xShrek's - Staff Application

PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: (answer the following)

- Have you been a regular player on MunchyMC for at least one month?: Yes, I starting playing MunchyMC back in 2016, I took a few small breaks, but now I play every day again!

- Are you able to record and upload good quality videos of hackers?: Yep, I record my videos with Nvidia Shadowplay, even if anything unsuspected happens I will be able to get the footage I need. All my videos are uploaded and rendered in 1080p60fps

- Are you able to download and use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes I am familiar with the MunchyMC TS and Teamspeak in general.


IGN: My username is xShrek

Age: I am currently 16-years-old

Timezone: My timezone is UTC +2 (Central European Summer Time)

Server(s) you would like to moderate: I would prefer to moderate the KitPvP and Woolwars server.

How active can you be per week? Currently, I am having my early summer break (due to the finish of exams). Meaning that I plenty of time to devote to this server. I estimate that I can be on for about 5-6 hours a day. Depending on work/school this could be less, but I would notify the higher-ups immediately if any (unexpected) events or situations occurred that could result in an absence / less activity.

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: Unfortunately this would probably be one of my weaker points, if not the weakest of this application, because I honestly don’t have much to show in this area. I have been staff on fewer smaller factions/survival servers all the way back in 1.2.5. And on some servers of friends that are no way as big as MunchyMC. Other than that I do not have much staffing experience, but I am surely determined on learning something new and everyone has to start somewhere.

What is your knowledge of MunchyMC? After the (tragic) shut down off McPvP in 2015, BadBoyHalo and a few other important McPvP players have taken matters in their own hands to create one of the current biggest server out there: MunchyMC.

Nowadays MuchyMC is one of the most, if not the most original pvp server out there. Having a huge player base to support its current game modes. Here is a list of the current game mode with a short but strong explanation if it:

KitPvP: My favorite game mode, where players can fight at the casual warp with their own kit of choice against each other. They have the option to fight with soups or healing potions. Besides of Casual there are other warps such as Arena and Competitive. In the Arena players can duel each other without being interrupted. Having the option to fight with kits such as Soup, Combo, NoDebuff, Hotbar, and Archer. Last but not least, KitPvP consists of seasons, currently we are at the beginning of season 4. Meaning that there are huge money prizes you can achieve by being in the top 5 of Seasonal kills, killstreaks or KDA. This gamemode is not only about pvping, very frequently our Event Team Members or donators host (automated) events, which allow you to have some fun and possible win a few tokens!

Prison: One of the most, if not the most original prison varient out there. This prison is not like the boring “mining the alphabet” prison, but it consists of unique items, such as armor sets that grant certain abilities. These items can be found in different rarities. From most common to uncommon the rarity list goes from: Semi-Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Mythical, (Specials). Money is a very important factor here, which can be earned by going outside, mining or farming. With the money you can rank-up. The rank system goes from D to FREE. After you have reached FREE you can decide to prestige. Doing this will grant you special perks, but beaware your rank will be reset back to D!

Woolwars: A very intense and never seen before game mode, in this pvp-based game mode your goal is to be the last person standing, while the “floor of death” is slowly rising. You have to survive against your opponents by utilising your kit well and playing strategicly. Similar to KitPvP, this game mode offers unique kits that suit the playstyle you prefer!

Survival: Exhausted of all the pvping? Then survival is the way to go! This gamemode offers an open world experience together with a very friendly community. You can make anything you can possibly imagine of. Once again this gamemode is different to others survival servers, having certain worlds for different purposes that reset every 2 weeks. Such as the Mining World, here you will never ever worry about running out of resources.

Smash: Currently a gamemode in beta, this is a remake of the old original Smash gamemode on McPvP. That was based of the popular game: “Super Smash Bros”. Here you can select your prefered character to score the most points. You gain points by knocking players of the map, but be careful; The more you get hit, the more knockback you will take (represented by your exp bar).

Purgatory: In this gamemode you can either finally take revenge on the naughty cheaters that have been caught by using fun trolls tools and watch them suffer. Or earn your free unban by completing one of the three quests. Up for a challenge, but not banned? Try out /adventure!

In the past, they have had other successful game modes like Cake Race, Dodgeball, Skywars, Raid and Mazerunner. These have unfortunately been removed due to the lack of interest, player base-wise.

Do you have any Anticheat experience? Surprisingly I do, although my lack of staff experience mentioned above. I have previously played around with Anticheats on other (private) servers. Obviously, this won’t be completely the same as the MunchyMC anti cheat, but I am very keen on learning new things!

Link us to any hacker reports you have made (recorded and/or reported) on MunchyMC: Here is a playlist of a few hackers I have reported. All the evidence I submitted was sufficient. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGyfF_Wea9C0BO7B8FFoRhAcZuEUG6m5A

Languages spoken: I can speak English and Dutch fluently, as well as a bit of broken German, French and Chinese.

Describe your contributions to MunchyMC thus far? I have contributed to MunchyMC in a few ways, such as being on the Idea Panel team & Build Team. In the Idea Panel team and on the forums I have suggested many things of which few actually got implemented. Take a look at my titan suggestion that was added. Some other ideas that I have suggested can be found here:

I mentioned the Build Team aswell, because when I was officially part of the Build Team I built multiple maps. My personal favorite one is definitely the Sumo map that is currently in rotation! I have also did some bits of the current prison map.

Besides of me being on two official teams, I have always wanted to be on the Event Team as well. In the past, I have hosted many successful events to let MunchyMC players have fun and something refreshing. The biggest achievement of me was the time I hosted an outstanding classic RR for over 40 players in competitive, without any event/staff command permissions! My desire is to keep the server enjoyable for everyone, because not only should staff be focused on enforcing the rules, I believe it is their task to make the server a fun place for the (newer) players as well.

Other than that I have reported over 75 bugs to @Callahan, our favourite developer and reindeer. (For obvious reason I cannot and will not share these)

Allthough the mentioned contributions are rather small to MunchyMC, I still believe that the community are grateful for these.

What is your greatest strength? I believe that I have several great strengths that make me stand out from the other applicants.

First of all my socializing skills, I can and like to interact with others, I find it easy to approach/engage in a conversation. This is why I can get along with the majority of players. I feel like that this is especially noticeable in both Teamspeak and in-game.

My second strength would be my creativity, I have heard this from many others too. With my creativity, I can easily adapt to certain situations quicker than others, get a better view of the ongoing scenario and therefore follow up with a solid solution as the answer.

Comment on your ability to work within a team: Although my missing experience as a moderator I still do have quite a bit of experience working within a team. From experiences, I have gained online, such as when I was an admin for a fairly big alt shop by the name of “SpookyAlts”. To experiences from IRL, currently, I work in a big restaurant. Meaning that I have to work and communicate together with my co-workers. As this is my first job, I notice that it has improved my ability to work in a team drastically.

What is your experience and knowledge of hacks? I am familiar with most of the hacks, but I will only list the commonly used ones on KitPvP and Woolwars, as these are the gamemodes I am applying for.

Killaura/Forcefield - Allows you to automatically hit players (and mobs) around you in a certain radius. Customizable to hit multiple players at once or only one.

Autosoup - Soups and refills automatically for the player.

Velocity/AntiKB - Allows the player to modify the knockback both vertical and horizontal that he will take. Setting these values to zero is recognized as Anti-Knockback or AntiKB in short.

Reach - Allows the player to hit over the standard 3 blocks of reach. Commonly used on rather low values, to stay low key and reduce the chances of getting caught.

Autoclicker - Automatically clicks when holding down your left mouse button. Most current autoclickers allow you to customize the cps and have randomizers to make it a hack hard to detect.

Bunnyhop - Allows the player to travel around the map in high speed as if you were bunnyhopping.

Speed - Similar to Bhop it allows the player to travel at very high speed, but for this one jumping is not required.

Fastbow - Allows the player to shoot arrows very rapidly.

Flight - Allows the player to fly as if you were in creative.

Jesus - Lets you walk on top of the water as if the liquid was solid.

NoFall - Take no fall damage from falling.

Criticals - Get critical hits whenever even if you are not jumping

NoSlowdown - Does not slow down the players in things such as cobweb, lava, water and while aiming your bow.

Scaffold - Automatically bridge for you where ever you go.

Auto-Armor - Automatically equips the best armor for the player.

Cheststeal - Automatically get all the items out of the chest

Note: Obviously hack clients have and will advance(d) throughout the time. Almost every up-to-date hacked client allows you to make a hack toggleable.

                            Thank you for reading,

edit #1: Small sentence tuning and grammar optimization.
edit #2: Fixed small mistakes and added some more bits to my application.
edit #3: I have decided that I want to moderate the Woolwars server aswell (If I’d get accepted)
edit #4: Added commonly used hacks on Woolwars too, because I would like to moderate it too.


Dude i really want you to be staff as you where semi-toxic back then and now you’re mature has hecc

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+1 I believe that you would be great jmod. You’re really kind to everyone and seem to have good knowledge of the network! :smiley:

  • Active
  • Knowledgeable

+0.5 you did mis something on using autoclicher which you can also toggle using keys as well
pretty cool application tho

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Shrekkkk dude I remember trying to get you helper for the longest time but I didn’t succeed much on that :(. I hope if this whole staff application doesn’t work for you that you will be trusted with the helper rank and then thrive to the top to Jmod. I hope this comes true as you’ve been a loyal member towards munchy for quite some time. Good luck man.



ok i really cant type properly

Yes you are indeed right, most autoclickers are toggleable nowadays. Internal autoclickers will even have a “sword only” option.

I will update this tomorrow on my application, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


I’ve known you for a while and believe you could be a great addition to the staff team. Good luck!!


Shrek has all the experience and knowledge he needs! he would be a great fit!


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+1. Very kind and sincere person. Best of luck!

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Bruh what. Let me fix this

IGN: xShrek

Age: 16

Timezone: UTC +1

Servers you would like to moderate: KitPVP

A lot of unneccessary writing here


+1 , Amazing member of the community and would fit the role.

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+1 Tons of detail and overall amazing application

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hopelijk krijg je het :stuck_out_tongue: het is een mooie app.

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I just have this weird thing where I always want to answer something in a full sentence. Haha

Thanks everyone for their amazing feedback!

+1 active

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Not sure where the gfx i made you went?

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Here I found it: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/596115725106806814/599698950358040606/xshrek.jpg
Don’t worry man I have made it my background picture <3

But forreal, thanks for the +1.