xXfriesXx’s event team application

IGN: xXfriesXx

Timezone: BST

Age: 14

How often can you host events: I can run them whenever as I am on basically every day for a minimum of 2 hours, I’m usually on for around 5 hours sometimes 6

How active I am on a daily basis

Monday: roughly 4-5 hours

Tuesday roughly 3-5 hours

Wednesday roughly 6-7 hours

Thursday roughly 3-4 hours (Thursdays I’m busy with dance but I try to get on)

Friday 6-7 hours

Saturday 6-8 hours

Sunday 4-5 hours

What sets you apart from other applicants: I know my way around the server and I am generally a friendly person, I also know a few of the staff and event team, eg Gavot and atterax! I host events daily with my rank as I find them fun to also take part in

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member: I can bring fun events to run for people whenever they want! From 4 corners to red rover! As an event member I would make sure that everyone is having fun in the event and if they don’t have fun I would listen to them and take in their advice on how to make it more fun for them in the future as it’s always great for everyone else to have fun and not just the event staff member!

I would also make sure to run other events after the first one as other people like different events, I know one of my friends like tnt run but the other one really likes sumo so that’s a thing haha.

I’d roughly be able to run 3-4 events per day (if that’s allowed) and I’d make sure every event is different as you can never go wrong with a wide variety of events!

Due to being an active member on munchy I know what commands event staff use! I also run my own server so I wouldn’t struggle with any commands!

Why do you want to be on the event team: I want to be part of the event team so I can help run events for players! I find events very fun to run on kit pvp with my rank and I’d love to help run some as an event so I can bring some fun to people I also want to be part of the team so I can help out on Saturday streams and sponsored streams with getting events set up quickly! I also know a few of the commands that I’ll need to know! Here is a list:

/host, /broadcast, /skit create (name), /eventtpall, /eventkick and /eventban

1: /host If you use /host then a GUI pops up with all the automated events you can choose from for free. (sumo, OITC, Snakie, etc.)

2: /broadcast: If you are wanting to announce a message to the server, /broadcast will make text appear bigger than normal allowing you to catch the attention of players.

3: /skit create (name): Some manual events call for kits designed for the specific event, /skit create [skit name] allows you to make temporary kit that you can apply to players participating in the event.

4: /eventtpall: When hosting an event you can /eventtpall which send a teleport request to all players online, allowing them to join the event world.

5: /eventkick: /eventkick kicks a player from the event world, allowing them not to participate in the current event being held.
***All event kicks or bans must be reported with explanation.

6: /eventban: If a player has broken rules/ acted up after given multiple warning you can /eventban [player] and it will ban the player from the event world not allowing them to join anymore events that are hosted.

I have learnt these commands through bbh’s streams and through being friends with some of the event members! As well as having my own server, we use some of these commands in my server and it helps run things smoothly! Another reason I want to be on the event team is so I can run some events I have in mind! I enjoy thinking of new events and running them and I feel like it’d be great to get them out to the munchy mc community!

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.): I’ve asked someone to run an event once and they have and it was very fun! They had ran 4 corners and I found it fun and interesting to play in, I feel like this had a positive effect on the server for me as it made me feel like I had a voice and a choice in what to play for events and another reason is because it made me feel welcome in the server and that we didn’t have to do what just one person wanted to play ;sadly I can’t remember who ran the event, if I do remember who ran it I’ll edit although I do think they’re a mod now, they were very nice though
Every Saturday/Sunday gavot or atterax will tp me into the vip box too, it makes me happy because I get to chill with my friends! :slight_smile:
Anything else you would like to add: good luck to everyone applying and I wish everyone the best <3 and I also want to say that I mainly have a positive attitude and I always try to get everyone involved in something no matter what, Unless they don’t want to of course, because I feel like everyone should be involved and I’d like to thank all of the event team for being so welcoming of me in here and discord!

edits: some information in every paragraph/ adding a lot more information on the questions instead of rushing it I also edited some grammar mistakes



After reading your application, I’ve come up with a bit of advice that will help you.

What else can you bring to MunchyMC? You should add more that you can bring to the server.

Who was the person in the Event Team? Why do you think this was positive? It would be best to include more information here.

Being on every day could mean anything from one minute to all day. You should be more specific about how long you can be on for. I recommend adding the number of hours you can be on for.

It’s great to include this, but you should add more information about you. The Event Team won’t know you very well, so including more information about yourself would be ideal!

My final piece of advice is to look at accepted event team applications here to help you.

I hope you found this useful! :slightly_smiling_face:


Okie thank you! I can edit it now, thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

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+1 nice guy and great application.
Good luck!

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Thank you :slight_smile: that’s some nice words for you to say :3

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Hi! Your app is good but you could add a little bit more detail on it but im not stating what since @Vurm already covered it all.
Also I don’t see online as much , maybe because of timezones.
U seem like a nice person, im giving you a +0.5
Good luck on your app! :smiley:

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Thank you! And I’m currently on haha, probably is time zones :slight_smile:

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Hi xXfriesXx! I’ll be giving you a +0.75 for the following:

  • Active.

  • Detailed application.

Doesn’t answer the question properly (specify which event member)

Good luck!

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Ty gavot!


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Looks like a good application but as @Sottoc said I don’t see you cause timezones! :smiley:

I am gonna give a +0.5 because I don’t see you ig even when I stay up REALLY late and also it’s a good application!

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This can use a little work, if you take a look at accepted applications it has a lot of detail, but this is also good.

There are a few grammar mistakes, that you can fix.

Other than those,
I wish the best luck to you <3

Thank you, sorry about the grammar mistakes, learning difficulties aren’t a big help haha

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Hey @xXfriesXx, I will give you a +0.75. You’re really active on Kit, and a mature person, the application is detailed but anyways, I don’t know you very well-

So I wish you the best for your application and good luck! =)

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Aww tysm! I try to be on as much as I can

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Application denied. Unfortunately we do not feel like you meet the requirements for an event team member position at this time.

To increase your chances, try being more involved within the community.

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