decided to try since i think I’m ready.

Thank you for reading this! Have a nice day.


Questions should be bolded and you have some grammatical mistakes


Thank you for your feedback. @stanDojaCat

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ex mmc staff member very mature would be an outrage if this was denied


+1 v nice player!


Over the past 6-7 months of knowing you, I was introduced to you as someone who played prison and wasn’t really the most nicest or kind person there was. I would always see you arguing with other people chat chat and swearing at them. Aside from prison, recently I haven’t seen you on much on KitPvp. I have seen you a couple of times but not for long. Your application is good, neat and detailed.

Overall it’s going to be a -1 from me. Best of luck!


Now i know i use to be quite toxic i admit it myself… I’ve not been toxic since i came back! Also you might not see me much due to timezones. But thank you for the feedback! @BlokV :grinning:

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-1 biased opinion

+1 good luck


+1 really fun and active player!


Koreqe is an active, mature and friendly player who would fit very well into Munchy’s event team. He has prior experience too as a staff member on another server so i would love to see him on the event team,

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Were very toxic to me in the past, like very when all I did was tell you to make a appeal when you were banned.

You were also toxic to a helper in the screenshot.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 9.26.35 AM Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 9.26.50 AM

The full pictures

I don’t know you right now, so I can’t say if you are better.


I understand i was in a really bad mood that day. I should not let if affect you guys. I’m sorry for that.


It’s fine, I can see you have already matured a bit from that time, and that was 2 months ago (:



I will give your application a +1 for the following reasons:

  • Active
  • Very kind
  • Well-thought and well-organized application

Keep up the great work! :+1:

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For the first 2-3 weeks user played Prison Map 7 he was relatively toxic but nothing compared to the ones he surrounded himself around. From my perspective Koreqe realized that he was not really hanging out with the right people on Munchy and left their group prior to them getting blacklisted. Koreqe has since proven his maturity to me and others by just being a genuine person over the past 2-3 months. I’m not going to leave a rating on this application but good luck Koreqe. :slight_smile:


My man all he did was he told you to shutup, then said “LMFAO” to a helper. I don’t see what’s very toxic. Even him telling you to shutup wasn’t toxic. This was also two months ago… I can’t believe you searched that hard for a screenshot of him telling you to shut up just to say -1.

This is not true at all. Koreqe hanged out with me, frindlo, BigEnglishBalls, and other players that wouldn’t make him toxic. Please stop trying to say that he was toxic because of us. He actually quit MunchyMC before any of us got blacklisted. You have the story wrong buckeroo.

Koreqe is really chill and has lots of experience from other servers such as MMC. When people say he’s toxic, the only screenshots they can show is him telling people to shutup two months ago.

The guys first language isn’t english, and the questions don’t have to be bolded.


I will give this application a +1 for the following reasons:

  • Active player
  • Helpful, Friendly
  • Mature
  • Well organized and very supported

Keep up the great work!


-1 clearly biased because he only told u to shut up

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Did I say that THEY NEED to be bolded? Even if someone’s first language isn’t English, I’m still going to point it out, so that they can improve their application.


@stanDojaCat I agree but this is not a place to argue haha.

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