Are you a good writer? Well if so, you'd like this offer!

I have currently gone down the rabbit hole of owning a bookstore (more specifically shop 63) and all I currently have in stock is my Greek Mythology mentioned in this topic. What I strive to ask on this day is that I need more community driven content in my bookstore. So what I come to do today is either if you want to write a fascinating story that you would think would be fit to be readable in my bookshop, you will be able to get it in my shop! There will be 2 ways to enter into into this sudo-competition. You can either reply to this post with a story OR you can go to my ingame shop via. /shoptp 63 or go to /warp mall and travel to shop 63. Either way is fine.

There are requirements to this sudo-competition. They are listed below.

  • The book must be the ORIGINAL copy of the book, for instance the below:
    Below is what is not wanted:
    image image
  • If you are writing the story on the forums, you must take into account that only 79,800‌ characters can be used in a Minecraft book
  • The minimum requirements of a story is 12 pages, or 9,576 characters total.

A side note to the requirements, if you write the story on the forums, a link will be listed directing to the forum reply of the specific story on the first page of the book, making only 99 pages of the book useable, or 79,002 characters useable, which is a downgrade if you don’t write it in game.
A winner will be selected whom will get a prize from anywhere from 50-150 gold (at minimum) depending on how the story is.
If I am indecisive, the best group of stories will individually get the minimum prize, i.e. getting 50 gold each to 150 gold each.
The best stories will get a sign above the buy sign in my shop recommending it out of the 3 categories: Best Beginner Read, Best Intermediate Read, and Best Absolute Read.
This prize pool will not limit anybody from submitting books, as if the book meets the requirements, and meets my level of requirements (which will not be disclosed) it will get put into my library.
This does not mean you will get any level of a fee from the book sells, but if your in the prize pool you have a shot at winning.
Even if you don’t win, don’t be discouraged! Another contest will be held in the next few months.

[NOTE: The prize pool is subject to change, and at the moment it is 50-150 due to limitations of the money I am receiving in-game. If you would like to add any amount to the prize pool, you are allowed to message me in-game at any time and donate any amount of gold as you’d like! This post will be updated every time a new donor donates to the prize pool!]
This post was inspired by @SkepticalFurret’s Writing Competition!

This contest begins as soon as this topic publishes and will go until I reply to the topic saying it has ended. The approximate date for the closure date will be June 30th by 12:59 PM CST. I hope you all good luck!



I’m not a survival player, can I still compete? :o this seems fun and I have been thinking about starting to write again and this would be a great jump back into the world of writing :D if I won I would obviously gift it to someone owo


someone put in norse myths quick


Yes you can! I don’t mind if you don’t play survival at all, you would, indeed yes gift it to someone or you could ask to not gift it to anybody, but yeah, I don’t mind it at all! :D

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someone immediately makes a poem about the Winter as a stereotypical Norwegian joke

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Don’t forget to submit your books!

As of 6/28/2021, all further submissions will not be accepted for the time being.
Thank you for reading!