Gavot's Event Team Application (#2)

IGN: Gavot (Previous IGNS)

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

How often can you host events: I can host events very frequently. I am very active in the MunchyMC community.

My schedule is:
Monday-Friday: 3pm-6pm
Saturday: 8/9am-4/5pm
Sunday: 1pm-6pm
(Breaks in between)

What sets you apart from other applicants: I think there are a few things that sets me apart from the applicants.
The first reason is that I’m very active on the network. I am online every single day for at least a few hours. I am always greeted by other players when I join the server. Everyday, I interact with a lot of different people on the server and I’m relatively known by other players. I host at least a few events a day for other players to have fun and play. I personally just want other players and me to have fun. I usually put on a competition, but it makes it fun to play. I think I’m a responsible, trustworthy person and have a lot of self regulation for myself.
The second reason is my open character. I am open for anyone to ask me questions about the server and I can try and do my best to help. I’ve been asked to host events since I have a rank, I end up hosting them if I can (rank restrictions). I’ve been asked quite a few questions from many people on the server and I try and help them out as much as possible.

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member: As an Event Member, I can bring many qualities to life. I’m active in the community which means I can host a lot of events, I’d say I’m a pretty funny guy when I’m talking with friends in discord and such. I’d like to host staff events as I find those very fun to host. From just playing in these events, the positivity from the other players are really nice to see. First, I want the players I’m hosting the events to have fun and secondly, I want myself to have as much fun as possible. I wouldn’t just host these events, I would be open to host an event that a player suggests. My main goal in being an Event Member is to bring out the positivity of other players on the server.

Why do you want to be on the event team: There are bit of reasons I would like to be on the Event Team. I want to make sure everyone has a positive thought about the events, to insure that people are enjoying the server and to make myself open to community feedback. It would be nice to get to know other players around me. I’d like to be known to the community as a nice, willing, determined and responsible player on the server. I am willing to learn all the events and how things work.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

  1. Gawkyy: He consistantly is active and hosts different events for all players to enjoy.
  2. NoEffortName: When a parkour event ended, he let me get teleported back to try and finish the parkour.
  3. errxr: The other day he asked everyone in chat to see what event they wanted.

Anything else you would like to add: I like reading books in my spare time, I love to listen to music and I really like anything technology related.

Thank you for reading my Event Application. Please take me into consideration and I wish every other applicant the best of luck!

Edit 1: Changed schedule.
Edit 2: Fixed a grammatical error.
Edit 3: Fixed my older name to my new name. (Ameliorate -> Gavot)


-Really nice and active.
-Strong app.

Best of luck!

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Thanks rain :D, best of luck to you too!

+1 Gavot very cool

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Hes a beauty, as an eGirl, I will support him on this! +1

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-My man Gavot a real g
-Really active (no life xD)
-Good app


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Thanks latl!

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Thanks Enzo appreciate it.

Considering how active you are it should be awesome to have you as an event team member.

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Thank you very much ^-^

+0.5. Though most of us are victims of this, i’d suggest working on the way you handle yourself in public chat. From time to time you may say things that wouldn’t be acceptable and tend to get in arguements. :heart: Regardless, best of luck.


Nice person, active and helpful.
Good luck!

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Thanks Dab!

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Alright, I’ll take that into consideration. I’ve been trying to be as nice as possible recently

+1 Good guy, active

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Thank you :wink:

+0.85 - Since you’re fairly active and known within the community. But I believe you should also work on your toxicity. I’m not sure if you’ll get it this time around. As of right now, I can see that you’re changing the way you communicate with the community, but if you keep it up and you don’t get it this time around I believe you have a really high chance next time apps are open!

Anyways, Good Luck gamer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, I’ve been improving that this week overall, I’m trying to be a friendly guy and help out people on the server with any questions ^-^

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Hewo Ameliorate!!
I will be giving you a +0.90 this season for this following reasons…

  • You are extremely active on Kitpvp.
  • You have a very strong and detailed application.
  • Based on interacting with you, you are very nice to talk with!

My only criticism would be to work on how you handle yourself in the main chat. (as @Gawkyy stated).

Good luck!! :heart:


+0.5 I agree with sadneo and gawkyy, work on your toxicity

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