Gawkyy's Staff Application #2

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes I have been, I’ve been playing Munchy since November of 2018, But have become very active towards February 2019.

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yes, I can record good quality videos of hackers.

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes, I already have it downloaded and I am very active in the Teamspeak community.


IGN: Gawkyy

Age: 16

Timezone: (GMT-4) EST

Server(s) you would like to moderate: KitPvP

How active can you be per week?

Saturday-Sunday: 12:00 PM - 11:30 PM (Possibly more but anytime between those time frames.)

Monday-Friday 12:30 PM - 10:00 PM (Once again possibly more but anytime between those certain timeframes.)

This is like this at the moment due to it being summer break, I’ll be trying to invest a lot more time.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: I do, I used to be a Moderator on a Pixelmon Server called journeygaming. That network has different sub-servers within it. The one I had staff on was gaining around 40+ players. Which when that server died out, I became a Helper on another one of the sub-servers which had around 20 players a day. I later resigned due to a decrease of many of the players leaving and it not being enjoyable anymore after 3-4 years invested. I’ve also been Helper on another server called Sunfalloasis. That server tends to have around a good 30+ players. I resigned from here as well due to personal reasons. Besides that Minecraft wise, those 2 mainly.

Outside of Minecraft, I’ve become a Senior Moderator on a Traitors Playground server called “Battlegrounds” that was located on a game called ‘Garry’s Mod’. This server was containing around 50+ players on a daily, that server was one of the first things I’ve gained a great amount of experience of Moderating servers and how much it can help a community which is something I’m trying to continue here on Munchy.

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC?

MunchyMC originated after the shutdown of MCPvP which was run by hclewk, where BadBoyHalo was a YouTuber and admin. Munchy was later on created by Bad in 2015 and is run by him to this day, providing many different gamemodes to play on, including -

KitPvP: One of the most popular gamemodes on the server I’d like to say, KitPvP includes a variety of kits to play with and be able to jump into PvP and use them. You fight against others and some may try to get very competitive and reach the leaderboards or some will even play just to enjoy themselves. Along with that KitPvP does offer seasons that throughout the seasons 5 people with the highest seasonal stats and will be rewarded with different rewards such as credit on buycraft to use. Inside of KitPvP, there is an arena for players to go against one another in very different modes. Things such as classic 1v1’s, Sumo, Archer, NoDebuff, Party games to do with a group of people, and so much more. Also on KitPvP, something that is offered is many different events that players and Event members can host. There are events such as Sumo, Waterdrop, Red Rover, and many more events that can be hosted on the server!

Prison: This is by most has to be the second most popular server at the moment on Munchy. This server allows players to grind for amazing things such as Ultras and Legendaries that can go for a huge amount on the server. Which also does make the gameplay very much higher than usual. Throughout the grinding, you’ll find yourself often being in mines or outside killing other players and trying to hunt for items on the server.

Survival: This server is just Vanilla now along with the Vanilla aspect of it there are plugins implemented to help and somewhat alter the experience of the players on the survival. Along with that, you’re able to auction stuff throughout the server to make profits or earn items from other players.

Woolwars: By far one of my favorite servers on Munchy. This server allows you to compete with other members in the community by reaching to the top and trying not to die or touch the sandstone at the bottom. On the server, there’s also a variety of kits for you to pick to try and give you the advantage to win the match.

Purgatory: This server is a place for people who get banned on the other servers and they try to earn there a way to get a unban and get back to playing. But being banned there are players who are unbanned and try to troll the banned players to annoy them. There’s also an option for unbanned players to have the experience of the banned players by doing /adventure and they try to complete the quest with the trolling.

Do you have any Anticheat experience? As of right now, I don’t have much Anticheat experience but with the access of me reading staff chat I’ve learned quite some things from other JMODs+ is that for starts Ares will send alerts and will go throughout the chat of a staff member that can deal with the hack that someone is triggering for Anticheat to set off. Which I’ll be assuming is that if Ares is not banning as of yet, as a Moderator you’re supposed to watch the player and ban. This is based off on what I’ve seen and grasped onto by reading and learning from some of the friends I have within the staff team.

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC: Hacker Report 1:
The hacks being used in this video are quite blatant which is Aimbot and Fast Bow which was used by a player named Torosar12.

Hacker Report 2:
The hacks used in this video was another blatant user which was using Fly. His username was Belak_kun.

Hacker Report 3:
There were 3 hacks used in this video, which were (possibly) Kill Aura, Reach, and Anti-KB. This player was very blatant and his username was _Leinn.

Hacker Report 4:
This player was using Reach and Aimbot in this video, Yet again another blatant user which was named BenjiPoto01.

Languages spoken: English

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? Some of my contributions to MunchyMc throughout the months I’ve been here on Munchy I was able to obtain around 3 roles Event, Helper, and Newsletter Editor. My Event tag I’m able to host events for players on KitPvP and try to help give them a better time on the server which I host a variety of different events and give out limited awards as the reward. My Helper role I help moderate chat as in mute people that break any type of chat rules and help answer people questions about anything they have. Now finally my Newsletter Editor role is something that allows me to help contribute and edit the Newsletter that is posted at the beginning of every month showing things that happened during that certain month. That role can help me a lot more contribution to the forums along with my server roles.

What is your greatest strength? I would like to say my greatest strength is my interaction with a huge part of this community, interacting with the community allows me to embrace myself more towards many players. Also with me enjoying to interact I can personally know more of the staff and be able to have great conversations with them, not only them specifically but mostly with players of this community as I’ve stated. I’m very active on TeamSpeak and the discord so I’ll always be interacting with someone, whether it’ll be a friend or something that would like to talk or needs help with anything I’m down to sit there and speak with them. I think this is something I’ve shown consistently and haven’t held back on unless there are days where I don’t enjoy speaking at all which I think is fine due to personal issues.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: My ability to work within a team is great, I tend to take my time and try to be patient. I’ve shown this many times throughout the server and the forums. I’ve also shown this on one of the amazing teams I’m on which is the newsletter’s team. That team requires you to always have discussions with one another so we can decide what will be put on the newsletter for the month. I also try to take part in discussions to show my thoughts on it and try to be as helpful as one can anywhere. Whether it’ll be in my real life, on the server, or anywhere for that matter. Apart from that last year the summer job I’ve had, it required us to work in a team and discuss matters about the real world and what are the things we can do as a team/community to stop that issue or try to prevent it. Throughout the 2-3 months, I had that job my teamwork was amazing. I also always tend to work better within a team than alone because through that any mistakes that may have happened I’ll be able to be given guidance through that time to fix the mistake that has happened.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks?

I personally think I have a good amount of knowledge dealing with a huge variety of hacks, but for the sake of this application, I will only post hacks that are mostly used and stuff that’s hard to detect.

Killaura - A very common hacked used on many PvP servers, this basically allows you to hit entities when you’re not even looking at them.

Bunny Hop (BHop) - Basically which is self-explanatory, it allows you to hop around as if you were a bunny.

Reach - Another common hack that allows you to hit further than the standard amount of blocks you can usually hit in Minecraft is around 3 blocks.

AutoSoup - This hack allows you to constantly eat the soups in your hotbar after you lose a certain amount of health.

Aimbot - It will instantly aim at someone’s head which this hack can most of the time be used with a bow.

Fastbow - It allows you to constantly shoot arrows from a bow a lot faster than you would with a normal bow.

Criticles - This hack allows you to get crits on players while being on the ground and not actually jumping to get the correct crits you should be doing.

NoFall - You basically take no fall damage.

Fly - Allows you to fly without using something that gives you permission to fly.

AntiKnockBack - You take no knockback when you’re hit by a player.

Autoclicking - (More so of a cheat than a hack) Allows you to constantly click as in it gives the advantage of constantly swinging your sword in combat.

V-Clip - Allows the player to go through blocks

Jesus - Walk on top of water

Teleport Aura - The user tp’s constantly to an opponent and attacks them at the same time.

X-Ray - Allows someone to see through blocks to help find things such as ores.

Speed - Run faster than you normally would without a speed potion.

Regen - Regenerate health a lot more quickly without having a regen potion.

Edit #1: Grammar and Punctuation fixes.


Epic eHelper! One of the best of Events! +1

  • Very Cool
  • Mature
  • NoEffort said you smell xd
  • Apple

Really nice person and sounds like James Charles :heart:


+1 Gawky truly deserves to be staff. He is kind, helpful and really involved in the community. He hosts great and fun events for all players to participate in! Also very active in the community and knows pretty much everything needed to be staff! :smiley: :blue_heart:


easy +1

gawkyy has been one of my closest friend on munchy for months! i have seen him handle manu tough situations with ease. he is also constantly reporting players to staff members on teamspeak or ingame. good luck!


+1! Extremely helpful in game, as well as on the teamspeak and community discord. Also very active and mature.


Another great helper applying for jmod! You’re arguably the most approachable and likable helpers from first meeting you, and you do everything you can to help the community in every way possible! You’ll be a great staff member! Good luck bro!




Super helpful and mature! You’re always the first to reply to someone in game when they need help, I definitely think you deserve JMOD



Amazing friend and very helpful. Also I don’t think you smell





+0.9 your a great person and have a great app on thing however one thing you should work on is maturity (ie you swear quite often) fix that and you ahould and that sweet purple name
Goodluck :four_leaf_clover:


OK so

  • You do your job exceptionally well.
  • Super mature and friendly.
  • Likes toasters.



+1 Must be the coolest kid in school so I believe he needs staff!


Thank you everyone for the feedback, Good Luck to anyone else to applied! :heart:


nice app i’ve seen that u are pretty active and u seem nice, hope u get it!



What I’m going to say here closely resembles my comment on your event application (great person, fun to talk to, competent, active), and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so I’ll just skip that part for now.

One thing that I am concerned with is your ability to tell hacks. To note, this is not because you lack the ability to, but only because I haven’t seen you do it yet. However, I am certain that you already know how to due to your stellar work ethic, which is why I kept my +1.

Good luck Gawky!



Amazing application and an amazing guy in general.
Very mature
The perfect guy for the job hands down

Wish u the best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for this, If you’d like to see more of my knowledge on hacks you can check all of my hacker reports for more clarification!

+1 Great person within the community, definitely fills all requirements in becoming a mod. He just says McDonalds instead of Maccas which is wrong :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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+1 activeee