17 year old and a small Minecraft YouTuber with two main goals: Getting good and YouTube Rank.

Also I am a Skeppy Stan

MunchyMc is one of my favorite servers for practicing pvp and chatting with players. Ever since September, I have gotten more active and made new friends throughout the community and still trying my best to be active and making new friends. MunchyMC has changed my life for the better and I don’t regret it!

If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me on the forums or discord (0CRC0#2619).

Some goals I want to accomplish
-Becoming Jmod
-Take screenies with every jmod and up (18% completed)
-Become acquainted with staff, event, builders, and developers team (20% done)
-And lastly, I want to try and become acquainted with BBH and maybe the Dream team someday
(but I know this is weird and will be a challenge, for obvious reasons but I know it is possible to do since they are just people, like us, but more known)

But these are some of my goals I want to complete during my time here and I look forward to the future of MunchyMc

I hope you have a great day!