Gold Farms


In order to make 5k, you have to sort through chests and hand pick out the gold armor. This takes at least 3 hours, and is so mindnumbingly boring that just sitting and looking at your screen is more fun.

It’s not easy, the gold just doesn’t appear and we deposit it.

It’s also very very laggy, with about 3 shulkers of chests and hoppers, with hundreds of items running through water streams. Not to mention all of the creepers it takes.

My point is, gold farms aren’t as OP as people think. They aren’t afk-able, and half of the time I am on munchy is me with chat off just running through chests. I’ve seen people say to nerf gold farms without seeing just how much work we put into them. They aren’t even that good anymore, a lot more people know about them. Last season I estimate maybe 10 people knew about them, with 2 maybe 3 actual farms on the server. This season everything seems to know about them, and there are ~8 people who have them working, with many more attempting to. They are not the most efficient way to make money, and even mining is a better way to earn gold.

If you want to argue with me about anything, add me on discord. If you try to ask how gold farms work I will block you.



To be fair, I’m not gonna undercut anybody’s ability to make gold farms, or to even do gold farms when gold farms are very nerfed from the getgo to the degree where it is more inconvenient to make a gold farm, than spend exactly that amount of time grinding something more easily profitable. (i.e. Grinding resources for a shop of the caliber of Drew’s or Shoo’s [Not saying that your mall shop isn’t profitable])

I don’t mind the effort of doing a farm of this caliber, to me it is quite impressive. But wouldn’t it be easier necessarily to move on to something more earning? I would understand

But if they, per se did a nerf said to be impacting Gold Farms, it would be beating a dead horse. It wouldn’t make sense to want to continue doing these methods on your behalf.
I respect that you came out and did an announcement of this sort. You really should’ve been straight to the point with people and tell them, do not do this this is a waste of your time I don’t recommend it. Instead you let people believe that this was bigger than it was. Not anything bad at all, I mean, hell, I was curious how much gold was made and made them necessarily want to participate in this sort of activity.
I don’t want to continue arguing on the behalf of whether the staff should or shouldn’t nerf these types of farms. Neither should anybody else.

Regardless, I thought I should put this on the forums.


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Mining for 3 hours doesn’t even give at least 1k smh

This isn’t true though. Mining isn’t worth it at this point as you could be mining for hours and not getting a least 1000 gold where as you said and from what I understand, in 3 hours you can make 5k easily. It could require some grind like mining gold but grinding for 3 hours is more efforts than sorting for 3 hours I’d say and at the end you don’t even have much gold…

If gold farms aren’t that profitable and even mining is way better then why not just tell them how gold farm works ? We each other know that they’re a great way to make profit, probably why you don’t usually mine for gold and couldn’t tell how bad it is at this state. Everyone tries to make gold farms because it’s just more worth it than mining, and there, even if it takes time to grind it. If mining was better than gold farms as you said, why people would be interested in making gold farms then ? Easier way to get gold ? Perhaps no, but way more profitable overtime.

gold farms make gold
thats all i have to say


Okay, I have seen many people arguing about this.
the thing is it also takes effort to make these farms
you have to find spawners make a sorting system and what not ?
Also, gold farms are already nerfed too much and people are demanding more nerf ?
I mean…

Also, I don’t think people come out with a more efficient way just to get them nerfed >.>

And now for those who think mining is not a better way to get gold
Mining can get you more than 2k gold in one hour if you mined in mesa
there are many ways to make the mining more efficient like using pots, super breaker etc
Most of the people are saying that to nerf gold farms
But What about double smelt ?!?!?
It’s also a mcmmo thing
It can literally give you like 90 ingots from a stack or ores (or maybe more)

Also, everything have pros and cons

In gold farms, there are many cons like:

  • you gotta make a really complex system

  • take your time to get gold armour out of one by one and salvage it

  • make a sorting system where you can get extra stuff

  • it makes it even harder when you got many other unstackable drops that you don’t want

  • these farms aren’t AFK-able

  • okay, we can make a sorting system for stackable stuff but what bout unstackable ?
    it’s really frustrating when you see lots of chainmail,leather stuff with very little gold stuff

  • also alone with the huge redstone sorting system it’s already laggy and with the mobs spawning through the spawners it’s more like a lag hell, imagine trying to salvage stuff in 10-15 fps Can you ?

  • Also to get this farm working first you gotta grind too much!!!

In the end, all I gotta say is people devote a lot of time to coming up with these incredible ways
I understand that to manage the economy staff gotta nerf these things, but they are Already nerfed too much!!!

Anyone wanna argue with me you can add me on discord
My username is Alpha_Devil#0001

Behaving inappropriately in dms will get you a sweet block from me and a report.

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I don’t think so, also I did try to test it but I don’t think that super breaker affects raw ore anymore.

It went from 50% to 25%

It gives you in average 75-80 gold so yas…


I think you don’t realise how much mining changed. Both gold drop rates and smelting rates got nerfed to 25%. At least you can see the huge difference compared to last season.

Mining just can’t face gold farms at all, you don’t get that much at all from mining despite all your efforts and gold farms are way more profitable. Both requires hard work, mining for 3 hours straight is tough, for gold farms after setting up everything it can also mean a ton of efforts as you have so salvage things and stuff. But it’s still the best way to get gold. I don’t usually talk about shops because they are pretty balanced but right now gold farms are way stronger than mining. Perhaps you should find efficient ways to get gold but come on! If it’s not mining or shop/selling do you have any ideas that could actually work as well as gold farms ?

I personally think that gold shall not be farmed but grinded. At this point everyoneg tries to make a gold farm and if it keeps growing well it would be the same case for season 4 but with litteraly everyone.
And it will be kind of the best way to make profit and nothing could be more efficient than these farms.


Candle, do you have a gold farm?


I don’t

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Doesn’t mean that I can’t have my thoughts on the situation. I could’ve been saying that I mined 13k since the beginning when gold rates got nerfed (I can tell that you could be mining hours without making 5k as gold farms would) or that I mine more than you so I understand the topic more… I just wanna say mining is hard and farms are just easier compared to mining to make profit.


I’m not saying you can’t have your own thoughts, I’m just saying that it’s hard to basically “evaluate” something without actually experiencing it first hand, over and over again.


It’s hard to say that mining could be better as well as you’ve been mostly using a gold farm right ?

You can agree that making a gold farm at first is hard but overtime you don’t have to put on that much effort as you did when you had to set it up right, and here I never mentioned it’s not hard work.

Mining is just mining, also have to put a lot of work in it. Finding spawners aren’t easy I agree but finding unlooted mesas is hard as well. And you also have to brew Haste II or just buy it from shop, then spend hours of mining.

Overall both requires hard work but at the end gold farms just gives more.

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And there, I’m being a bit curious. From everything I’ve said, is there something totally wrong in it ? I mean it’s true my opinion may be scuffled or as you said it’s hard for me to evaluate the things but so far I’ve just been saying things that I’ve been noticing overtime so…

Saying that it’s because I don’t have a gold farm can’t just be a good reason not to nerf it itself, perhaps it’s definitely something to consider but your words can’t only rely on this.

Wondering if you had to mine 13k gold at the beginning of the season to say that though

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Yes, I did mine at the start, I also used a shop to begin getting money.

I don’t use the gold farm as much as I don’t see the need to have that much money, I don’t play that much anymore. I haven’t been mostly using a gold farm, as I haven’t mostly been using anything. You say they both require hard work but gold farms give more. This is simply not true. Mining is way easier then working a gold farm, if you slip up one bit it can cause the whole thing to not work until you clear it out. They also don’t give more, which was the whole point of this.

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You have to try to mine a bit more. Also did you heard of all the mining nerfs.
Mining is just bad at this point and you can’t compare it with gold farms in terms of gold.
I’ll just use your words:

This is 5000 gold in 3 hours right, I can tell you from my experience that in 3 hours you can’t always make more than 2k.

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If gold farms didn’t give more, do you think people would make their lifes harder trying to build some hard work farms just not to get as more gold as other ways to get gold ?

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I don’t think that, which was the point of this thread, to tell people just how hard it is to make a gold farm and just how little I have gotten from it. In my experience I make 2.5k gold mining in a mesa, just like last season.

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Your post is basically about how gold farms shouldn’t be only considered as afk and that they are bad since they got nerfed. That’s like everything you said to convince people not to nerf gold farms again…

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