Awkken's Event Team Application (October 2020)





Im 15 years old.



My timezone is GMT+3.


How often can you host events:

Hosting events is the main reason to be one of the event team, I am willing to be on the server for 6 hours + a day. I can host events alot even at school days because I have a schedule of everything I do everyday.

  • Sunday: 4PM - 7PM , 10PM - 1AM

  • Monday: 1PM - 4PM , 7PM - 10PM

  • Tuesday: 4PM - 7PM , 10PM - 1AM

  • Wednesday: 1PM - 4PM , 7PM - 10PM

  • Thursday: 4PM - 7PM , 10PM - 1AM

  • Friday: 1PM - 4PM , 7PM - 10PM

  • Saturday: 4PM - 7PM , 10PM - 1AM

Keep in mind that the times arent stable but thats usually how it goes.


What sets you apart from other applicants:

Every other applicants are unique in their own way/application. What I think sets me of them is that I am:

  • Active:

I play the server everyday for like 6 hours. My time is mostly free because I have a schedule for everything that needs to be done each day. Being active is one of the most useful thing the can set me apart of other applicants. Being more active will help the server in alot of things.

  • Quick learner:

Being a quick learner isnt an easy thing that alot of people lack. Im a person that can learn quickly and this is a trait that will help the server in a positive way.

  • Helpful:

Anyone can be helpful in their own way. I am a kind of person who is dedicated in his work. I cant stop unless my work is 100% done. I can help other event members if they need any because team work is the key to success.

Commands I know:

  • /eventtpall: Announces to everyone that there is an even going on and allows players to enter.

  • /eventtp: Teleports you to a specific member who are in the event.

Example: /eventtp Awkken

  • /eventkick: Kicks a member from the event.

Example: /eventkick Awkken (reason)

  • /eventtphere: Allows you to teleport someone to your location.

Example: /eventtphere Awkken

  • /eventban: Bans a certain member from all future events.

Example: /eventban Awkken (reason)

  • /eventunban: Basically this command unbans a member who is already banned.

Example: /eventunban Awkken (reason)

  • /togglepvp: Enables/disables combat in the event.

  • /broadcast or /bc: This command broadcasts a message to everyone on the kitpvp server.

Events that I have knowledge about:

  • Red Rover: All of the members need to go to the other side back and forth ( Which is Red and Blue) and try to avoid the killer.

  • Anvil Drop: Players have to avoid falling anvils from the sky.

  • Water Drop: Water drop is basically the dropper but simpler. You need to drop into the water. Remember that it gets harder everytime you progress.

  • Death Dash: Everyone will get tped to a small island and have to survive from 2 hunters.

  • Sumo: 2 people who will be teleported to a small platform and have to push the other player off.

  • OITC: We all get teleported to a small-medium sized island and everyone has to kill the other guy with the bow (Everyone has 1 arrow only and you get more if you killed).

  • Dodge ball: There is 2 teams who throw balls at each other the most team who score points wins.

  • Solo Dodge ball: Its like Dodge ball but you are alone.


What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

  • Dedication:

I can dedicate alot of hard work and time on the server. I have my own schedule so I can be on from 3-6 hours a day. Dedication is one of the keys of success. Due to my schedule, I am able to host tons of events everyday and thats what members are looking for.

  • Ideas:

Everyone knows that thinking about ideas is hard. Thinking about more ideas for an upcoming event is what will make the people happy. I can try and help the event team in anyway to think about new ideas for an upcoming event.

  • Listening to the community:

Alot of people want to play events. Events is on of the best things on the kit pvp server. Making people happy and satisfied by what the want is important to the community.


What do you think your reputation is like within the community?

  • I would not like to assume my reputation within the community. I can say I’m fairly active on discord, in game and in the forums. I have met alot of nice people who helped me within my journey around the server.


Why do you want to be on the event team:

I want to be one of the event team members because I wanna see people having fun with each other. As I said in previous answers, Being an event member is to keep people happy and let them enjoy their time. Alot of people meet friends and share some fun memories in an event. I want to be the reason people are having fun and enjoying the server. I want to help MunchyMC in any form. I want to feel the happiness of people while on the event. Making people happy is one of the main reasons that makes me happy. Being an event member is an honest work. Events is one of a kind, people are competing about winning and thats what makes it fun. When I knew that the Event team needed more members I wanted to be there and help them. One of my positive traits is that I like working on a team and I have many background on being a staff member.


Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E., Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

  • @SierAlex: Hosted Water Drop when I asked.

  • @262ms: Hosted One in the chamber and
    Water drop when I asked.


Additional information

Im willing to accept all positive and negative replies.


Thanks for taking your time reading it.



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    What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:” to make it more detailed and appealing.

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This is a good application, but I think a lot more detail is needed through all the questions, but from the stuff that is there, it looks pretty good, Good luck

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Nice application but some questions could use a little more detail.


Thanks for the reply! Dont worry this thread will be more detailed!


+1 great application but could be better with more detail



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I wish you the best! :+1:


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You could still put something here like an event member doing something positive for everyone or someone else.

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Alright, I will make sure that this will be filled in. And thanks for the reply!

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Done. Check it again and give me your opinion.

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Hi :D! this is good application actually but try to include more details c:
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