Downy's Event Application

**IGN:**Downys / Oscient ( Name change: Downk)

Age 19


(CT) – Central Standard Time

How often can you host events:

My availability as of June 10th, 2020

Monday-Thursday: 8pm-1am

Friday: 1pm-5pm

Saturday: N/A

Sunday: 1pm-8pm

( Note: I am a college student living on campus and have decided to take organic-chemistry 1 accelerated over the summer–Times may change due to events, homework & social life.)

What sets you apart from other applicants:

Many things set me apart from other applicants applying for this position. I have been an active member of the MunchyMC community since 2016. I am very familiar with the player base on KitPvP and what events players enjoy. I exhibit friendliness, excitement, and compassion for the community and the events that are hosted. Personnel identity is very strong and must be held at the highest standard. I believe I can perform professionalism, fairness, and exhilaration towards players and existing staff on the server. Another aspect that sets me apart from other applicants is my communications minor at the University of Minnesota. The minor allows me to ken the responsibilities and actions I portray within the community without hesitation. I may not have all the prerequisites of an EVENT member, but I strive for daily improvement when it comes to the server and my application.

(Note: I am going to acknowledge my username in the end notes)

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

There are many great skills and attributes I could bring to the team. I am very familiar with all the events hosted regularly on KitPvP. This includes: water-drop, classic red rover (CRR), brackets (1s,2s,3s), death dash, war, manual partnered sumo, anvil drop, and many more! I am also very open in creating or exploring new ideas for manual events. Another attribute I can bring to the table is hosting events more frequently–without silencing other aspects of the server such as ARENA and CASUAL play. This would require a longevity understanding of the server and its daily routine. I am also familiar with the rules and /commands the EVENT member inquires once accepted on the team–so I wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

These commands include:

/eventtpall: This command sends players a tp request in the game to join the current event being hosted.

/eventkick: This command allows the host to kick a certain player for not obeying the rules and or cheating / glitching during an event.

/eventban: This command allows the host to ban a player who is consistently breaking the rules and has been warned on multiple occasions. (Must be used on long term offenders)

/eventunban: This command allows an EVENT member or MOD to unban a specific player who previously was banned in the event world.

/togglepvp: This command allows pvp to be enabled in the event world.

/broadcast: This command allows the host to broadcast a noticeable message in chat that an event will be hosted. This command is not too disruptive to players who simply do not want to participate.

/skit apply: This command allows the host to give participants of the event a certain kit during an event. (Example: KitPvP in classic red rover (CRR))

/skit create: - This command allows the host to create a specific kit for an event that has not been created yet. (Uses items currently in your inventory)

These are the commands I am familiar with by asking EVENT members in the past how something specifically works during an event. I know there are many more I am not familiar with, however, I am always open to learning new /commands I currently do not know.

Why do you want to be on the event team:

There and many reasons I want to be on the event team. I feel limited with my LEGEND rank on the server when it comes to events–therefore I ask EVENT members to host the events I simply cannot. I also feel limited when a player asks me to host an event, but I simply cannot due to the limitations of the LEGEND rank and the cool down. (An example: A player misses an event due to just logging on or being away from their computer (AFK). That player messages me to host the event again, however, I am not able to, due to the cooldown implemented in the game, or its a manual event I cannot host.) This restraint allows me not to be able to fulfill the players’ enjoyment of the server and the specific event. Another reason I want to be in the event team is the lack of events happening after 11pm. Like many other people, the summer allows me to stay up later than normal, thus being able to host events when the night owls are playing. There have been many occasions when zero events were hosted after 10pm. I would like to change that by hosting manual events players can enjoy even late at night. I do however see EVENT members late and night playing but do not host manual events. I don’t however want to slander them by saying their names–and want to respect their privacy. furthermore, I understand that MunchyMC is a community of players and some EVENT members do not want to play, but simply socialize on the server. I would like to be able to host events when they’re not able to.

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

The current EVENT team does a fantastic job hosting events for the community. Their time and effort is incredible as well as their outstanding professionalism. There are a few EVENT members that stand out specifically when I ask them to host certain events.

262ms: Hosting 2v2sumo on multiple occasions late at night.

FunnyJustCause: Hosted multiple water drop events and war events.

82602: Hosted multiple sumo events & spleef events

errxr: Hosted multiple 2v2 brackets & sumo events

xShrek: Hosted back to back to back sumo events when the community wanted it. (Even tho he won every time)

Examiner: Hosted multiple CRR events when asked.

finessedkid: Hosted multiple CRR events and allowed me to be captain of the team on multiple occasions.

There are many other great EVENT members and STAFF on the server that host events frequently, however, these are the people that come to mind when I ask them to host a specific event.

Anything else you would like to add:

Acknowledging my name: I first want to say that my name is unacceptable and childish to represent. It is very offensive and rude to portray on the server. I created the name when I was fifteen and young. I have matured over the years and I now fully understand that a simple joke can hurt people. I understand that this name might hinder my application as an EVENT member or my stance on the server. Therefore, I am changing my name as soon as I can to something professional and nonoffensive. I am sorry for representing that name for four years on MunchyMC.

EDIT: Fixed some grammatical errors

Thank you for reading my application & good luck to the other applicants!

Discord: Raiin#6300


+1 - Detailed application. Really mature in game and extremely nice and polite to me.


Very detailed application, seems like you know how the rank really works.
Also 6cps god



I will give your application a +1 for the following reasons:

  • A considerable amount of detail
  • Pretty active
  • Seems pretty kind

I wish you the best of luck! :+1:


@Vurm @Jebith @SPRAYERS Thank you for reading my application. I appreciate the feedback!


This application is incredibly detailed, you are pretty nice ingame, and you are also an og, and have stuck with the server for a long time. You deserve a rank.

Edit: I see you online quite a bit



Crazy details in your application. Mature in game. Usually nice and not toxic.

I think you deserve this rank!


+1 really good detail and I see you on sometimes! You deserve it! I wish you the best of luck!


@G0FLA @xXfriesXx @FlareSox Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback!

+1 For sure. Your mature, the app is detailed, and you seem like the perfect man for the job.

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Downys is an older player that knows what he is doing. He has helped me and others ingame and elseware. He is an ideal event member.

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This will be a +1,000 and up

My reason: Active player, extremely nice, Grammar is perfect and well detailed on his application and knows about the server since he has been playing for a long time.

In general he is a great person and I wish him the best of luck +111111

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+1, active player, application has a lot of detail. Overall a cool guy.

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@bluepile @ERRXR @BigZayBeastin @Jqkke Thank you guys for the support!

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+1! Downy’s is a really chill guy in game. I haven’t talked to him in vc personally but from what I can tell he is very mature, nice, active, dedicated to the server, and is very knowledgeable.
Good luck!


+1 Overall great application
Very mature player and listens to the community a lot.
Definitely recommend him to the event staff team :smiley:

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Very mature and very out going player on the server.
Just all around one of the best people I’ve ever met on this server.

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+1 cool guy = cool event member

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@kitcaaat @Jenkyy @YNG1 @slattbutter Thanks guys for the support!

already knows the lowdown on how to host events - therefore obvious advantage
is an active player
mature - nice guy overall