Dragons Siege woolwars map

So a few changes have been made and I think with this border it came out well. It was tough trying to contrast the water but I think it looks good. I added some more green patches and islands for more platforms. The water streams add that transition that I was looking for between the lower and middle part of the map so overall I am quite pleased, how about you guys?


New map file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/160eJ4asDFAMIARCyTOzKZf5VYZGShqdi/view?usp=sharing

Technical information

Map name: Dragons Siege
max players: 24
Waiting spawn location: Lime carpet (In the fort can be seen from main entrance)
Game spawn location blue carpets on the water underneath the sea lanterns
Center X and Z: 0,0
Lowest Y: 50
HeightLimit: from 50 to 133
Parkour block: Iron blocks (block of iron)

Just as a side note for my next project I already had an amazing Idea. Its gonna take some time as it is gonna be quite big and difficult for me to build but I like the idea of a challange. I am also going on vacation in the near future so if you dont hear from me dont worry.

Have a damn good day!


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Can you take some better screenshots? I cant get a good look at what the map layout is

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Hello!! There is a world download if you truely wanna see it whole or otherwise you can refer to my previous two posts. Both have different screenshots included. If you cant piece it togheter with all that its on you.

Here I tried my best to get a as good as possible eagly view but again, just downloading the map is way more effective. just download it drag it into your saves folder and youre good to go!

Have a damn good day!

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+0.5 You def made a lot of improvements on it. So great job with that. Just seems a little bit small (could just be the screenshot so idk)


Its actually larger than the standard file they supply but I cut off like 10 blocks in hight to compensate for it. Couldbe the screenshot Indeed because you dont get to see the full mountains due to the overhang of grass and the angle.

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Then in that case +1