[WoolWars] THE EVENT UPDATE + Season 2

Hello Munchy!

I have a very exciting new update for you guys today! A HUGE expansion to WoolWars’ events is on its way this Saturday with a bunch of new ways to play WoolWars! Not only that, but Season 2 and a kit balancing change are coming your way!

Customised WoolWars Games

Event members and staff will now be able to host a variety of customised WoolWars games, being able to change things such as the items found in chests, what kits are available, the sandstone speed and how fast chests refill!

They will also be able to set the team size - that’s right WoolWars Teams are here!

Playing any event game will give you 3x XP and 2x Tokens by default, as well as any prizes the Event members or staff give out!

Auto Events

These are the highlight and prime feature of the update! You will be able to play whole new gamemodes within the WoolWars setting that change up the game completely!


The game will be divided into two teams, each with their own captain! All players except the captain will continue to respawn when killed, and the aim of the game is to kill the enemy team’s captain which will prevent the enemy team from respawning!

Once the enemy team’s captain is dead, you will be able to kill the rest of the enemy team and win the game! Alternatively, if the timer runs out the team with the most currently alive players win!

The captain will be shown with a yellow cape particle effect so you can easily find them!


One player will be randomly selected to be the Juggernaut at the start of the game. They will not have access to their kit abilities and will have EXTREMELY powerful gear! It is the job of everyone else to work together and kill the Juggernaut. Whoever kills the Juggernaut will then become the Juggernaut, gaining 10 seconds of invulnerability to prepare.

Whoever is the Juggernaut at the end of the match wins!

Lucky Blocks

This is a classic game of WoolWars with a twist! In every chest you will find a Lucky Block, which when placed down and destroyed will cause a random event to occur! This may be a good event, such as giving you powerful items, or a bad event, such as turning all your tools into wooden versions! See how your luck favours you!


For most people, they will recognise this event as Gun Game. Start out with the Paladin kit, and every 2 kills you get you will progress to the next kit (as shown in the sidebar). Once you reach the final kit Pufferfish, you only need one more kill to win! Watch out though, because if a player kills you with a bare fist, you will lose a kill and potentially be demoted to the previous kit!

Turf War

Play in teams of 2 or more! Each team will have their own colour of wool, and whichever team has placed the most wool of their colour by the time the timer reaches zero wins! Find Paintballs in chests which will paint other teams’ wool your colour, and instantly destroy wool with the Knitter kit!

OP Chests

Another classic game of WoolWars, in this event you will find EXTREMELY powerful items in all chests! Tier 1 items are the strongest whilst Tier 5 items are the weakest! Battle it out with super OP gear and see who comes out on top!


You will be unable to regenerate health naturally in this gamemode. Being careful with your health will be critically important! Use health potions and golden apples to heal up, which can be found more often in chests!

Season 2

The second season of WoolWars statistics will begin with this update too! You will be able to start fresh from zero once again and see who is the current best players on WoolWars! Check out Season 1, Season 2 and Lifetime stats at the leaderboard warp in the lobby!

Teleporter Balance Changes

Teleporter has been doing very well in the WW meta, and so to reflect this you will now take 3 hearts of true damage upon dismounting a pearl. This aims to punish using pearls carelessly and require more precision with throws.

This update will be releasing on Saturday!


THis is quite good in my opinion


I agree with HELIXED this time

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its gon start looking like kit out here

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best update


Amazing update! These are things I have wanted for quite a while in woolwars and I’m glad to see them here now! And the teleporter nerf is very fair as well, overall very good update!

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Is this true damage or regular damage


This looks to be one of the best woolwars updates in my opinion.

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this is the best day ever

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yeah yeag yeah teleporter bad but these events sound AWESOME!
will auto event wins count as regular wins in your stats (or will event wins become a leaderboard statistic :o)

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Events will have their own statistics! Potentially we could have a leaderboard for them but not right away.

Also, players will be able to purchase event passes from the in-game shop and will be able to host events themselves (with a global cooldown to make sure they aren’t hosted TOO frequently).

It will be 3 hearts of true damage.



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