BWDIM Episode 10: Spectro_VI

Welcome back to another episode of But What Does It Mean? Ever wonder: what the heck does that name mean? Well, you’re in the right place! Here, we look at the IGNs of the amazing members of the MunchyMC Community!

You’ve seen him on WoolWars. You’ve seen him on SG (maybe?). You’ve seen him on the forums hosting some trash game show. That’s right, I’m talking about the DemiGod-who-isn’t-even-one-sixteenth-of-a-god, @Spectro_VI!

Now, I told you I needed three crowd-sourced entries. I got two. But guess what? I was lying to you. Two is good, one would’ve worked. So, onto the analyses!

Entry number one by @beanep

In order to uncover the mystery of this man called Spectro_VI we must break him down in 3 parts and analyse one by one:
Firstly, we have the term “Spec”: it could mean a myriad of things - Spectacle? Small unit called spec? But the one true answer is: Spec comes from the term “Spectate”, meaning: to be a spectator. Which puts us to a strong start: Spectro_VI is related to the act of spectating.
Then we move on to the 3 letters in sequence: “tro”. It is quite clear this derives from the very ancient term known as trolling. - Internet slang for a person who intentionally provokes others on the internet - now, I am NOT accusing mister Spectro_VI of trolling, but this portion is VITAL for the conclusion of this analysis, so bear with me and keep the term “trolling” in mind.
Lastly, after an underscore which can be assumed as being there for aesthetic reasons in place of a space, we encounter our last portion: VI. Most people would assume it means the number six in roman numerals, those people would be very wrong, for the VI in Spectro_VI clearly means “I saw”. Now, this might seem odd for those who are not familiar with the Portuguese language, but one of the conjugations for the verb “see” - in portuguese, “ver” - is “vi” when spoken in the romance language. Spectro wants us all to believe his name has a roman number in it, when we all know he is referencing something he saw… “vi”.
Now, what do these all add up to? Spectating… Trolling… Seeing.
The ONLY conclusion possible for this man’s IGN is: he is watching. he sees it all. he witnesses all of your TROLLING.
As proof this is indeed the individual’s meaning, you may search his forum activity: isn’t it weird how he constantly knows everything about everyone? How he knows the meaning to all IGNs, how he claims, with such CONFIDENCE, that his hypothesis are indeed true? The answer lies in his very name. Spec-tro-VI, Spectator of trolling that sees.

Editor’s note: basically I should be promoted to staff is what you’re saying

Entry number two by @Fixlin (which was submitted in a .txt document, might I add, which is quite professional)


There will be 4 parts to this ‘explanation’

  1. Spec:

Spec became a slang word for specification in the 1950s, but this
word can also mean, watch, see and observe which goes under Spec, Spect and Spectro.
(sound familiar?)

  1. Tro:

A tro is a temporary restraining order, what could this mean? Did Spectro_VI make
someone angry?

  1. Spectro:
    Spectro, also known as Spectrum comes from the meaning of spectre also known as colors and rainbow.
    In element, prefix Spectro means of radiant energy, and then again it is also a word for a ghost.
    Radiant energy, ghost? Seems about the same, what if Spectro_VI is a ghost?

  2. VI:
    VI in roman numerals stands for the number 6, and looking back at our other analysises we are going
    back to ghost. What if it’s not just one 6, but 3? 666, the devil’s number. Is Spectro_VI really the devil,
    raging as a ghost and watching us, maybe they are a rainbow? We will never truly know.

Editor’s note: formatting is a bit different, but still awesome.

Thank you to both our participants. I can’t really pick a favourite, because they both have their strong and weak points. BUT I WILL explain how my name came to be. I was lying in bed one night, trying to find a name for various online games that sounded both pro gamer and somehow mysterious. And then the word “Spectro” popped into my head, and I was like “oh that sounds cool”. Given that my birthday is 06/06/06 and that my first, middle and last names all have 6 letters in them (which is, according to my parents, unintentional), my favourite number basically has to be six. So, with Roman numerals indicating a line of previous Spectros, I named myself Spectro the Sixth. And that, my friends, is how my name came to be. If you did participate, as a thank you, DM me on dc for a little prize.

Hah, you thought the episode was over. It’s not! I actually have an important announcement to make.

BWDIM isn’t just a forums show. It isn’t just a way of life. It isn’t just a god among men. Ladies and gentlemen, BWDIM is now (sort of) a… clan!
I haven’t ranked it up all the way until I get enough tokens to do it, because I need the tag to be 5 characters, and that requires a bunch of tokens. So, if you’re rich, join now! Actually, though, if you’ve ever been featured on, liked, or commented on a BWDIM post, you are welcome to join the clan! DM me on Discord for more information.

Now it’s ACTUALLY over. Comment with your suggestions of IGNs for me to examine. Until then, this is your host, Spectro, signing off. Goodnight!


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